Best Places in Australia to Experience Outdoor Cooking

Best Places in Australia to Experience Outdoor Cooking

Australia's long-held and cherished tradition is as famous around the world as its wildlife: its barbecue.

It's the quintessential Australian cultural experience: hanging out at the beaches, parks, and coves, enjoying sunny weather and cooking all kinds of assorted steaks, chops, snags (English-style sausages) and seafood on the "barbie".

It's a community thing that has stood the test of time.

It's as Australian as apple pie is to Americans.

And it's the same reason why each city has its own barbecue facility - because it transcends the diverse cultures and backgrounds that make up the current population, uniting all into one.

It goes without saying that there are many places to experience the authentic Australian barbecue as it was meant to be - no matter what part of Australia you're in.

So, which are the best places in Australia to experience the undeniably Australian experience and thrill of cooking outdoors? We've come up with a list of our favorites during our travels in the Outback - if you want to have a memorable Aussie BBQ experience, this is where you'll want to go.

Centennial Parklands - Sydney, New South Wales

There's no better way to kick off our list with one of Sydney's most celebrated treasures: Centennial Park. These grandiose, sprawling parklands are every bit as endowed in history as they are in unmatched splendor, opened in 1888 by Sir Henry Parkes as a massive recreational space for the people to enjoy, complete with its own flora and fauna.

That's not including the eight electric barbecues that the park offers for free use, each including two hotplates of its own - what better way to enjoy all that Centennial Park has to offer? The best part? You're just a literal stone's throw from the progressive, modern-day metropolis of Sydney, so you don't have to venture too far out to enjoy it! It's just a couple minutes from the central business district.

You may opt to bring your own barbie, too, like most public BBQ facilities in Australia; just make sure you bring a portable barbecue with legs (no grass-sitting barbecues are allowed. Blackstone grills are perfect for larger cookouts like this (see All The Stuff), and they are great for use in Centennial Park.

The Basin (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park) - Sydney, New South Wales

Yet another popular choice among locals and tourists alike is the renowned campground at the Basin at the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park - not just because of its expansive picnic and barbecue areas set in a picturesque bushland and a set of well-kept barbecue facilities all around. The Basin offers free use of its gas and electric barbecue facilities - if you prefer a wood barbecue, they also offer firewood to go along with it.

There's something for everyone at the Basin - watersports, hiking, swimming, or just pure leisure at the beach. If you want to extend your barbecue into a camping trip, you can stay at the campgrounds just nearby. It's one of Sydney's best spots for recreation, wildlife, and the barbie.

Westgate Park - Port Melbourne, Victoria

Situated on the eastern banks of the Yarra, Westgate Park offers a wide array of activities, wildlife, and recreation just outside Melbourne. If you want to enjoy a nice day out with friends and family, Westgate Park provides a stunning panoramic view of the Melbourne skyline as well as the Yarra River. If you come at the right time, you may even see its salt lake naturally turning into a delightful bright pink, which has become an attraction on its own.

Barbecues and picnic facilities are free for shared use. If you find yourself in Melbourne, be sure to book a trip to Westgate Park - you won't be disappointed.

Swan River - Perth, Western Australia

Much like its predecessor on our list, this place offers sweeping views of the modern world and the brush, with the sprawling metropolis of Perth serving as the backdrop to its picturesque doorstep: Swan River. Swan River is rich in natural attractions as well as activities such as watersports, skiing, and boating - but no conversation can be complete without its picnic and barbecue areas. It's not the playground of Perth for nothing.

Enjoy a traditional Aussie BBQ right by the waterside - Swan River's views and ample barbecue and picnic facilities will enchant you. You may even choose to do one better and enjoy the barbecue as you sail down the Swan River; there are tour operators offering a BBQ boat tour of the river.

South Bank Parklands - Brisbane, Queensland

Australia's tropical capital won't be left behind as barbecues go - Brisbane boasts fantastic coastal views, gardens, and beaches. It's literally designed for families to relax - simply plop down a lawn chair, grab a couple of tall cans, and enjoy a barbecue in its cool, shaded picnic and BBQ facilities that offer a respite from the searing Brisbane heat. Watersports, swimming, and hiking facilities are abundant and are free of charge.

It's Queensland's foremost spot for lifestyle and culture, and offers much more than just nature: there are activities for everyone. Stanley Street has a thriving cafe and bar scene that offers the best of the area's diverse culinary scene. Just nearby is Grey Street, an equally bustling strip of unique places to eat, with a cinema for those who'd like to go to the movies at great prices.

Did we miss out on any? Share YOUR best places to enjoy BBQ in Australia with us.

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