Your Journey to a Heart-healthy Lifestyle Begins with MyHealth Clinics’ Cardio Work-Up Package!

MyHealth Clinics Manila Heart Cardio Work-up Package

Next month, I'll be on a 15-day travel to China - visiting Shanghai and Beijing. During any long trip, fatigue and lack of energy are common problems most people experience, including me. I am not getting any younger. At my age, I easily get tired and experiences fatigue easily especially during long days of travels. That is why, whenever we plan a trip, we always make sure that it will be slow and easy so we will not get tired easily.

MyHealth Clinics Manila Heart Cardio Work-up PackageMyHealth Clinics Manila Heart Cardio Work-up Package

Aside from preparing for my travels such as researching about the destination, planning the itinerary and preparing for the things to bring, I also make sure that I am in good health condition before any travel. It is not good to get sick during your travel, so your health and wellness should always be a concern.

MyHealth Clinics Manila Heart Cardio Work-up Package

To address my concerns about my health and wellness - whether I'm physically fit and ready to travel for 15 days, I went to MyHealth Clinic and availed their Cardio Work-up Package. This package checks how well your heart functions and includes procedures such as:

2D Echo with Color Doppler Test: The 2D Echocardiogram is a risk-free ultrasound that scans the heart and blood vessels for diseases and abnormalities. Combined with the Doppler technique, it helps monitor the blood flow and ensure the blood vessels are functioning properly.

Treadmill Stress Test: The Treadmill Stress test helps determine how the heart responds to exercise and high-intensity activities.

Resting ECG: Records the resting heart rate and rhythm, to examine patients for suspected heart disorders.

The package also includes one consultation with a primary care physician.

MyHealth Clinics Manila Heart Cardio Work-up PackageMyHealth Clinics Manila Heart Cardio Work-up Package

The whole process only took about 2 hours. After about a week, I got the result which says that I am fine . Now, I am assured that I am fit to travel. Yey! I'm ready to explore China!

MyHealth Clinics Manila Heart Cardio Work-up Package

The Cardio Work-up Package costs 7,000 pesos and is available in all MyHealth Clinics. For more information about MyHealth Clinic's Cardio Work-up Package, please visit ther website at www.myhealth.ph.


This post is in partnership with MyHealth Clinics Philippines.


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