The World’s Most Beautiful Rail Routes

The World’s Most Beautiful Rail Routes

The fast-paced life that we lead in today’s world leaves us with a defined time limit to enjoy vacations. Air transport is always an easier and practical choice to reach a destination. However, some vacations are meant to be devoured and enjoyed in the lap of nature where the luxury of time stands still. Trans-Siberian Private & Small Group Tours provide just the right break from the hustle and bustle of daily life with their most scenic rail routes in the world.

1. Moscow to Vladivostok

Known for its expansive surface area, rich history and culture, Russia is also home to the longest railway route in the world. The Trans-Siberian Railway connects Moscow in the west to Vladivostok in East Russia via Siberia. This scenic rail route passes through some of the treasures of nature such as the Ural Mountains, the serene waters of River Ob and Lake Baikal while crossing the thick Siberian forest. This 2-week train journey is a spectacular way to explore the beautiful country of Russia and indulge in some local experiences.

2. Moscow to Beijing

The Trans-Siberian Railway has an extension of the network that connects Russia with Mongolia and China. One can opt to board this train either in Moscow or Saint Petersburg for an incredible journey along the stunning natural landscapes. The grand journey includes stopovers at major cities such as Irkutsk in Siberia, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia and Gobi Desert before the final stop at Beijing, China. The trip from Moscow to Beijing takes about 15-20 days depending upon the number of stopovers one prefers.

3. The Flam Railway

One of the most sought after train journeys in the world is the notable Flam Railway of Norway. The railway network connects the mountain junctions of Myrdal and Flam in Norway. This mountain railway is popularly known for the route is operates on as it passes through some breathtaking cliff sides, narrow gorges, tumbling waterfalls and the longest fjord in the world-the Aurlandsfjord. The precipitous elevations in certain areas provide some adrenaline rush making the journey worthwhile.

4. Glacier Express

It is almost a sin to leave out the most scenic country of Europe while talking about the railway routes. Glacier Express of Switzerland is well known to the world for the obvious reasons and surely deserves a place here for the spectacular scenery it provides while travelling from Zermatt to St. Moritz. The short day journey in the Glacier Express takes one across striking mountainscapes, picturesque villages and pristine freshwater lakes. One can even admire the architecture of the network as the train passes over 200 bridges and through a 100 tunnels to travel across 291 kilometres.

5. Korean Train Express

The high-speed Korean Train Express (KTX) is a notable rail network in South Korea that runs at an impressive 330 km/hr speed across the country. Amongst the four lines through which KTX runs, the Gyeongbu Line is the most scenic. It starts from northwest Korea and passes through major cities such as Busan and Suwon to reach the southeast part of Korea. One can enjoy the charming mountainsides, deep valleys and sprawling acres of greenery while crossing the mighty River Han to reach the destination within no time.

Chugging along the countryside, these train networks are sure to provide immense relaxation and peace to the travellers before they embark on their usual life journey. So take your pick and enjoy a rail journey like no other!

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