Italian Islands: Sicily or Sardinia?

Italy Travel Guide Sicily or Sardinia?

A visit to the cultural and historical basin of the Mediterranean coast - Italy - is a must, especially during summers. The turquoise waters coupled with fresh, delectable food are sure to create a utopia for a relaxed vacation. However, the dilemma of undertaking Sicily & Sardinia Island Tours is always open for debate as both the islands are equally appealing and worth a visit.

Located in close proximity to the Southern mainland, these two islands are filled with historic ruins, medieval architecture, white sandy beaches and the best Mediterranean cuisine.


Sicily is popularly found on all the itineraries when planning a Mediterranean vacation. The island is well known for the fresh, unique and scrumptious food it provides along with numerous sightseeing places. Palermo is the capital of Sicily and is a definite pit stop for many cruises along the Adriatic and Mediterranean Coast. Let's find out what makes Sicily a good choice for this summer.

Italy Travel Guide Sicily or Sardinia?

  1. The island is easily accessible by air, train and ferry. Many overnight trains and ferries are available from Naples to Palermo. Since the terrain is hilly and craggy, one should either opt for public buses or rent a car to go about the island. For convenience, you may book your train, ferry or bus tickets and private transfer to Palermo on this link
  2. For a historical tour of the island, one should visit the Valley of Temples and Segesta ruins. Apart from the relics, the windmills of Mozia and the churches of Modica are a must visit. Hike up to Mount Etna - an active volcano and a UNESCO site - to experience an adrenaline rush. Catania is also good for a hike around the crater and limestone cliffs.
  3. Sicilian cuisine is famous for its fresh and natural ingredients consisting of the finest olive oil, ricotta cheese and seafood. Pasta alla Norma, cannoli and arancini are some of the must-have dishes there.
  4. San Vito Lo Capo, Mondello Beach and Torre Salsa Beach are some of the best beaches on the island that are famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise water.


Sardinia should be an ideal place for a laid-back vacation in the Mediterranean as it is surrounded by luscious mountainscapes and pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Located just south of Corsica, Sardinia is the second largest island of Italy that is less frequently visited.

Italy Travel Guide Sicily or Sardinia?

  1. Beaches are the highlight of the island. Cala Goloritze, Campana, Porto Pino and Cagliari are some of the famous beaches that are popular for watersports, sailing, snorkelling, kayaking and swimming. Please click here for available transportation in Cagliari.
  2. Adventure seekers will be thrilled to know that there are numerous activities such as trekking, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking along the coastal trails such as Selvaggio, Asinara and Gorropu Canyon.
  3. The island is famous for some of the appetizing local dishes such as Bottarga fish, culurgiones and malloreddus. Apart from food, Sardinia is also known for some of the finest local wine and beer.

Undoubtedly, Sicily and Sardinia are must visit islands that serve as a summer paradise filled with cool shimmering waters and colourful food. There are numerous Italy tour packages from Australia available for a memorable vacation in the historical land. So, how about planning an Italian getaway for your next vacation!

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