How to Keep your Mobile Phone Protected while Traveling?

How to keep your mobile phone protected when traveling with Otterbox

As a freelancer and a frequent traveler who is always on the go, I consider myself as a heavy cellphone user. In this time of social media and new technologies, my mobile phone is one of my most-important possessions especially when I travel. Aside from sending text messages and making calls, I use it for apps such as hotel and flight booking apps, Google maps for directions, check on my email, update my friends and followers in my social media accounts, do online banking, take those precious travel moments, and a lot more. Indeed, a good mobile phone has now been an essential travel companion in every traveler's life.

How to keep your mobile phone protected when traveling with Otterbox

I'm currently using an iPhone X which is one of my "must-haves" and an important travel gear that I always bring during my travels. I use it to take and edit photos, for navigation, for booking hotels, flights or Grab car/taxi, updating my social media accounts, and just about anything. If there's something I should not leave behind, that s definitely my mobile phone.

How to keep your mobile phone protected when traveling with Otterbox

Many of you have asked, "how I do I keep my phone protected when I travel?" We know that iPhones are very fragile and expensive. And even a simple drop may cause slight to heavy damage to the device. So I always make sure that my phone is well-protected all the time by using a sturdy and well-crafted phone case such as the OtterBox phone case. I really love how secured and well-protect my phone is when put inside the case. What I love most is the solid and stylish design that also offers great protection for my smartphone.

How to keep your mobile phone protected when traveling with Otterbox

OtterBox, the No. 1 most-trusted brand in cell phone case protection offers a full portfolio of style, color and graphic case options, not just for iPhone X but also for iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR. I love that they have a wide array of case protection options ranging from trendy and slim to rugged and heavily built – plus everything in between.

How to keep your mobile phone protected when traveling with Otterbox

A few weeks ago, OtterBox sent me some of their iPhone X cases which I got to use and test during my recent travels. The two of my most favorites of all the cases they sent me are the Strada Series Folio and the clear Symmetry Series.

The Strada Series Folio is so sleek, stylish, and luxurious-looking. It is made from genuine leather with a magnetic flap cover to protect the phone's screen. Inside, there's also a card slot for your transportation card, ID, ATM Card, or any standard-sized card. It is also slim and fits well inside my pocket. Because of it's nice design, I use this for formal or special occasions.

How to keep your mobile phone protected when traveling with Otterbox

I also love the clear Symmetry Series which has ultra-slim design that perfectly fits my pocket. The easy-push buttons on the sides of the case is convenient and easy to use. This rubber phone case certainly gives added protection against drops and shock. I use this as an everyday protection for my mobile phone.

How to keep your mobile phone protected when traveling with Otterbox

Of course, don't miss to also put a tempered glass screen protection that will surely protect your phone from any sudden drop face down or bumps. It is a good add on to absorb shock when you occasionally drop your phone. It works as a 2nd layer of protection to your phone's screen which also resists scratches from pointed sharp objects. If you experienced dropping your phone and had your screen damaged, you'll know how frustrating it is and not to mention expensive to replace. So, having an Alpha Glass screen protector and an Otterbox Phone Case are really worth the investment.

How to keep your mobile phone protected when traveling with Otterbox

OtterBox offers a broad suite of cases, because iPhone users are as diverse and complex as their phone features. There's an OtterBox case for everyone:

  • Symmetry Series has been redesigned with a slimmer form and easy-push buttons and comes in a broad array of colors and graphics in a sleek, one-piece design. With an ultra-slim form, Symmetry Series is the perfect fashion statement to slide in and out of pockets.
  • Defender Series offers rugged protection for iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR. The multi-layer design absorbs and dissipates shock, while port covers keep dirt and debris out. Available in a wide variety of colors and build-your-own options.
  • Pursuit Series is OtterBox’s thinnest, most protective case with protection against drop, dust, dirt and snow intrusion. The two-piece design seals together around iPhone and features audio scoops, a sealed camera opening and an included lanyard to tether it to your arm.
  • Crafted for luxury seekers, Strada Series Folio features a genuine leather cover, magnetic front clasp and folio design to keep the screen from scratches. The inside cover offers a card slot ideal for holding a credit card and ID.
  • Thin, protective and ready to go, Commuter Series is perfect for the everyday trek to work. The outer shell and inner slipcover absorb shock and stay slim, while port covers keep dust out of ports. Available in a wide variety of colors and build-your-own options.
  • All OtterBox cases are compatible with Alpha Glass fortified screen guards. Alpha Glass guards against scuffs, scratches and dings to the brilliant display on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR.

For more information, please visit www.otterbox.asia.


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