Dharamshala Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In India

Dharamshala Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In India

There are plenty of adventures to do in India. Busy cities, seaside living, and many cultural places that hold a lot of history. Dharamshala is one of those places that offers you the spiritual fulfillment you might be after. Many people go to India looking to find themselves. There are so many yogis and sages that have inspired us to live better lives in the West. Many of them are from parts of India.

Dharamshala is interesting because it doesn’t just have residents of Indian descent. There are also Tibetans. They made their way here when they forced to flee from their country. There are two parts to Dharamshala. The lower area which is majority Indian and the upper area where the Tibetans dwell. This creates a wonderful diversity in the town. Here are some of the other reasons that you should visit Dharamshala while you’re in India.

Spirituality in Abundance

If you’re after spirituality, this is the place to be. The mountain ranges here remind you that you’re just a small part of this planet. The air is fresh and it’s extremely peaceful. Not to mention the monasteries here with a lot of importance. Not only is the Dalai Lama’s personal temple here but there is also a monastery close to Dharamshala that has great Buddhist importance. It is the monastery that practices the more modern Buddhist order.

You can do yoga teacher training in Dharamshala. You can meditate with Buddhist monks. You can go out into the stunning nature that exists everywhere. The forests, the lakes, the waterfalls, and summits of mountain tops. Many people find their spiritual side among nature and it won’t disappoint you here. There is a life energy that can’t be ignored.

Tibetan History

The Chinese did their best to erase Tibetan history but it could not be contained. The Tibetans that ran to this area have ensured that whatever they managed to bring from Tibet would be kept safe. You can see what they were able to salvage at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. This is where they house the essential scripts and artifacts of the Tibetan people.

The Nature that Surrounds You

Dharamshala is pure peace. There are many treks you can take part in that allow you to walk amongst the towering dramatic cliffs of Himalayan ranges. You’ll also get to hike up high and witness the valleys below. Sometimes you can see mountains and valleys at the same time. There is an ancient 8th centurytemple that is carved from rock. There is Dal Lake that you can catch a cab to or walk to. At the lake, there is a significant temple for Shiva. There is also a forest canopy surrounding the lake. There is a nice long hike you can take from upper Dharamshala to a waterfall. The waterfall forms a swimming hole at the bottom.

Drink Rare Tea

The tea leaves that grow in Dharamshala are the highest grown in the world. This gives the tea a taste that you’ll never experience anywhere else. The plantation has been here for generations and they put extreme love and devotion into their tea. It’s great to witness someone putting so much gratitude and passion towards growing a plant. Even if you don’t love tea, the surrounding area in the plantation grounds is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. It’s one of those places where you can take a book and just relax.

Spending Time in the Dalai Lama’s Home

This isn’t where the Dalai Lama grew up of course but when he had to flee Tibet, this is where he came to. Today, there is a large complex that includes his own temple. This is where the Dalai Lama comes to do important rituals involving Buddhism. There is a library, the museum and café here too. You can spend an all afternoon being in the energy that the Dalai Lama has laid here. The temple has grand halls where the wind blows through all the open doors. It’s a beautiful experience and you will really feel the energy here even if you don’t believe in that kind of stuff.

The People You Will Meet

Dharamshala is the kind of place you can come to on your own and leave with a family. The travelers that come here are open minded. There are many that will come to yoga teacher training in Dharamshala. There are many who will come to meditate, eat the delicious food, go for treks, and take in as much yoga as they can. Everyone is social, open, and looking deep within themselves. The conversations you can have unexpectedly in a coffee shop are why most people look to travel. The experience is very raw and real here.

Dharamshala is a great place to come when you become exhausted by travel in India. It is cooler in the mountains too which might be alluring if you’ve been subjected to the heat of the country. It is peaceful and you’ll feel so safe with the huge towering mountains that hug this area. The air is fresh and clean. The people are wonderful and caring. It really is some kind of Shangri-la.

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