How to Enjoy Life as a Foreign Student in The Philippines

How to Enjoy Life as a Foreign Student in The Philippines

The Philippines is a large country made up of thousands of islands, the main being Luzon. Going to the Philippines to study comes with a comfortable lifestyle. Being that most education is in English, as a study abroad student in the Philippines, you will have no problems with assignments. All you need to do is to find professionals from an essay service that write in English since the local education system is quite similar to the American one and has the same college requirements.

Epic Places to Visit

From lush views to gigantic malls, there’s always something for someone. Whatever takes your fancy, have a look at these awesome places to see during your time in The Philippines. There are gorgeous viewpoints to visit, and some unique dishes to taste. The country has a lot to see and do.

Pasay Seafood Market

We all like to eat delicious food, right? Pasay Seafood Market is a place for you! The location of this establishment is near Mall of Asia in Bay City, Pasay. The stalls sell numerous varieties of seafood to keep those taste buds happy. If you like crab, shrimp lobster, mussels, tuna, and blue marlin, this place is definitely worth a visit. It is possible to purchase some seafood from the market and take it to a restaurant where a chef will prepare it using Filipino cooking methods to make it a delightful dish!


Let's visit Chinatown! This spot may not seem touristy due to the high amount of noise pollution. The area, itself, is home to Hokkien Chinese immigrants during the Spanish rule of the country. Throughout the centuries, this place became home to their descendants. It is definitely worth checking out the Kuang Kong, Seng Guan Buddhist temples if you are a fan of Buddhism. It is also worth considering the traditional Chinese shops for a glance of wonderful herbs and spices.

Greenbelt Mall

If you enjoy malls, Greenbelt Mall is the place to visit. It is one of the tourist spots with free entry, making it a day’s money saver. With over 300 stores and raised paths, there is plenty of opportunities to do some window shopping or buy a souvenir. The mall possesses all the most preferred brands, Calvin Klein, Prada, and others.

The National Museum of Natural History

The Philippines has a large amount of history to learn about! Why not spend a day at the museum? It is worth checking out the National Museum of Natural History that is based in Rizal Park. It offers an interesting view of the country’s biodiversity. Which is very useful for International Biology students. This is also the most recently established museum in the country, so get there while it’s still fresh!

Manila Baywalk

For a relaxing evening, go for a hike around Manila Baywalk. The points offer a stunning view of the sunset. There are food vendors, so you can get some dinner or a little snack. As well as live music to enjoy that is performed by street artists. There is also a Yacht club nearby with numerous cafes and restaurants.

Final Thoughts

It is always possible to enjoy life as an International Student in the Philippines. Manila is a thriving city with plenty to offer, so you will never become bored during your day. Everything is reasonably priced to visit, and some things are free to visit. There is plenty of delicious food around. And mostly, people can speak English. What are you waiting for? Get out there and see what this marvelous country has to offer!

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