Cultural Diversity - Top Destination Guide To Appreciate Different Cultures

Cultural Diversity - Top Destination Guide To Appreciate Different Cultures

When it comes to dream vacation destinations, what appeals to some people might not be the same with another group of travelers. That's the reason as to why the world is filled with various destinations with different appeals. Cultural tourism is rapidly on the rise as individuals seek to quench their thirst pertaining to the way of life of others. The fact that it's surrounded by the adventurous discoveries of fascinating architectures, majestic art, and societal customs, it's evident that culture plays a vital role in boosting tourism attractions of particular regions.

Here is a list of the world's top destinations for culture to include in your wish-travel list:

Istanbul, Turkey

Standing across Asia and Europe this old world charm city is the only one in the world that can proudly boast of its intercontinental presence. Here you will find an equal measure of both European and Asian cultures clearly demonstrated through the elegant restaurants, a historical museum, and a high-spirited nightclub life. There also several vibrant markets, where you can purchase cultural pieces for your loved ones and memorable ruins that tell the story of the city.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo city is a true definition of a perfect blend of traditional and futurist cultures. It's ancient art and architectural designs are some of the world's rare kind. You can easily move through temples and head to lit skyscrapers the next minute. And of course, your taste buds will appreciate the taste of Japanese food. There must be a reason as to why it's referred to as the "world's food capital", right? Don't forget to pass by the Tokyo Disneyland and Imperial palace while at it.

Athens, Greece

This capital city of Greece proudly displays the fingerprints of ancient Greece right from the era of the Paleolithic to the Roman period. It's beautifully decorated by the 5th-century landmarks and buildings that will take you back to the old stone age. You will love the delicious Mediterranean cuisine and the enviable colorful lifestyle of the Greek people. Make your visit here more memorable by touring both the mainland and Islands. You can check out https://www.travelo.gr/airtickets-aeroporika-eisitiria/ for affordable domestic and international cities flights.

Varanasi, India

This is one of India's top pride pilgrimage tourist attraction city. It has strategically positioned itself by the banks of river divine Ganges, beautifying the place with amazing cultural features. Most individuals refer to it as the world's oldest civilized city, which holds the vital spiritual meaning of the Hindu religion. Families visit here as a journey of forgiveness and to pray for the departed souls of their loved ones. Things to do here include a visit to the Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary and a prayer witnessing session at Ganga Ghat in the evenings.

Madrid, Spain

If you thought you knew European culture, wait until you visit Spain and get soaked in its rarely talked-about rich culture. The view of the city depicts a culture with the beauty and artistically designed architectural pieces complete with perfect culinary delights. There are various theater performances you can enjoy and a visit to the open markets will do your shopping some justice. Do pass-by the Royal Palace Of Madrid and Puerta del Sol.

In conclusion, the world is full of various cultures. And you can learn to embrace by visiting various cultural tourism destinations for better understanding. Of course, you can't go to all places at once, choose the ones that appeal to you most, from the above list, and kick-start your adventure from there!

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