Top Things to Do in New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the countries that many would want visit someday. That is why, as early as now, you should be reading a lot about this beautiful country to know more and to have a insight on what to expect on my travel in the near future. Really, reading articles about it and seeing lovely photos, will make you feel even more excited, and want to book a flight a to New Zealand now.


New Zealand is one of the most exciting and amazing places to visit in the world. It is richly gifted with many amazing treasures and stunning landscapes that every traveler would like to experience one day. Teeming with endless natural wonders, one should never miss a chance to see this country with their own eyes.

Nobody really needs an excuse to go to New Zealand and experience for themselves its rich beauty and natural wonders. It's full of adventure and stunning scenery, great value for money travels, and is often voted as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. When in New Zealand, there’s a long list of adventure activities that one can venture out into. Here are some of the top best things to do in New Zealand.


Top Things to Do in New Zealand


Forming a distinctive part of New Zealand culture, Maori Culture is a rich tradition carried out for 1000's of years in New Zealand. It is a big part of New Zealand's identity. Maori culture, language and tradition are diligently preserved in New Zealand. Rotorua is the place to embrace Maori culture at large. If you want to experience Maori ceremonies, traditions and practices from up close, the best thing to do in to spend the night at a marae. If you want to explore a museum, visit Wellington’s Te Papa Museum where you could see arts, crafts and ancient relics on display relating to Maori culture.

GIAPO ICE CREAM the Most Incredible Ice Cream in Auckland New Zealand Maybe the World


If you are a “foodie" or a gastronomic type of traveler, and you just can’t say that you been into a country if you haven’t tasted their most sought after food – I feel you. That is why, whenever I go on an adventure abroad, I always try to taste everything in everywhere I go. It can be tough to find the ideal dessert that will satisfy our sweet tooth, which also causes us to reach for popular unhealthy options. However, it doesn't have to be like that.

Aside from the stunning natural wonders, adrenaline-pumping activities, exciting things to do, and amazing tourist spots and attractions, New Zealand also offers delightful food experiences – just like what Giapo Ice Cream offers.

Giapo Ice Cream, dubbed as "The Most Incredible Ice Cream in Auckland, New Zealand, and Maybe the World," started with Giapo Grazioli and his wife Annarosa’s take on the popular Italian gelato tradition and give it a firm, unconventional, and unqiue twist. The creativity and desire to venture on a new territory has been at the heart and driving force of this project throughout the past 10 years or so, as Giapo has continued to succeed, disrupt and excite, while developing into one of the most innovative and state-of-the-art ice cream kitchens in the world. The success Giapo enjoys both on the international scene and in its home country of New Zealand, is poured right back into the business by the tight-knit Giapo team, who foster, and indeed feed off, this cycle of creativity. The couple at the helm of Giapo, whose business cards openly state their occupation as “Wannabe Artists”, approach ice cream as an art form. How cool is that?

GIAPO ICE CREAM the Most Incredible Ice Cream in Auckland New Zealand Maybe the World

“I saw that ice cream had the potential to be more expressive and gastronomical than it had been”, explains Giapo. “It’s the most popular dessert food in the world and it didn’t seem right that it always had to look the same in cones and cups or on sticks.” With the help of Annarosa, and by building a small, talented team with a strong collective spirit, Giapo is steadily managing to turn ice cream into something new and fresh. The innovation and modernism that the Giapo team is bringing to the world, is not just flavour specific, but multidimensional with a lot of dedication and a savvy flair for things like customer experience, culinary, scientific and technological, it is about writing what they like to call a “New language for ice cream”.

GIAPO ICE CREAM the Most Incredible Ice Cream in Auckland New Zealand Maybe the WorldGIAPO ICE CREAM the Most Incredible Ice Cream in Auckland New Zealand Maybe the World

Giapo’s ice cream encourages people to leave behind expectations - which can be constrained - and open their minds to new possibilities and new ideas. It inspires people to be creative in a way that you could be imaginative and playful with your ideas. This means there’s no ice cream on display in the store. Instead, their store offers refreshingly immersive and interactive experience as guests check a list of menu and are guided through the flavors, with a tasting degustation, by knowledgeable hosts.

GIAPO ICE CREAM the Most Incredible Ice Cream in Auckland New Zealand Maybe the World

Interestingly, Giapo Ice Cream has a vegan menu which includes Maori Potato, Parsley, Citrus, Miller’s Coffee & Single Malt Laphroaig, Creamy Coconut with Choc Chip Cookies, Buckwheat, Macadamia, Bitters, just to name a few.

They also have Gluten Free menu which includes Central Otago Sheep Milk Banana with Peanut Butter Rice Crunch, Giapo Buono with Caramel, Hazelnut Praline, Amaretti, Organic Tamarillo & Pineapple with Buckwheat, Macadamia, Bitters, and Chch Haz’nut, Dominican Choco with Homemade Hazelnut Spread, among many other gluten Free ice cream products.

Giapo Ice Cream Reviews

What do people say about Giapo Ice Cream?

from Tripadvisor
"Amazing creations with gelato. This is ice cream that is almost too pretty to eat. Pretty creative uses for gelato and it tastes great." -RivesCPA

"Giapo and his wife Annarosa have taken an ice team to the stratosphere. If you are out for a cheap ice cream, grab a softie somewhere else. Giapo and his team serve up an incredible ice team and they know...... you will be back again and again." -Billytoucan

"This isn't your regular ice cream shop. From start to finish this is a complete package. As soon as you walk through the door you are cheerily greeted and assigned a server. Then the samples flow. Each ice cream crafted with love and passion. Picking your flavour could be difficult, then your cone choice and any extras after that. This place is a real treat for the taste buds and the eyes. Each ice cream comes with it's own decorations that will compliment your ice cream. It's a little tricky to find, down the Britomart end. Well worth it though. Go give yourself a treat. You deserve it." -justright18

"100% the most unique, most creative and most professional ice cream store I’ve been to. Added to that the items on the menu taste amazing. Even though the menu is not large, you’ll be coming back for more" - Kevin L.

"Arrived in Auckland city late & bit hungry so stopped here. Had been on our to do list. Wow such an experience. Tried a few flavours, all delicious. Went for a chocolate (but it had a fancy name & extras) & hazelnut. Heading back today for a coconut. We chose just a plain cup but there are other fancier creations. Highly recommend." -nzsmith


Aside from innovative and creative way of making ice cream, Giapo also offers Master Classes where you will prepare, cook, and plate with full chef support; Kitchen Tour where you could meet the people behind Giapo Ice Cream and experience first-hand what happens in the kitchen, and Chef's Table where you take your seat at the chef's table in the heart of Giapo Ice Cream's R&D kitchen and be mesmerized by the incredible creations of Giapo's award winning team. These experiences offered at Giapo Ice Cream are surely lots of fun and an awesome experience where you eat while you learn.

More to that, to treat someone to an ice cream experience like no other, you can also avail Giapo Ice Cream Gift Vouchers for $20.00 to $200.00. These makes an awesome present to your family, friends, and special someone for any occasion.

Giapo Ice Cream is located at 12 Gore St, Britomart Auckland New Zealand. For more information, you may visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/giapogelato, or follow them on Twitter (@giapo) or Instagram (@giapokitchen). You may also visit their website at www.giapo.com.

Top Things to Do in New Zealand


Wai-O-Tapu, the Māori term for "sacred waters" is located at the southern end of the Okataina Volcanic Center, an active geothermal area offering an amazing view of hot springs noted for their colorful appearance. Wai-O-Tapu is located just north of the Reporoa caldera, in New Zealand's Taupo Volcanic Zone.

Top Things to Do in New Zealand


Explore New Zealand's dramatic scenery on a cruise through Milford Sound, a world renowned natural wonder with towering peaks, cascading waterfalls and amazing wildlife. Get up close and personal with Milford Sound on a leisurely cruise. Get up close to local wildlife such as fur seals and dolphins. Experience the spray of a waterfall as you cruise close to sheer rock faces. Visiting Milford Sound, you'll understand why the Lord of the Rings was filmed in this magnificent location.

What do travelers say about Milford Sound?

from Tripadvisor
"We did the celebrity’s cruise around the New Zealand and one of there stops was to go into Milford sound and do a couple of 360’s in there. It’s magnificent scenery and beautiful waterfalls all along the passage." Glen W.

"We travelled by small coach from our top 10 camping park where we were picked up from and had a wonderful drive with many spots to stop and look at on the way to Milford sound where we caught the Real Journeys large boat to sail up and down the sound which was amazing. Our trip also included a buffet lunch on the boat. A must do visit." -jbsilverhill

"We had a great day out on Milford Sound. Having said that the coach ride there (and back), from Te Anau, was equally spectacular, we'd definitely recommend a coach rather than driving as you would miss so much concentrating on the "interesting" roads. There were some nice stops, one to fill our bottles from a pristine stream, and good commentary from Curls, our driver. Milford Sound itself is simply stunning, so many waterfalls, sheer rock faces and miles of water. The trip was taken on The Wanderer, with Will commentating, and we pottered down to the sea taking so many pics on the way. Make sure you put this on your "to do" list." -Graham C


Not far from downtown Auckland, Rangitoto Island is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand. It is a dormant volcano where tourists could go kayaking and experience its serene beauty and charm. Rangitoto Island is 5.5 km wide and has an iconic and widely visible feature of Auckland with its distinctive symmetrical cone shaped volcano rising at 260 meters (850 ft) high. It last erupted more than 600 years ago, and offers different activities such as bird-watching, swimming, fishing, walking trails, colorful flora and spectacular views from the summit.

What do travelers say about Rangitoto Volcanic Island?

from Tripadvisor
"Excellent walks that can easily fill a day and really would need two trips to get around the island fully. Definitely take water, hats and sunscreen if it's a warm day given there's no service on the island. Walks up the volcano are moderate, with easier walks around the coast. Dig a little deeper near the wharf for some history of the island as a 1930s holiday area." -OnwardTraveller

"On a clear day, take the ferry from Auckland and go to Rangitoto, you won't regret it. Then take the day to walk to the top and do other walks around the island. The volcanic rocks, the paths, the trees, the "kidney ferns", the birds, the little "baches"... everything is just incredible. And you can admire the view on the bay around Auckland. It's a must-do!" -moss74


The Great Barrier Island (GBI) is a remote island just 60 miles off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand in the outer Hauraki Gulf. The first island in the world to be designated as an International Dark Sky Sanctuary. It is definitely a bucket list destination for star-gazers and photographers.

What do travelers say about Great Barrier Island?

from Tripadvisor
"Wow, what a great experience we had looking at the night sky at Medlands Beach on Great Barrier Island. It was a beautiful cloudless night and the location for our viewing, on the dunes above the beach, was perfect, especially with the waves providing a natural soundtrack. Deb really looked after us, providing cushioned chairs, blankets and a hottie to keep us comfortable while we gazed at the heavens and she commented on the the myriad of stars, constellations, planets and Milky Way. Zodiac signs that were visible were pointed out, as was the Southern Cross. Mars was amazing and quite quickly moved across the eastern horizon and we just caught Venus before it dropped below the horizon on the other side of the bay. Through the telescope we could see new stars at different stages of their life cycle and it was quite amazing to think we were looking at old timers that may not even be there any more. The icing on the cake for me was seeing Saturn's rings and Jupiter's moons. Deb thoughtfully sent us an email afterwards noting what we saw and providing links to sites for more information. A hot chocolate and some home baking brought our evening to a close - one we are still talking about a week later and will be, I'm sure, for some time." -JeanGibbons


Travel through mountain peaks and past the stunning glacial lakes of Wakatipu, Wanaka, and Hawea. Be at awe and marvel at the serene blue waters of glacial lakes and discover the quaint Fox Glacier village. After that you can also explore and experience other adventurous activities, shops, and food offers at the vibrant city of Queensland.

Planning a ski holiday in Queenstown? Make it easy! Discover top Queenstown ski packages and tours and find a package to suit your needs.


A native of New Zealand, the Kiwi is a flightless bird with five recognized species. Unfortunately, 4 of the species are currently listed as vulnerable, and one of which is near-threatened. A national symbol of New Zealand, they are working hard for its preservation. If you want to see a real live kiwi bird, visit one of the several kiwi houses or sanctuaries to be found throughout New Zealand.



Often hailed as one of the best day hikes in the world, Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a 19.4 km hike in New Zealand famous for its volcanic alpine landscape of dramatic contrasts – steaming vents, glacial valleys, ancient lava flows, alpine vegetation and vivid crater lakes, all with stunning views. When exploring Tongariro Alpine Crossing, be prepared for a long and challenging day out.


Whale Watch Kaikoura offers exciting adventure with a close encounter with these marine giants. The thrill and suspense of trying to find a whale and followed by the joy of finally spotting one, is such a wonderful experience in New Zealand.

What do travelers say about Whale Watching Kaikoura?

from Tripadvisor
"When you jump on the boat you know its always going to be 50 - 50 call on what you see if you see anything at all. The ride we went on was absolutely fantastic! Not only did we see a pod of about 200 dolphins, we also saw 3 different sperm whales, seals and a pod of about 7 Orca. All were amazing animals and the staff were all really enthusiastic which really go you into it. against the picturesque snowy ranges its quite possibly one of the most beautiful things to do in the south." -ants811

"Had a really awesome experience was very interesting never knew anything about the types of species that come in and out of the kaikoura canyon each year we all thoroughly enjoyed it ka pai Whale watch Kaikoura and your staff were excellent!" -Noki P



One of the most popular beaches in Aukland - especially during summer- Mission Bay is a great place to look across the water at Rangitoto and watch ships go by. If you want to stay overnight at Mission Bay, there are many hotels and places to stay nearby. It also a thriving cafe and restaurant scene with plenty of seating areas and picnic tables to attract locals and tourists alike who loves to enjoy lounging at the beach.



Considered as the "highest mountain in New Zealand," it is located in the Southern Alps, the mountain range which runs the length of the South Island or at the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, in the Canterbury region. It is composed of of three summits, from South to North the Low Peak (3,593 m or 11,788 ft), Middle Peak (3,717 m or 12,195 ft) and High Peak. Mount Cook Nationa Park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with other national parks such as Westland National Park, Mount Aspiring National Park and Fiordland National Park.

What do travelers say about Aoraki / Mount Cook?

from Tripadvisor
"Mt. Cook Village is outstanding and starts with scenic drive from Lake Tekapo, where one should spend a couple of nights star grazing. Every inch of the drive is worth stopping & enjoying the different colours of the lake, mountains all around. When you reach Mt Cook Village, love the glaciers, hikes, view, boat ride and more. Hike upto the edge and relax, appreciate pristine beauty, changing colours of Mt Cook as Sun sets. I’ll go to NZ again only for Mt Cook!" -RanjanDesh

"Had a great few days at Aoraki/Mt Cook after spending a few weeks camping through both the north and south islands. Mt. Cook is definitely the high point of our visit. Excellent hikes, amazing scenery, and we fortunately had perfect weather! If it's cloudy or stormy, I think the area would still be incredible but with a different character. Not just highly recommended, but a must see on the south island! Don't miss it!" -Rick M

There you have it! New Zealand's top attractions and best things to do! I hope this helps you plan your trip to New Zealand, soon!

Got any suggestions? Don't forget to leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


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