10 Must-Haves for the Best Travel Experience

10 Must-Haves for the Best Travel Experience

Traveling is meant to be a beautiful experience full of laughter and joy. However, inadequate preparation can make your traveling stressful and laborious. Every travel situation will require you equip yourself with the necessary tools. Not only does it provide a comfortable travel experience, it also ensures that you're prepared for unexpected drawbacks. Having a list of items, you need to pack or to help you pack can help relieve you of the stress that's involved with traveling. Here is a comprehensive list of smart travel essentials you must not leave behind if you want a seamless traveling experience.

Sleep Mask and Blanket Combo

It may be hard to sleep in commercial settings where other people will want to keep the lights on and go about their business. For this reason, it can be extremely beneficial to invest in a quality sleeping mask to help get quality sleep before you arrive at your destination. Sleep mask shroud your eyes in the darkness and stimulate your brain to produce melatonin. With a sleep mask, you decrease distractions that would otherwise wake you up and are more likely to sleep deeply. Sleeping masks are the better option compared to alcohol or other pharmaceutical sleeping aids. A light-weight travel blanket accompanies the best sleeping masks. You should aim to get a cozy but light travel blanket. The intention is not to be fussy or look luxurious but more of an item to keep you comfortable while you’re 40,000 feet in the air.

Ear Pieces

Another great accessory to have is noise cancellation equipment. These can be noise canceling wireless earbuds or earplugs. Noise-canceling headphones are a great way to keep you entertained when you are awake during your journey. Besides, you get to play your music, watch a movie or listen to an audiobook without the distraction of other noisy passengers. Earplugs are another great option when you just want some peace and quiet. Not only do they block out unwanted noise, but they also pad your ears against the impact of atmospheric variations that make your ears hurt at the end of your flight. Earaches can cause dizziness, ringing and even bleeding in severe cases. Wearing your earplugs during your trip will also reduce your chances of having blocked ears. Combined with an eye mask, you are guaranteed to be well rested before your arrival. Make sure you buy high-quality silicone plugs for a better travel experience.

Power Accessories

Almost everybody carries a minimum of two rechargeable gadgets with them. They could be multiple phones, cameras, laptops, kindle books, gaming gadgets, the list is endless. You will need to keep these items charged if you want to enjoy their services. In comes to portable batteries. Power banks are small and highly compact batteries. They have different amounts of capacity so while purchasing one go for the one that will be able to charge all your devices sufficiently. Power banks are affordable and available in almost every corner of the world. If you are on the go, you will need to invest in one. The other power accessory you will need is a multiple port USB wall charger. They offer you high-speed charging when you get a chance to settle down in a hotel or lobby. They are accommodating for folks with multiple devices and limited wall charging capacities. Multiple ports USB chargers are recommended for someone who has limited time in a location and wants to charge their devices simultaneously without reducing the speed at which they charge. A travel adapter is also necessary. The good thing about travel adapters is that they work in more than 150 countries, so you’re sure you will be able to power your devices in an airport lobby.

Travel Document Organizer

A valuable investment would be an anti-theft RFID wallet. For travelers who will spend time in developing countries where it’s obvious they’re strangers, they are prone to pickpockets and thieves. Anti-theft purses are easy to chain to your belt so they cannot be taken off you without your knowledge. They also come in handy when you’re having a good time and are particularly vulnerable. A good wallet should have enough slots to hold multiple kinds of currencies, hotel keys, tickets and other small documents you frequently use in a foreign country. Another significant investment is a travel document organizer. Everybody who travels should have one. They make your experience at the airport seamless because you will have all the documents you might be asked for adequately organized. They also minimize the risk of leaving some papers behind.

Toiletry Bag

Sometimes luggage gets lost, and it may take a while to find your belongings. It is therefore imperative that you have a small toiletry bag enough to hold a couple of days’ worth of essentials. It will help you save money you could have spent buying new items. A good toiletry bag has travel size essentials and can fit in your purse or backpack, so you don’t have to be separated with it during your journey.

Here is what you need to stock up in the bag.

  • Sunscreen- is especially necessary if you’re sitting on the window seat. High altitudes are prone to stronger UV rays.
  • Disinfecting body wipes- they’re not for germaphobes only. Wipe down our seats and tables or anything you touch to avoid catching communicable diseases.
  • Cream- this should be hand creams to avert ashy fingers and also a travel size body cream just in case your lotion somehow gets lost.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes should never be too far away from you. They take up very little space. You can also include floss in the bag.
  • Shampoo and conditioner. Tubes that double up as both are a great option.

Travel Pillows

You have probably seen a lot of people carrying u-shaped pillows with them during their travels. But did you also know that these aren’t the only pillows available for travelers? There are other memory foam or fiber-based pillows to choose from depending on your personal preference. Fleece Trtl travel pillows are the best for long distance traveling. They have a patented design that fits your neck, jaw and shoulder shape correctly. Also, they are made of a very soft fleece that creates a cozy ambiance comfortable enough to loosen your muscles and relax. They provide support through strengthened ribs and are scientifically proven. The best part about these pillows is their compatibility which makes them very easy to travel with.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are small fabric containers that are zip closed used for organizing your travel clothing and other paraphernalia. They come in different sizes and shapes like squares and rectangles and fitting them in a bag can be likened to playing Tetris on your phone. Packing cubes will help you organize your clothing like placing underwear or shirts together so you can quickly locate the articles. They also keep your clothes neat by minimizing wrinkling. They offer alternative storage solutions. For example, larger packing cubes can be used for shoes while smaller ones can be your own personal pouch. Packing cubes will also help you maximize the space by compressing your luggage to be able to fit it more cubes. In addition, packing will prevent your items from being thrown about due to turbulence. The weirdest way you can use your packing cubes is as pillows. They are smooth to stack and soft to rest your head on if need be.

Luggage Tags

Although the airport will provide you with a luggage tag, theirs are more likely to tear because they are often low quality. For this reason, a frequent traveler should invest in a tear-resistant customized luggage tag. Another traveler is less likely to pick your luggage with a customized tag. They also make it relatively easy to spot your bags in case you and another person have look-alike luggage. Luggage tags also minimize the chances of theft at the airport in case our bags are mishandled. Smart luggage trackers automatically store your contact details, flight details and usually connect to an app so you can view the transit location of our luggage from the comfort of your seat or lobby. In case your bags are lost, it can be easy to locate them in case your customized tags come with GPS tracking for high-value luggage.

Bags and Backpacks

There are several bags a traveler already has, and each one plays a different role. The carry-on suitcase will hold more of your traveling gear. They come with waterproof compartments, USB ports, and virtually indestructible shells.
Body bag - they allow you to comfortably carry your earphones, phones, wallet, and camera and stay on you all the time.

Backpack - you should have a backpack especially if you are carrying your laptop with you. Make sure it is secure and sufficiently padded to avoid theft. Backpacks are recommended for lean travelers. Combined with packing organizers, you can have only one bag carrying everything you need for the trip. Duffel bags are more comfortable to carry around. You will need organizers as they tend to be hollow inside so your belongings can be thrown around and more laborious to locate.

Other Essential Travel Items

  • Collapsible water bottle - staying hydrated is vital whether you’re on a plane or in a train. Reusable water bottles are eco-friendly and affordable. Invest in one that has a rigid slip-free grip sleeve. Silicone water bottles are the best because they are resistant to tear and damage. In addition, their caps are leak proof. Also, they are easy to store because they do not take up much of your space.
  • Sewing kit - You never know when your clothing will tear and while traveling, it is easy for our attire to get caught in any unsecured railing or metal and snap. Having a sewing kit at hand will save you the embarrassment of walking around in torn clothes and will also save you money, so you don’t have to buy clothing you really don’t need.
  • Compression stockings or socks - Traveling can take a toll on our circulation, especially if you have to stay in a cramped coach or you have to sit down for the entire duration of the flight. Your ankles can get swollen, and it may be painful to walk. Compression stockings are scientifically proven to consistently squeeze your legs and prevent blood from stagnating by helping your veins move blood more efficiently.
  • Travel utensil set - For environmental conservation, having a bamboo travel utensil set is the way to go. You avoid using plastic disposable utensils and ultimately prevent the cost of buying the disposable items. They are easy to clean, and in developing countries where you’re unsure of the level of hygiene, the help you enjoy street food even better.
  • Microfiber travel towel - You can never be sure what the previous user cleaned with the hotel towel or if the towels were cleaned properly. You can, therefore, invest in an ultra-light, quick dry, microfiber towel. They are machine washable and ideal for backpacking travel.
  • Laundry soap - hotel laundry services can be pricey. The only option that saves you money is doing your own laundry. You can buy travel size fabric wash that comes in small travel-friendly containers, or you can opt for detergent sheets that cannot spill.

This guide is for the general traveler. Every person requires different items to make their life more comfortable. So you will have to choose which items you cannot leave behind or which items you will need that has not been covered in this guide.

Also, preparing ahead of your traveling will save you a lot of energy and setbacks during your course. It is important you have a checklist in advance and as soon as you pack, you tick the item off your list. However, all this will be for nothing if you happen to lose your luggage at the port. The best and most underrated gadget in this list is perhaps the smart tag. Take extra measures to ensure you do not lose your belongings.

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