10 Things To Do in Tel Aviv, Israel

10 things to do in Tel Aviv - Summer 2018

Tel Aviv – the Israeli destination city

If you want to visit a modern city, which combines family fun by the sea and a youthful night life, Tel Aviv in Israel should be high on your list. This modern, hi-tech city is the second biggest in Israel and has an almost unending number of attractions to pursue. When you couple that with the amazing Tel Aviv hotels, you will see that there is nothing to stop you.

Tel Aviv’s top ten

#1 One of the most obvious attractions in Tel Aviv is the Mediterranean beach. Well-maintained and well frequented, Tel Aviv boasts almost 9 miles of beautiful, sandy beaches, which are used almost all year round. Renting beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, boats or diving equipment, this a great place to waste away those lazy summer days. The Dan Hotel or Panorama are perfect hotels Tel Aviv has for a beach holiday.

#2 If you want a little bit of a walk from your Tel Aviv hotel, you should make your way down to the port of Tel Aviv. Replete with dozens of eateries, boutique shops and fun things to do, it’s well worth a day and a night there.

#3 One of the most popular things to do in Tel Aviv is to visit Shuk Hacarmel (Carmel Market). Located a stone’s throw from most hotels Tel Aviv has to offer, like the Dan Panorama, this almost 100 year-old market sells everything from clothing to produce and spices to electronics. Experience the hustle and bustle at place that’s typically Israeli and Middle Eastern.

#4 Travel back in time when you visit Tel Aviv’s adjoining city, Jaffa, home of the world-famous oranges. Just a leisurely stroll from all beachfront Tel Aviv hotels, like the Dan Panorama, this 5,000 year-old port city has distinctive architecture, a celebrated flea market, archeological exhibits, art galleries and the iconic Jaffa Clock Tower, adorning the centre of the town.

#5 Leave your Tel Aviv hotel, the Dan Link for instance, behind and take in one the best things to do in Tel Aviv, go to Yarkon Park. Covering hundreds of acres on the border between Tel Aviv and its ‘daughter’ city, Ramat Gan, this is truly a family-friendly place to visit. There is a water park, a foot climbing wall, hot air balloon ride, playgrounds, paddle boats to rent and even a bird sanctuary and petting zoo.

#6 One of the key attractions in Tel Aviv is the Hatahana New Station and Entertainment Complex. This popular leisure and entertainment centre is adorned by a fully-restored Templar-style building, on the site of old Jaffa train station. Less than 10 years old, there is at least a full day’s worth of activities for the whole family, and is round the corner from the Dan Panorama hotel.

#7 Try a market with a difference when you visit Sarona Market. Newly opened and beautifully contemporary, there is almost 9,000 sq metres of shops, kiosks and restaurants, both outside and undercover. In the heart of Tel Aviv, you will be astounded by the diversity of things to do and places to eat.

#8 If you want to delve into some Israeli history, one of the main attractions in Tel Aviv is to go to Independence Hall on Rothschild St. and see where it all began. Not far from most Tel Aviv hotels, the venue of Israel’s 1948 declaration of independence is maintained from that period, now over 70 years ago.

#9 Lovers of architecture will appreciate one of the most interesting things to do in Israel, go on a guided walking tour of Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus buildings on Rothschild Street and Habima Square. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003, breathe in Israeli culture from the point of view of this German architecture movement.

#10 Tel Aviv has an unbeatable night life, so when you’ve finished your day of relaxing or adventuring but don’t want to go back to your Tel Aviv hotel, keep the good feelings going by frequenting one of the myriad Israeli bars and clubs, which are open all night. Tel Aviv in now one of the most prominent travel destinations for the gay community. In gay pride month there is a world-famous parade, one of the most significant annual attractions in Tel Aviv.

What now?

Now you know what Tel Aviv has to offer, all you need to do now is book your flight, book a room in one of the luxurious Israel hotels has available, like the Dan Hotel, Panorama or The Link, and figure out which fun activity you’re going to do once you arrive.

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