Awesome Adventure Activities You Can Enjoy at the Dead Sea

Awesome Adventure Activities You Can Enjoy at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a mysterious place for a lot of reasons, but it’s also one of the most awesome places in Israel to have an adventure holiday. If you are planning to visit Israel any time soon or if you are making plans specifically for the Dead Sea, here are the most awesome adventures that you can have there.

Trekking at the Wadi David

The Wadi David is one of the two valleys near the En Gedi Nature Park, which is famous and unique for the lush green plants and bushes that are a rare sight near the Dead Sea. People come here for the trekking experience and as you hike through to the En Gedi Spring, you will realize as to why this is one of the best outdoor experiences that you can have in the region. A premier attraction right at the top is the remains of the Chalcolithic moon temple, which has been estimated to be over 5,500-years old! There is also the Dodim Cave , the Dry Canyon, and even a Roman fort for you to explore nearby.

Trekking at the Wadi Arugot

Wadi Arugot is the second valley near the En Gedi Nature Park, which lies to the park’s southern side. This is the place where the more seasoned trekkers head over to for a tougher adventure. Since this valley is more secluded than Wadi David, Wadi Arugot is where you should be heading to, as long as you don’t mind the extra effort. However, the isolation of this area is well worth it for those that love nature. Principal attractions in the area include the famous synagogue, the mosaic pavement, and a number of inscriptions that are thousands of years old.

Mount Sodom

The mountain is only about 226 metres above the Dead Sea level, but it still offers a bit of adventure for any intrepid explorers who wish to climb to the top of it. If you are wondering, then let us confirm that this Mt. Sodom is arguably the one that was mentioned in the Old Testament, so climbing it is nothing short of being an achievement of Biblical proportions! In all seriousness, multiple biking and hiking trails make Mount Sodom one of the best places in the region to spend an adventurous day at.

In spite of the fact the lake is completely devoid of marine life, the Dead Sea’s shores are always teeming with tourists and travellers from all around the world, so there is no shortage of top-quality Dead Sea hotels in the vicinity to keep visitors in luxurious conditions after they return from a day of adventuring around the Dead Sea.

Even if you don’t go on any particularly trying adventures, the very act of being at the world’s lowest point on land is an experience that nothing else can be compared with. The fact that the experience is made even more enjoyable by the activities and adventures is an added bonus.

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