MACAU TRAVEL GUIDE 2019 BLOG with a 4,800 Pesos DIY Itinerary and Budget for First-timers

NEW UPDATED Macau Travel Guide Blogs Tourist Spots DIY Itinerary and Budget 2019

Planning a trip to Macau? Let this first-timer's Macau travel guide blog 2019 with DIY Itinerary, things to do, budget and expense help you plan your trip.

Visiting Macau, whether as a day tour or a side trip from your Hong Kong vacation, is a lot of fun and a historical experience about Macau's colonial past from the Portuguese. There are so many things to do and activities in Macau that are worth trying - especially for first-timers. In this Macau Budget Travel Guide Blog, let me share to you some useful information on how to get there, visa requirements, exciting things to do, must-see tourist spots and attractions, where to stay, DIY itinerary, budget and expenses, and a lot more. I hope to will help you in planning your Macau adventure, soon!

First-timer's Travel Guide to Macau, China 2019 (Updated on March 2019)


How to get to Macau?


Local airlines such as Cebu Pacific Air, Air Asia Philippines, and Philippine Airlines fly directly from Manila to Macau. For cheap flights to Macau, I highly recommend booking your flights via Traveloka.com. I've been using Traveloka in my travels and I can assure you that you'll always get the best deals and promos on hotels and flights! And don't forget to use their weekly promo codes to get more discounts!


Flights to Macau are also available from either Cebu or Davao with transit in Manila via Philippine Airlines.


Download the Traveloka App now! https://www.traveloka.com/en-ph/traveloka-flight-ticket-hotel-booking-app


If you're traveling to Hong Kong and want to visit Macau, the most economical way is to take a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau. You can find ferry terminals at Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal near IFC Towers in Shun Tak Center on Hong Kong Island and at China Ferry Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon Island.

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Currently, there are two ferry operators you could choose from. One is the Cotai Water Jet and the other one is the TurboJet. I've tried both of them in my previous travels to Macau, and they are both safe and nice. Travel time from Hong Kong to Macau is about 1 hour and ferry ticket is around 1,000 pesos depending on your sailing time. I highly recommend that you book your ferry tickets in advance.

BOOK your Ferry Tickets from Hong Kong to Macau and Vice Versa:

TRAVEL TIP: If you have an iVenture Hong Kong and Macau Attractions Pass, you can get 15% off on Cotai Water Jet ferry tickets.

What you need to note when taking the ferry is to know where it will arrive in Macau. There are two main ferry terminals in Macau. One is the Macau Outer Harbour Terminal which is nearer the Macau city center and the other one is the Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal which is near Macau International Airport and the big casinos in Macau.

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For ease and convenience, you can also book your bus tickets online via Klook. It's an express shared bus from Hong Kong that will bring you to Macau comfortably and efficiently. RESERVE A SEAT HERE!

Please note that ticket prices and airfare are subject to change and depend on the date of your booking.

Top Free Things To Do in Macau

Visa Requirements to Macau for Filipinos

Filipinos do not need a visa to enter Macau. You just need to have a valid passport with 6 months left before expiration. Philippine Passport holders are allowed to stay in Macau for not more than 30 days. So, be sure that your flight bookings are correct before traveling to Macau.

To avoid any inconvenience in clearing immigration, be sure to always have a return or onward ticket, a hotel accommodation booking, and tours and activities voucher ready. If ever the immigration officer asks for it, you'll have these documents to show.

When is the Best Time to Visit Macau?

Macau is a popular place to visit all year round with its a subtropical climate. Weather-wise, the best time to visit Macau is during Spring time which is from March to May or Autumn from September to November when temperature is cool and comfortable. The average temperature during Macau's spring and autumn season is around 22°C (72°F). The autumn and spring seasons is the most pleasant with most days without rain and typhoon. Summer months are from June to September with humid and hot weather in Macau. Rainy season is from May to October with lots of rains and occasional typhoons, making it the wettest months of the year.

I've been to Macau on during Autumn and Spring season - one time in January, March and November. If you're not used to cold weather and you easily get chilly, be sure to always bring a jacket with you.

How Many Days to Stay in Macau?

If you're only visiting Macau, a good 3 days and 2 nights is enough to fully enjoy the top tourist spots and attractions in Macau. If you're coming from Hong Kong and just want to visit Macau, a day tour or overnight stay is also quite okay. Although a day tour is possible, I highly suggest that you stay for a night or two in Macau to enjoy the city as it comes livelier at night. You may check out the Sample DIY Itinerary I created at the end of this article to guide you in planning your trip to Macau.

Top Free Things To Do in Macau

How to get around Macau?

Upon arrival in Macau International Airport, or at any of the ferry terminals, free hotel shuttle buses can be availed. If your booked hotel doesn't offer free shuttle bus, check for the nearest hotel to your booked hotel. Else, you may opt to take a taxi or the public bus going to your hotel.

Taking the free shuttle buses and the public buses are the cheapest ways to get around Macau. What we did when going to a certain destination (if free shuttle bus is not available) is we check the google map for directions. Google map is your best buddy to know how to get to a destination. It will give you the bus route, the bus number you should take, travel time, and the stops of the bus.

When you get to the bus stop, you may check how much is the fare. Bus fares are listed at the bus stops. Be sure to always have coins with you for your payment in taking the bus.

Upon boarding the bus, you should drop your payment at the payment box with a card reader by the front door entrance. Be sure that your payment is correct as the driver will see it. Take note that the driver will not give you any change, so make sure that you always have coins with you. For convenience, you may also purchase a Macau Pass which is a prepaid travel and payment card that you can use to pay for bus fares, shops, and restaurants - just like Hong Kong's Octopus Card. You can get it at convenience stores but you need to buy them preloaded with a certain amount.

Always remember that when getting on the bus, take the front door. When getting off, take the rear door.

For your reference, here are the standard taxi fare:
  • First 1600 meters - 19.00 MOP
  • Every 240 meter - 2.00 MOP

Note: When boarding a taxi at the Macau International Airport taxi stand or at the Taipa Ferry Terminal taxi stand, additional 5.00 MOP will be charged.

Fares for public bus services are as follow:
  • Within the Macao peninsula - 3.20 MOP
  • Within Taipa, including from Taipa village to the airport and back - 2.80 MOP
  • Within Coloane,including from Coloane village to Hac Sa Beach & back - 2.80 MOP
  • From Macao peninsula to Taipa and back - 4.20 MOP
  • From Macao peninsula to Coloane and back - 5.00 MOP
  • From Macao peninsula to Hac Sa Beach & back - 6.40 MOP
  • From Taipa to Coloane village - 3.20 MOP
  • From Taipa to Hac Sa Beach or Ka Ho - 3.60 MOP

NEW Public Bus Fares (as of April 21, 2018)

The regular fare for the public bus service is $6 MOP per ride, except for the following:
  • Holder of stored value card - $3 MOP (regular bus routes) / $4 MOP (express bus routes)
  • Holder of student card - 50% discount for both regular and express bus routes
  • Holder of senior citizen card or disabilities registration card - FREE

Fares and rates are subject to change and are correct at the time of posting.

For route information, please visit: www.dsat.gov.mo/bus, or contact the following transportation (bus) companies:

TRANSMAC - Transportes Urbanos de Macau, S.A.R.L.
Telephone: +853 2827 1122
Website: www.transmac.com.mo

Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos de Macau, S.A.R.L.
Telephone: +853 2885 0060
Website: http://www.tcm.com.mo

The Ruins of Saint Pauls Macau China

Where to Change Currency?

Macau uses their local currency called Macanese Pataca (MOP). Current exchange rate is 1 MOP is 6.48 PHP or 0.12 USD. But Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is also widely used and accepted in Macau. So, if you're coming from Hong Kong, you don't need to change your money to MOP. Note that in Macau, 1 HKD is equals to 1 MOP.

If you're coming directly from the Philippines, you may bring Philippine Peso or US Dollars and exchange it to either MOP or HKD upon arrival in Macau. Just change a few dollars or pesos at the airport and change most of your money at the money changers found at the city center for better exchange rate.

Alternatively, you may also withdraw from the ATMs in Macau using your local card. Just be sure to call your bank before leaving your country to inform them that you will be withdrawing money from abroad to avoid any inconvenience.

A-Ma Temples in Macau China

How to Stay Connected in Macau?

For internet connection for your travel to Macau, you may either rent a travel pocket WiFi or buy a local sim card. Pocket WiFi are very in-demand, and I highly suggest that you book and reserve it in advance online via Klook.com. Getting a local sim card or renting a pocket wifi enables you to avoid expensive roaming charges and you can even share the connection to your friends, thus saving on travel expenses.


Please note that all of these are for pick-up in Hong Kong. If you're traveling to Macau directly from the Philippines, you can buy a local SIM Card in Macau for your data usage. Price depends on the data usage. I think, we bought our SIM Card for 50 MOP/HKD which can be registered for 750 MB data connection.

Macau Travel Guide 2019 DIY Itinerary

Hotels in Macau

There are many hotels in Macau, but only a few budget hotels can be found. The cheapest I found during our trip is Hou Kong Hotel for only 3,000 pesos per night for 2 persons. What I love about this hotel is that it's a short walking distance to Senado Square, and near bus stops, restaurants, convenience stores, and other tourist spots and attractions in Macau.

Hou Kong Hotel

Address: Travessa das Virtudes No. 1, São Lourenço, Macau City Center, Macau, China
Room Rate: PHP 3,000.00 per night
BOOK HERE: Click here to see room availability and book online

Top-rated Hotels in Macau

You may also check out the following hotels in Macau:

Ole London Hotel

Address: Praca De Ponte e Horta, No 4-6, São Lourenço, Macau City Center, Macau, China
Room Rate: PHP 3,166.88 per night
BOOK HERE: Click here to see room availability and book online

Hotel Lisboa

Address: 2-4 Avenida De Lisboa, Sé, Macau City Center, Macau, China
Room Rate: PHP 4,868.92 per night
BOOK HERE: Click here to see room availability and book online

Studio City Macau

Address: Avenida de Cotai, Cotai, Macau, Macau
BOOK HERE: Click here to see room availability and book online

The Parisian Macao

Address: Estrada do Istmo, Lotes 3, Cotai Strip, Macao SAR, Cotai, Macau, Macau
BOOK HERE: Click here to see room availability and book online

Galaxy Macau

Address: Cotai, Macau, Macau
BOOK HERE: Click here to see room availability and book online

The Venetian Hotel Macau

Address: Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, s/n, Taipa, Macao SAR, P.R. China

If you have extra budget, why not stay overnight at The Venetian Hotel and get to experience the Venetian culture while in Macau? You can avail a Macau Venetian Hotel stay in a Royale Deluxe Suite with Gondola Ride Experience for as low as 12,411 pesos.

Inclusive of:
  • 2 gondola ride tickets
  • 1 night stay at Macau Venetian Hotel, Royale Deluxe Suite (good for up to 4 people)
  • Buffet breakfast at Cafe Deco OR buffet lunch at Bambu Restaurant for two guests (please choose one)
  • 10% service charge and 5% government tax

BOOK HERE: Macau Venetian Hotel stay in a Royale Deluxe Suite with Gondola Ride Experience

Note: Room rates are subject to change and depends on the booking dates.


When choosing your hotel in Macau, choose the ones located in Macau city center because it is near the historical core and tourist spots in Macau such as the Senado Square and the Ruins of St. Paul's. If you wish to stay near the airport, Taipa area located south of Macau City is a good choice. If you traveled to Macau for the casinos, Cotai area is mostly where luxury hotels and casinos are located.


Macau Tower Attractions iVenture Card Klook

Top Things To Do in Macau

There are a lot of tourist spots to see, activities to enjoy, as well as free attractions in Macau that you can visit without emptying your wallet. It is also possible to visit it as a day tour from Hong Kong, but I don't really recommend it. It's still better if you stay for at least one night in Macau and enjoy it at night.

If you're looking for things to do in Macau or for free things to do, and tourist spots and attractions with FREE ADMISSION, below are my recommended things to do in Macau.

  • Stroll through Senado Square
  • Visit St. Dominic's Church
  • Conquer Mount Fortress
  • Visit Macau Museum
  • Gaze in Awe at the Ruins of St. Paul's
  • Visit Macau Cathedral
  • Take a look inside Leal Senado Building
  • Visit the historical A-Ma Temple
  • Go up to Macau Tower's Observation Lounge
  • Go on a Thrilling Adventure at Macau Tower's Adventure Deck
  • Hop at Extravagant Hotels and Casinos
  • Ride a Ferris Wheel at Studio City
  • Experience Batman Dark Flight 4D Ride at Studio City
  • Have a Venetian Experience in a Gondola at Venetian Macau
  • Explore the old Portuguese village of Taipa
  • Enjoy the many Exciting Shows on offer
  • Be amazed by the city lights
  • Explore Coloane Village
  • Shop for Pasalubong
  • Find Instagram-worthy spots in Macau

For a more detailed information on things to do in Macau visit my previous post: Top Best Things To Do in MACAU (includes FREE ATTRACTIONS too!)


  • If you have an iVenture Card, you can avail a TKW Macau Tour - Sightseeing Day Tour in Macau with lunch buffet which includes Ruins of St. Paul's, Mount Fortress, Senado Square, Na Tcha Temple, A Ma Temple, and Macau Tower admission ticket.
  • With an iVenture card, you can also watch Viva La Broadway Show and get a Broadway Macau set meal voucher worth HK$ 70.00.
  • You can book and reserve online your Gondola Ride ticket via Klook.com. BOOK AND RESERVE HERE: Gondola Rides at The Venetian Macau Discounted Ticket
  • Studio City's Golden Reel Ticket is priced at 658.00 Pesos if you buy it onsite. But if you book it online via Klook.com, you can get a discounted ticket for 535.00 pesos. BOOK AND RESERVE HERE: Golden Reel Ferris Wheel Discounted Ticket

BOOK AND RESERVE AN IVENTURE CARD HERE: iVenture Hong Kong and Macau Attractions Pass

What to Eat in Macau

Must-try Food Experiences

  • Indulge on Portuguese Egg Tarts
  • Have a Taste of Macau's Almond Cookies
  • Deep-fried pork chop bun and clay pot-brewed coffee breakfast at Sei Kee Cafe
  • Have a taste of the Michelin-recommended Pepper Meat Ball
  • Enjoy the many street food kiosks near Senado Square

For a more detailed information on things to do in and must-try food in Macau you may check out my previous post here: Top Best Things To Do in MACAU (includes FREE ATTRACTIONS too!)

Top Tourist Spots in Macau

For first-timers in Macau, here are the top tourist spots and attractions in Macau you should not miss. I've also included here the address, opening hours, and how to get there for your reference.

The Ruins of Saint Pauls Macau China

Ruins of St. Paul's

The Ruins of St. Paul refers to Saint Paul College and to the facade of what was originally the Church of Mater Dei built in 1602-1640. Both structures were destroyed by fire in 1835 that left what is now known the Ruins of St. Paul's. As a very popular tourist attraction in Macau, expect hundreds of people here at a given time. It is best to visit it early in the morning, so you won't get a hard time dealing with too many tourists.

ADDRESS: Santo António, Macau
  • Façade of the Church of Mater Dei: 24 hours, 7 times a week
  • Sacred Art Museum and Crypt: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm (No admission after 05:30 pm) Closed on Tuesdays after 02:00 pm
  • Ruins of St Paul's: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm (No admission after 05:30 pm)
HOW TO GET THERE:. Take any of the bus routes numbers: 10, 10A, 11, 21A, 2, 3, 3A, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8A, 26A, 33, 17, 18, 8A or 26. If you're already at Senado Square, just follow the signs going to the Ruins of St. Paul's. It's just a 10 minute walk from Senado Square. If you're at Mount Fortress or Macau Museum, just follow the escalator and then the stairs going down. It will lead you to the Ruins of St. Paul's.

Top Free Things To Do in Macau

Senado Square

Senado Square is a popular public square or park and definitely a mus-visit when traveling to Macau. A part of the UNESCO Historic Center of Macau World Heritage Site, it is also known as Largo do Senado, it is visited by many tourists every year because of its many multi-styled and brilliantly-designed buildings, shops and restaurants. As a public park, it is also where many events in Macau were held in different occasions.

ADDRESS: Largo do Senado, Macau
HOW TO GET THERE: From the airport or ferry terminal, you may take a taxi or take public bus numbers 6, 8, 9 or 28B. You may also take the free hotel shuttle buses going to Grand Lisboa. From there you may walk for 10 minutes along Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. You will find Senado Square on your right.
HOURS: Open 24 hours, but the stores and restaurants close at around 9 or 10 PM.

A-Ma Temples in Macau China

A-Ma Temple

Located in Largo do Pagode da Barra in the southeastern tip of the peninsula, A-Ma Temple is a temple dedicated to the Chinese sea-goddess Mazu. Built in 1488, the temple is one of the oldest in Macau and definitely a must-visit when in Macau.

ADDRESS: Largo da Barra, Macau
OPENING HOURS: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
HOW TO GET THERE: Take Bus No. 6, 8, 9 or 28B
Entrance Fee: Free Admission

Macau Tower Attractions iVenture Card Klook

Macau Tower

Standing at 338 meters and comprising of 63 floors, Macau Tower is one of the most distinguishable structures dominating Macau's skyline. Guests and visitors can climb the tower's observation lounge at the 58th floor where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city of Macau.

ADDRESS:Largo da Torre de Macau, Macau
  • 10:00 am - 9:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • 9:00 am - 9:00pm Weekends and Public Holidays
HOW TO GET THERE: Take a taxi or any of the following buses: 9A, 18, 21, 23, 32 and 26

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian Hotel Macau

Macau is one of the most lavish cities in the world and is home to some of the biggest and expensive hotels in the world. One of the most popular hotels in Macau, The Venetian Hotel Macau is a huge hotel and entertainment complex that will make feel you're in Venice. One of the famous activities for tourists in Macau is the gondola ride at the Venetian which you should try when visiting Macau.

ADDRESS: Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, s/n, Taipa, Macao SAR, P.R. China
HOW TO GET THERE: You may take the hotel's free shuttle service or take the public bus MT4.
OPENING HOURS: 11:00am–10:00pm (last redemption time: 8:45pm)
BOOK AND RESERVE GONDOLA RIDE HERE: Gondola Rides at The Venetian Macau Discounted Ticket

Coloane Village

Coloane the quaint village located at the southernmost island of Macau. Here, you’ll find the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, the Lord Stow’s Bakery where the famous Portuguese Egg Tarts originated, and several old temples. With its colorful Portuguese-style houses, small shops, and street arts, you’ll definitely find so many IG-worthy spots as you explore around Coloane’s narrow lanes. And oh, don’t forget to feast on some Macanese cuisines and seafood in many restaurants lining up Coloane’s streets.

Spending a day at Coloane is definitely a wonderful break from the crowded and busy Macau Peninsula. Include this in your itinerary when traveling to Macau.

ADDRESS: Coloane, Ilhas Macao SAR, P.R. China
HOW TO GET THERE: Take bus 26A and alight at Coloane Village - 1. Fare is 6 MOP or HKD.

Old Taipa Village

The old Portuguese village of Taipa's rich cultural heritage and beauty, offers a delightful alternative to the Cotai casino strip. What I love most about it are its peaceful community with narrow streets, and picturesque shops which gives you a glimpse of the local life. It is a cultural gem tucked away on the quiet Taipa Island, where tourists and visitors can definitely appreciate the unique cultural blend of European and Chinese cuisines and architecture.

ADDRESS: Taipa, Ilhas Macao SAR, P.R. China
HOW TO GET THERE: Take bus 26/25 towards Hac SA Beach and alight at Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre. Taipa is a short walk from there. Fare is 6 MOP or HKD.

Golden Reel Ferris Wheel at Studio City Macau

"Golden Reel" Ferris Wheel at Studio City

One of the newest attractions in Macau, the Golden Reel at Studio City is considered as the world's highest figure-8 Ferris wheel at a whopping 425ft above the ground. It's a figure eight shaped Ferris wheel built into the facade of this new Hollywood-themed hotel, resort and casino. You will ride a glass cabin large enough for 8-10 passengers on an 18-minute ride. Soar to the heights of the Golden Reel and enjoy spectacular views - especially at night.

Opening Hours and Ticket Price:
  • It is open from 12:00 NN to 08:00 PM on weekdays, and 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM on weekends. Ticket price is at $100 HKD / 658 PHP.

If you want to ride The Golden Reel, I highly suggest that you book and reserve your entrance tickets online. You can get a discounted ticket via Klook.com for only 535 pesos, instead of 658 pesos if you buy it at Studio City.

BOOK AND RESERVE HERE: Golden Reel Ferris Wheel Discounted Ticket


Batman Dark Flight 4D Ride at Studio City

A must-experience when visiting Studio City Macau is the Batman Dark Flight Ride which is a 4D flight simulation ride which will take you on an exciting action-packed ride through Gotham City. It is DC Comics' first Batman 4D flight simulation ride using the latest in flight simulation technology.

This incredible multi-sensory experience delivers an exhilarating adventure in an amazing flying theater attraction at Studio City Macau. It's a virtual fly-through on a Batplane experience over Gotham City as you join Batman in combating the Super-Villains and notorious criminals like The Joker, Two-Face and Bane. This ride will surely be enjoyed by the whole family as you feel and experience what is like to be Batman and help save the world from devastation.

Batman Dark Flight Operating Hours:
  • Monday-Friday: 12:00 pm-8:00 pm
  • Weekends: 11:00 am-9:00 pm (including Dec 24 – Jan 1)

You can purchase Batman Dark Flight tickets at the Box Office at Studio City for $150 HKD or around 1,000 PHP. But you can get discounted tickets if you book it online via Klook.com for ₱ 859.00 only.

BOOK AND RESERVE HERE: Batman Dark Flight 4D Ride Discounted Ticket


ADDRESS: Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau
HOW TO GET THERE: You can take a taxi to convenienly get to Studio City Macau. Free shuttle buses from the main transport hubs (Macau Ferry Terminal, Macau International Airport, Taipa Ferry Terminal) will take you there directly. For us, we went there by taking their FREE SHUTTLE BUS from Macau Tower.

Sample Macau DIY Itinerary

Here's a simple 2 days, 1 night Macau DIY Itinerary if you're coming directly from the Philippines.

  • Arrive in Macau
  • Check-in or drop your bag to the hotel
  • Explore Macau Historical Core - UNESCO Heritage Site
    • Senado Square
    • Leal Senado Building
    • St. Dominic's Church
    • Macau Cathedral
    • Ruins of St. Paul's
    • Mount Fortress
    • Macau Museum
  • Have a taste of Portuguese Tarts and Almond Cookies
  • Climb Macau Tower / Activities
  • Watch the free shows at Wynn Hotel such as fountain show, dragon of fortune show, tree of prosperity show, etc.
  • Enjoy the city lights
  • Go back to the hotel

  • Breakfast at Sei Kee Cafe in Senado Square
  • Shop for Pasalubong
  • Check-out of the hotel
  • Lunch
  • Take a bus or free shuttle bus to Cotai area
    • Ride Studio City's Golden Reel Ferris Wheel
    • Experience Venetian Macau's Gondola Ride
    • Take photos at the grand hotels and casinos
  • Go to the airport
  • Dinner at the airport
  • Depart for Manila

This is just a simple 2D/1N Macau Itinerary. It's a bit "jam-packed" but you can adjust it if you want to spend 3 day and 2 nights in Macau. You can also use this as a side trip itinerary if you're traveling from Hong Kong. Just make sure to take the earliest ferry to Macau and the latest ferry at night going back to Macau.

Macau Hong Kong Budget Travel Guide 2019 Blog

Sample 3 days / 2 nights Hong Kong and Macau Itinerary

To save on travel expenses, I highly recommend that you get an iVenture Card that you can use to enjoy up to 21 Attractions and Special offers in Hong Kong and Macau for only 5,800 Pesos! With an iVenture Card, you can SAVE as much as 12,000 pesos! Here is a sample Hong Kong - Macau itinerary.


  • 07:00 - Ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau
  • 08:00 - Arrival in Macau
  • 08:30 - Leave bags in the hotel
  • 09:00 - Pick up at either the Macau Hotel or Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal
  • 10:00 - Start of TKW Macau Tour (includes buffet lunch)
    • Ruins of St. Paul's
    • Mount Fortress
    • Senado Square
    • Na Tcha Temple
    • A Ma Temple
    • Macau Tower
    • From here, you may request the tour guide to leave you at the Macau Tower so you could avail the Macau Tower Observation Ticket.
  • 02:00 - Macau Tower Observatory
  • 03:00 - Travel to Broadway Macau (ride the free casino shuttle bus)
  • 04:00 - Broadway Macau (not available every Tuesday)
    • Avail Viva La Broadway Show
    • Redeem Broadway Macau set meal using the voucher
  • 06:00 - Dinner
  • 07:00 - Visit Casinos
  • 10:00 - Go back to the hotel, rest.


  • 05:00 - Check out from the hotel
  • 06:00 - Take the ferry to Hong Kong
  • 07:00 - Arrive in Hong Kong
  • 08:00 - Leave bags at the hotel
  • 08:30 - Pick-up at Holiday Inn Golden Mile on Mody Road, TST, Kowloon for Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • 09:30 - Arrive at Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • 10:00 - 02:00 PM - Enjoy Ocean Park Hong Kong + Lunch
  • 02:30 - Take the MTR to Kowloon (Sky100 is just outside Kowloon MTR Station)
  • 03:00 - Go up to Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck + Avail Sky100 VR experience Ticket
  • 04:00 - Take the MTR to Noah's Ark Hong Kong
  • 05:00 - Go to Victoria Peak, avail roundtrip Peak Tram tickets
  • 07:00 - Dinner
  • 08:00 - The Art of Chocolate Museum Ticket
  • 09:00 - Go back to the hotel


  • 09:00 - Travel to Ngong Ping (take the MTR to Tung Chung)
  • 10:00 - Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Ride
  • 10:30 - Arrival at Ngong Ping
    • Ngong Ping Village
    • Stage 360
    • Walking with Buddha
    • Ngong Ping Piazza
    • Tian Tan Big Buddha
    • Po Lin Monastery
    • Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas
    • Wisdom Path
  • 12:00 - Lunch
  • 12:30 - Travel back by 360 Cable Car Ride to Tung Chung
  • 01:00 - Arrive at Tung Chung MTR Station
  • 0200 - 05:00 - Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus Tour
  • 06:00 - Watertours Pre-Sunset Cruise
  • 09:00 - Dinner
  • 10:00 - Go back to the hotel

BOOK AND RESERVE AN IVENTURE CARD HERE: iVenture Hong Kong and Macau Attractions Pass

To fully maximize your 3-day iVenture Card, you may follow this 3-day Hong Kong - Macau DIY Itinerary. You could adjust it depending on your preferred activities and time spent on each attraction.

For more information on iVenture Card, you may read my previous post: CLICK HERE.

iVenture Card Hong Kong MacauiVenture Card Hong Kong Macau

Macau Trip Budget and Expenses

If you will follow the DIY Macau Itinerary above, stay at the cheapest hotel, and share some of the expenses with a travel buddy, here's a sample computation of expenses for a 2 days / 1 night Macau Trip for 4,800 pesos.

  • Bus from airport to city center - 30.00
  • 4G LTE SIM Card - 300.00 / 2 = 150.00 per person
  • Hou Kong Hotel (1 night) - 3,000.00 / 2 = 1,500 per person
  • Food expenses - 500.00
  • Macau Tower Admission Fee - 646.00
  • TOTAL - PHP 2,828.00

  • Food expenses - 700.00
  • Public bus to Cotai area - 30.00
  • Studio City's Golden Reel Ferris Wheel - 535.00
  • Venetian Macau's Gondola Ride - 721.00
  • Bus to Airport - 30.00
  • TOTAL - PHP 2,016.00

GRAND TOTAL - PHP 4,844.00

  • Round trip airfare Manila-Macau-Manila
  • NAIA terminal fee and travel tax
  • Food expense for snacks
  • Budget for pasalubong and tips

Please note that ticket prices, airfare, hotel rates, and other expenses are subject to change and depend on the date of your booking. You can adjust this budget depending on how many are you in the group, the tourist spots and activities you want to do in Macau, and how many days you will stay in Macau.

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I hope this First-timer's Macau Budget Travel Guide 2019 will help you in planning a memorable Macau Adventure! Enjoy and have fun!

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  1. Wow, nice photos sir! especially the solo shots. Did you use a tripod for those? or held by someone else?

  2. Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. A Portuguese territory until 1999, it reflects a mix of cultural influences. Its giant casinos and malls on the Cotai Strip, which joins the islands of Taipa and Coloane, have earned it the nickname, "Las Vegas of Asia." Explore Macau's streets, casinos, and tourist sights without breaking the bank. You can take a ferry to Macau from Hong Kong (Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong-China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui or Hong Kong SkyPier at Hong Kong airport) or from other neighboring ports in China such as Shekou and Zhuhai.

  3. Hello,

    Great post! Please correct me if I'm wrong: you can take the free hotel shuttle to Taipa and many other destinations in Macau.

    Thanks and more power!

  4. Very helpful post. Thanks for sharing :)
    Question. The article mentioned that senior citizen and PWDs are free in taking the bus. Is this something we should apply for pagdating sa Macau? O they will honor the SC and PWD issued in the Philippines?

  5. Good day!
    We will be traveling to Macau this Sept.
    We will go directly to HongKong once we arrive in Macau.
    Is it okay that we have no hotel reservations in Macau but we have in hongkong.
    Thank you

  6. Good day,

    Planning to visit macau next year. The hotels are quite expensive and we're planning to book in HK. Okay lang po ba na upon arrival sa macao mag day tour lang and then sa HK ang hotel accommodation? Will there be any issues sa migration kapag ganun set up?



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