Enjoy Modern and Digitally-connected Lifestyle with GoWiFi

Enjoy Modern and Digitally-connected Lifestyle with GoWiFi

As a blogger, I can work at any time of the day or night. All I need is a laptop or a smartphone, and a good internet connection. As a result, I can work and travel at the same time - anywhere and anytime - as long as there's a reliable internet connection.

That is why, I am so happy about GoWiFi which allows users to enjoy high-speed WiFi access every day. This public WiFi service provides users with daily free internet for a limited duration to browse their social media accounts, read and reply to emails, watch videos online, and download files at high-speed internet connection.

Enjoy Modern and Digitally-connected Lifestyle with GoWiFi

To connect to this free public WiFi, all you need is a WiFi-enabled device - whether it's sim- based like smartphones and tables or not; such as laptops. It can also be enjoyed by users of any network operator such as Globe, TM, Smart, and Talk N Text.

GoWiFi users can access WiFi hotspots in over 1,000 locations or hotspots. This includes major mall, convenience stores, coffee chains, restaurants and fast food chains, schools, LRT and MRT, airports and seaports, transport terminals, and hospitals.

This service is categorized into two: the Free GoWiFi and the paid service called GoWiFi_Auto. With the Free GoWiFi, users are given free minutes daily of high-speed internet access. All you need is to connect to the SSID or WiFi Network Name @FreeGoWiFi or @_FreeGoWiFi and click OK to connect. As easy as that! You can now enjoy high-speed internet access for free!

I've also recently tried the GoWiFi Auto service during my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. It’s good to know that NAIA Airport is one of their partner- establishments where the GoWiFi service is available. So, while I was waiting for my flight, I connected to the @GoWiFi_Auto SSID and started to share photos on my social media accounts, watch videos on YouTube and reply to emails. Being connected to the internet kept me busy and entertained while waiting for my flight

Registering an account is fast and easy. I just needed to connect to @GoWiFi_Auto, enter my mobile number, wait for the verification code sent to me via SMS, enter the code to verify my account, and choose the desired package.

You can enjoy 500 MB of data allocation for 1 day for 15 pesos, 1.5 GB data allocation for 3 days for 50 pesos, and 1.5 GB data allocation for 30 days for 99 pesos. Payment can be deducted from your prepaid load, or charged to your postpaid bill. You can also pay using your credit card, or may also "Request-a-Fi" where users without any prepaid load can request for a GoWiFi package from a Globe/TM user. How cool is that?!

Enjoy Modern and Digitally-connected Lifestyle with GoWiFi

Being a blogger, I certainly enjoy this GoWiFi service as it allows me to access reliable and secure network in more than 1,000 hotspot locations and 10,000 access points. With connection speed that is fast and reliable, I can browse the internet, do my research, interact in my social media accounts, upload videos, post photos, and publish articles on my blog. Using this premium service, I can work in many locations nationwide at any time without any hassle of erratic internet connection. It is very useful for those who are looking for a stable, swift and dependable internet connection especially for people who are always on-the-go, roaming around the city or when traveling in different parts of the country - like airports, seaports, convenience stores, shopping malls, and more. I certainly loved it and I highly recommend it for you to try! Best of all, with a premium WiFi service of GoWiFi, you can connect to hotspots automatically (no portals, no ads) with the GoWiFi_Auto.

Enjoy Modern and Digitally-connected Lifestyle with GoWiFi

With GoWiFi’s commitment of bringing reliable internet connection to more Filipinos, they will be rolling out more GoWiFi hotspots around the country. Soon, more Filipinos will get to enjoy modern and digitally-connected lifestyle - anytime, anywhere.

You can learn more at https://www.globe.com.ph/GoWiFi and on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GoWiFiPh
Twitter: @GoWiFiPh
Instagram: @GoWiFiPh


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