DAY TOURS FROM TAIPEI: Jiufen Village and Northeast Coast Tour in New Taipei City, Taiwan

What to do in Taiwan Jiufen Old Village and Northeast Coast Tour

It was cold, gloomy, and raining hard when we explored Jiufen Old Village and the Northeast Coast of Taiwan. But despite the unfavorable weather, we enjoyed our time exploring New Taipei City.

Joining a group tour that we booked online via Klook, we rode a private van and traveled from Taipei to New Taipei City. Passing through fishing villages and pastoral farmlands along the coastal hi-way, I was amazed when I saw the coastline along the hi-way. It reminds me of Batanes! The winding road, coastline, the huge waves, the cliffs and rock formations looks the same with Batanes. WOW!

New Taipei City Taiwan Tourist Spots and Attractions

Bitou Cape

Our first stop is the Bitou Cape, one of the three Capes of Northern Taiwan, the other two being Fugui Cape, the island's northernmost cape, and Sandiao Cape, its easternmost cape. But due to the bad weather, our guide decided not to let us climb the cape and just brought us to a small fishing village nearby. We went to the Bitou Seashore Park where we enjoyed the magnificent view of the caves and sea cliffs, marvel at the huge waves, and enjoy the cold weather. There's also a small temple here, a restaurant, and clean restrooms.

New Taipei City Taiwan Tourist Spots and Attractions

New Taipei City Taiwan Tourist Spots and Attractions

New Taipei City Taiwan Tourist Spots and Attractions

New Taipei City Taiwan Tourist Spots and Attractions

Nanya Rock Formations

Our next stop is the Nanya Rock Formations, also located along the coastal hi-way. A short and easy hike is required to the viewing deck where a breathtaking view of the rock formations will greet you. It's really amazing!

I've seen this view before in posters, magazines, and photos online, but it's totally more beautiful when you see it personally. These rock formations were created by erosion and weathering forming these amazing rock formations with beautiful striped pattern caused by oxidation reaction. Really an awesome work of nature!

Day tours near Taipei Taiwan Itinerary Travel Guide 2018

Day tours near Taipei Taiwan Itinerary Travel Guide 2018

Day tours near Taipei Taiwan Itinerary Travel Guide 2018

Ying Yang Sea

We rode again the van and went to the Ying Yang Sea. Known for its strange and quite a unique view where the water in the bay is a mix of yellow and blue! Yes, it is nice to see, but the truth is, it is a result of pollution from the mining activities in the past years.

We didn't spend much time here, and went to our next destination - the Jiufen Village.

Taiwan Tourist Spots near Taipei Travel Blog Guide

Jiufen Old Village

Jiufen or Chiufen Village is an old mining town that is now a popular tourist destination near Taipei. Located in the mountain area of Ruifang District in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Jiufen Village is a quaint village with rich history and culture to tell.

Taiwan Tourists Travel Guide Blog 2018 DIY ItineraryTaiwan Tourists Travel Guide Blog 2018 DIY Itinerary

According to our guide, during the early years of the Qing Dynasty, "Jiufen" or "Chiufen" is an isolated village that houses only nine families. The name Chiufen was derived from the story of these nine families. Being located at the mountainous area, transportation back then was hard, which made trips to the market inconvenient. So, whenever one family would go to the market, every item will be divided into nine pieces for each of the families. "Chiufen" literally means "nine pieces" in Mandarin. That's where the name of the village was derived. It was named "Chiufen," and later on it became "Jiufen."

Things to do in Taiwan Jiufen Old Village

Juifen is now a maze of lanes and alleyways filled with shops and food kiosks catering to the visiting tourists. The sheer number of shops, restaurants, and food kiosks can be a little overwhelming, so I highly suggest that you take your time and check out every store that interests you.

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Things to do in Taiwan Jiufen Old Village

Things to do in Taiwan Jiufen Old Village

Things to do in Taiwan Jiufen Old Village

After navigating through the winding alleyways and stairways and trying every food item that catches our attention, smell, and taste buds, we reached this place with old structures turned into Chinese Tea Houses with lovely red lanterns reflecting Japanese influence. This is where many tourists spend much time taking photos or enjoying an afternoon tea while enjoying the foggy and cold weather of Jiufen.

Top Best Things to do in Taiwan Jiufen Old Village

Top Best Things to do in Taiwan Jiufen Old Village

Top Best Things to do in Taiwan Jiufen Old Village

TRAVEL TIP: You can walk around the Jiufen old street wearing traditional Chinese clothes and dresses such as a Qipao or Cheongsam for men, women, and children and take photos to experience wearing traditional Chinese outfit. Be sure to book and reserve in advance. They are available for rental via Klook.com.

Qipao and Cheongsam Rental Shops in Jiufen Old Village

Qipao and Cheongsam Rental Shops in Jiufen Old Village

This half day tour is one of my favorites of all the things we did in Taiwan. The Northeast Coast of Taiwan tour is an amazing, breathtaking scenic retreat worth making a trip. And the Jiufen Village tour is not just a gastronomic adventure but also a peek to the old tradition of the locals. It's a good day trip near Taipei that you should include in your Taiwan itinerary.

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Despite the heavy rains and chilly weather, we still enjoyed our tour around the old streets of #Juifen. It is filled with quaint shops, and a good place to have a taste of local flavors. We booked our “Juifen Tour” via @klooktravel App. 💯 . . Search for cheap flights to #Taiwan via @travelokaph App! 🇹🇼 . . WWW.PINOYADVENTURISTA.COM . . . . . . #PinoyAdventurista #travelgoals #feedgoals #awesomeglobe #tripadvisor #bestplacestogo #vsco #vscocam #vscotw #WTNadventures #Instagram #Earthpix #thediscoverer #couplesgoals #tripbefeatured #TravelStories #guystolike #Forumsession #TLPicks #Travelstoked #tasteintravel #nakedplanet #fotografiaunited #traveloka #travelokaph #klookph #klook #igerstw

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Tour Package

For convenience, I highly suggest that you avail a Jiufen Village & The Northeast Coast Tour via Klook.com. The tour package includes round trip coach transfers with hotel pick-up and drop-off from any hotel in downtown Taipei City, and an English-speaking tour guide from a local tour company with over 25 years of experience and excellent reputation.


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Cheap Flights to Taipei Taiwan

With Taiwan's visa-free entry privilege given to Filipinos, this is now the best time to visit Taiwan. There are several airlines departing from Manila and Cebu that has direct flights to Taipei's Taoyuan International Airport.

EVA Airways, Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines and Cathay Pacific have daily flights to Taipei. To search for cheap flights to Taiwan, I highly recommend booking via Traveloka.com - one of Southeast Asia's leading travel booking sites. I've been using it in my travels and I can assure you that you'll always get the best deals and promos on hotels and flights! And don't forget to use their weekly promo codes to get more discounts!

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As the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei offers a wide array of accommodation options that can fir your budget and needs. From cheap and affordable hostels, to mid-range budget hotels, to luxury hotels, one can find a temporary home to stay at the heart of the city. Book in advance to avail up to 50% discount on published room rates via Agoda!


Please note that ticket prices and airfare are subject to change and depend on the date of your booking.

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This trip to Taipei, Taiwan was made possible by Traveloka and Klook Travel.


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