3 Must-Do Activities in Dubai

Must-Do Activities in Dubai

Dubai has become a major tourist attraction, offering a wide variety of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. Some people are overwhelmed with just how much this beautiful land has to offer and often ask locals to recommend some great destinations.

Here are three adventures that will show you the vastness of the land and sea: A cruise through the water canal that runs through the city; a safari that takes you through the desert lands; and a deep sea fishing trip. Each is unique and designed to show off just some of the activities and adventures one can enjoy in Dubai.

#1 Desert Safari

Dubai is mainly a desert city, with pockets of civilization scattered along the coasts. Knowing this, most tourists plan a desert safari as their first adventure in Dubai.

Travelling through the vast desert is like riding a roller coaster. "Dune bashing" (as it is called) is most commonly done on 4x4 offroad Nissan Patrols or Toyota Land Cruisers. Dune bashing is an experience that can only happen on the hilly desert terrain. The wild and crazy driving is needed to get over some of the steepest dunes.

Must-Do Activities in Dubai

After that adventurous ride, the vehicle stops to let tourists take pictures of the serene landscape. Visitors also enjoy the absolute silence of the land, except when another vehicle roars nearby. The desert, like the ocean, has beauty unique to its terrain. No one can mistake when they are in either place. Both the hostility and the serenity of the desert gives one the feeling of eternity - which is the symbol of all life.

The desert tour ends with a BBQ dinner at an amazing desert camp; Part restaurant, market and arabic majilis, this part of the safari delights tourists from around the world.

Must-Do Activities in Dubai

A delicious dinner is served, and a variety of drinks are available for thirsty desert travelers. Dinner entertainment begins with a beautiful belly dancer showing off her fabulous moves. Next comes a Tanura dance show that is mesmerizing and memorable. The evening ends with a fire show that has the captive audience holding their breath until the fantastic ending.

This Dubai activity is really a must for any tourist. A visit to Dubai would not be complete without a visit to the desert.

#2 Dhow Cruise

Dhows are wooden boats that were used in Dubai for enterprises such as pearl diving, fishing and trading of all kinds.

During the 1990s, the dhows were converted into floating restaurants, and this was the start of the Dhow Cruises. At first, these floating restaurants were only allowed in the Creek, but over the last decade, the Dubai Marina Canal has become more popular with operators and tourists.

Must-Do Activities in Dubai

A Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina is a must-do activity for hundreds of people every day. The dining experience on an old wooden dhow boat as it floats through the marina, offering spectacular views of this ultra-modern city, is something that people really enjoy. The sights of the city during the day are fantastic, but the city lit up at night is a spectacular thing to behold.

Entertainment on the floating restaurant is often local folk artists singing and dancing to the delight of the tourists on board. Everyone departs from their Dhow Cruise with a smile on their face.

Must-Do Activities in Dubai

Dhow cruise restaurants are available for rent for private parties. Imagine throwing a lavish wedding ceremony and reception about a quaint wooden boat. Birthday parties, meeting and other events will feel special as you float the Dubai Marina Canal.

#3 Fishing Trip

The sea, and its bounty, is vital to the survival of the people of Dubai. Like the desert, the coastal areas of Dubai are a must see and explore destination.

Local residents depended on deep sea fishing in Dubai for their living and as a way to feed their own families. It was not a very big tourist attraction until recent years.

Must-Do Activities in Dubai

Although you won't be catching any blue marlins (you would have to go to Tobago, South Africa or the Seychelles for that catch), you will find the waters off Dubai yield a variety of fish during different seasons: cobia, barracudas, groupers and tuna can all plentiful during their runs.

Imagine spending a day on a fishing boat and relaxing on deck with a pole in your hands. Avid fishermen should not miss out on this experience.

Must-Do Activities in Dubai

Dinner is whatever the daily catch may be. Cooked on a grill onboard the ship, with a refreshing sea-salt spray rising all around, this is an excellent way to end a glorious day on the ocean.


Dubai is a land filled with many adventures for those brave enough to explore beyond the cities.

Although people think of Dubai as a glamorous place to shop, there is more than malls in the vast city. Taking the time to visit more than the ritzy city life is highly recommended. Explore the oceans, the canals and the desert, and experience all that Dubai has to offer.

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