Hitting The Road For The First Time? Here Are 5 Tips That Could Make It A Breeze

Hitting The Road For The First Time? Here Are 5 Tips That Could Make It A Breeze

If you’re about to go on your first road trip you may be feeling a little excited, and a little nervous. Traveling across the country is a big deal, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Don’t worry, there are some tips below that will help you to make your very first road trip a breeze:

1 - Plan Ahead

It doesn’t matter whether you’re crossing the country by car, or in an RV you’ve rented from Outdoorsy, you need to plan ahead. You should start planning at least a few months before you set off, so you know where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there.

You may need to book a spot on a campsite so you know you have someplace to park up when the evening is drawing in. You will also need to work out what you’re going to eat, where you’re going to eat, and even where you’re going to sleep.

Planning ahead may seem quite boring, but the more you plan, the better prepared you will be.

2 - Take Only What You Need

You may be tempted to take your entire wardrobe away with you, just in case you need it. You may also want to take all of your shoes and hats too, but the truth is they will take up too much room.

Take only what you need, and leave behind the things that you don’t need. If you’re not sure what the weather is going to do while you’re away, pack for every eventuality, but don’t take any more clothes and accessories than you really need to.

3 - Take A Map

While many people rely on satellite navigation to tell them where they are, and where they need to be, there can occasionally be technical glitches that could see your navigation system out of action for a while.

In the event of a glitch, you could pull out your trusted map that doesn’t rely on any technology to work. Keep the map up by the front of the vehicle, and have a few pens nearby too, so you can make a mark on the map if you need to.

Maps may seem quite out of date, but they can be a lifesaver if your navigation system isn’t working

4 - Carry Cash

If you’re planning on traveling across the country, you’ll need to have enough cash on you to pay for tolls. Carry a roll of quarters and some other change so you can pass through them quickly.

5 - Tell Your Family Where You’re Headed

It’s always a good idea to tell your family where you’re headed so that they have a rough idea as to where you are. Should you be involved in an accident, or the weather is about to take a turn for the worse in your chosen destination, your family may try to reach you.

Have a cell phone on you at all times, and update your family or friends as to where you are. Agree to call your family or friends every 24-48 hours to let them know you’re safe, as it’s likely they will worry about you.

Your very first road trip has the potential to be very exciting, but you can make it a breeze by using the above tips. Read the tips, make a note of them, and enjoy your very first road trip.



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