How to Pull Off the Perfect Surprise Honeymoon for Your Partner

How to Pull Off the Perfect Surprise Honeymoon for Your Partner

Marriage is the start of a beautiful journey for two people and it only makes sense to start it with a memorable and luxurious adventure. A honeymoon allows couples to experience the true essence of marital bliss and it gets even better when sprinkled with an element of surprise.

Planning a faultless honeymoon surprise for your significant other may take time, but the reaction you will receive will be worth every effort you put in to it. It more than makes up for every penny and minute that was spent in successfully pulling off the trip.

If you want to see that surprised look on your beloved’s face, let's look at several ways you can plan a surprise honeymoon for your partner!

Honeymoon Wish list

Part of the magic of marriage includes being able to share each other’s interests without being compelled to hide any - no matter how silly they may seem. Marriage is about finding common grounds to walk on together and matching interests that will elevate the allure of your honeymoon significantly.

Have your partner prepare a honeymoon wish list. Make your own as well and then match them to see if they are similar or not. Incorporate your partner’s ideas into the surprise honeymoon planning. All the ideas on your partner's wish list will be according to their interests, so choosing ideas that you both have in common will only elevate the delight you experience together as a couple!

Fly private!

Booking a flight to reach your honeymoon destination may end up ruining the best part of your honeymoon and if you have more than one destination in mind, the cost will be considerably high. Getting a private jet card membership and flying private will be more feasible than jumping from flight to flight, trying to keep the romance strong in the midst of all that frustration and jetlag!

By becoming a member of a jet card program like the one at Paramount Business Jets, a highly reputable company I have done plenty of research on, will help you to take the romance in your surprise honeymoon to a whole new level. It will also leave you free to travel wherever you want, even if the location changes last minute. The flight itself will be a luxurious experience, making you feel just as comfortable as relaxing in a five-star hotel.

A jet card membership will let you fly to destinations all year round. By choosing to fly private, you will actually be giving your partner and yourself a ticket to go on endless honeymoons whenever you want. Hence, getting a jet card membership means you get numerous honeymoons wrapped in one.

Be Spontaneous

A big part of marriage is learning to do things together. This is why only planning the first destination for the entire honeymoon would be perfect for you and your partner. This will leave the rest of your honeymoon with enough room for spontaneous surprises. Randomly choosing places and jumping across the world every few days will let you newlyweds enjoy the real taste of adventure!

Splurge Extravagantly

Splurging certainly does not mean that you can go ahead and empty your bank account and spend all of your savings just on your honeymoon. Often at times, when planning a vacation, you forget to consider the expenses you will be incurring daily. When on your honeymoon it is important to book spa days and couples massages to let the bonding begin. Don’t forget to do some research prior to treat you at the finest restaurants, spending some time relaxing at the best spas, pampering with exciting wellness and shopping offers by utilizing voucher codes from VoucherBin. Try out the fanciest restaurants wherever you go, and make sure that you have a good quality camera handy!

Pictures preserve memories and can revive the good times you had on your honeymoon. Being fussy and too money conscious on your honeymoon can kill the romance and bring down the excitement of the journey. Not convinced that you should splurge all your money? Let this article persuade you!

Let the Hotels Know That You Are on Your Honeymoon

Informing the hotels, you are staying in that you are there for your honeymoon will automatically lead to surprises and small tokens of congratulations by the hotel staff. It may also lead to an addition of extra features to your original package. These may include a free upgrade to the luxurious suite, free ice-cold buckets with wine bottles nestled inside and many more benefits that you would have otherwise missed.

Over-planning your honeymoon can turn it into a hassle. A honeymoon should be seen as a chance for two people to spend some quality time together and find their own mutual ground. Planning a surprise honeymoon with your significant other will strengthen your bond and let you enjoy marital bliss.

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