Getting Connected Online in Thailand with #FlytpackTravels

Flytpack Travel Wifi in Thailand

Landing a travel writing assignment to cover places in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand means I have to be constantly connected to the internet. A few months ago this would mean spending more money availing of my Philippine network via roaming or enduring the hassle of buying a Thai sim card and paying daily internet rates that could prove costly for a 6-day trip.

Good thing I have tried Flytpack Travel WiFi before on my trips to Japan, Malaysia and Singapore and I am now confident at the kind of service it provides; an automatic connectivity to the local networks of the country you are visiting, fast and reliable connection and most of all – a great bang for the buck because of its cheap daily rates.

Flytpack Travel Wifi in Thailand

Instant Connection upon Touchdown in Bangkok

The moment we arrived at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, my Flytpack Wifi router instantly connected me to its local network and I instantly updated my mother who was asking if I arrived safely and also to ask her if she wants me to buy something in Bangkok.

#FlytpackHelps in Getting Travel Tips in a Hurry

The best thing about being connected to the internet via Flytpack is you can browse travel tips and guides in an instant. When our guide Cha was asking us what Thai food we wanted to try, I just consult with my mobile phone and viola, we ended up with a feast gorging on a number of Thai cuisines – both suggested by our tour guide herself and some coming from top recommendations online.

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Flying to Chiang Mai in the Northern Part of Thailand? No Problemo

Jetting off from Bangkok to Chiang Mai doesn’t proved to be a problem when it comes to my connectivity as my Flytpack WiFi unit consistently connected itself to the local network and provided me with the same steady and quick internet access. I got the chance to email my friends who are also traveling in Chiang Mai and was able to meet up with them on two separate nights because I was hooked up online whenever I would take advantage of our free time during the night.

Flytpack as a Digital Nomad’s Best Friend

Being a travel writer means I need to have access to the internet whenever I travel to answer emails, edit articles on the go and submit written works whenever creative inspiration visits me while I am traveling. During my almost a week stay in Thailand I was able to finish a couple of articles and successfully submitted it to my editor. I tried using our hotel’s WiFi when I charged my Flytpack router, but for some reason I still notice how my Flytpack offers a faster connectivity.

As the Hashtag Says #FlytpackHelps

I have used Flytpack on three separate out of the country trips so far and I don’t see myself using other mode of connection to the internet as I have tried and tested this service and each time – I came home a satisfied user. As I plan more trips abroad I only hope Flytpack will expand its scope of services to more countries. To date, it is available in almost all of South East Asian nations, the Asia Pacific, Australia, USA, Canada and some parts in Europe.

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How to Rent a Flytpack Travel WiFi Kit?

  • STEP 1: Book & pay online at least five (5) working days before departure
  • STEP 2: Router will be delivered to you at least one (1) day before departure
  • STEP 3: Enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi whenever, wherever during your trip
  • STEP 4: Courier will collect the Wi-Fi router from you one (1) day after you are back from your trip

Prices and Country Availability

The Flytpack Travel WIFI Router can be used in different countries in Asia Pacific, USA, Guam + Saipan, Canada, Australia and Europe. If you're traveling to multiple countries, you can even order a FlytPack that will work in 2-3 countries by choosing the Asia Package or the Asia + Autralia Package.

Asia Package includes Cambodia, China, Guam + Saipan, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

Below is a sample computation for a 6-day rental of Flytpack going to Thailand. It only costs PHP 1,080 for 6 days or 180 pesos per day.

Flytpack Prices and Availability in Thailand

Note: The deposit of 2,800 pesos shall be refunded within 7-14 days after returning the Flytpack router device.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to www.Flytpack.com to book your WIFI router for your next travel abroad!


Flytpack Philippines

Address: Level 11 KMC Solutions, SM Aura Office Tower,
McKinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig 1634
Contact Numbers: +63 02 485 8341 / +63 926 018 2272

This was written by Marky Ramone Go of www.nomadicexperiences.com, my official representative to the Thailand Familiarization Tour held last November 2016.


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