TRAVEL TIPS: 5 Ways You Can Travel More

Ways You Can Travel More Often

Many people would always think that traveling is expensive and quite hard to achieve. But I personally do not agree with this. It just takes proper research and budgeting to travel more often even on a tight budget. Yeah, I know the feeling when you heard the word travel, and your mind is telling you, “way too expensive”, “many things to prepare and to do”, or “come what may.” But it is not. It’s just that it has an automatic negative mental response from your end that is telling you that traveling is expensive. What you do not know is that when you carefully plan your dream travel, you can simply lessen the expenses and the tie you can save when you want to go on an adventure and lets you to travel even more to more destinations.

Here are some suggestions on how you can travel more often. I am not saying that I am a pro on this, or this is 100% accurate but from a budget traveler like me, I can say that I can help you somehow on how to wander around the Philippines and eventually the world by simply implying these suggestions that you can use or somehow learn from it.

Ways You Can Travel More Often

1. Know your priorities and plan ahead.

Be sure to know where to spend your hard earned money. You’ve been through hell just to save up that money and I am pretty sure that you don’t want to waste it for a non-sense and not-so-memorable vacation. To avoid this, start cutting off on unnecessary expenses and start saving for your next ultimate adventure. Set aside a part of your earnings for your dream travel.

I consider all my travel as a lifetime experience. Plan ahead and research well. You don’t have to rush things, and never settle for less just because you want it to be affordable as it can be. For your dream vacation to be achieved, you should research well and plan your trip ahead.

Work hard, earn big, save a lot, and plan ahead. If you learn how to plan your travel accordingly and stick into it, then you don’t have to worry for spending too much just for wasted vacation. And in terms of expenses, try to at least tighten up the budget but not sacrificing the experience alone because at the end, it will be well paid-off. So try to set your priorities at high expectations that you have a goal that you must achieve and to finish. Well, we don’t want our goal to be halted right? So we must be smart at this one. Always remember, memories are priceless, and experience is worth it. Get the best out of it.

Ways You Can Travel More Often

2. Book cheaper travel.

Book and plan your travel ahead of time. Research for airline seat sales, look for hotel discounts, and it is also best to have hotel and restaurant vouchers. Well, based on what I do, I always check travel discount websites such as Traveloka Philippines for cheap and affordable travel offers.

More to that, I also pick the non-seasonal or off-peak days when I travel because it’s cheaper and less expensive. We all know that hotels set their prices higher when it is peak season and it’s kinda frustrating. I also do this to avoid the crowd and enjoy on my own pace. But of course, it is fun also to attend festivals – no doubt on it. And if you wish to do that, you must plan ahead of your travel date for you to get discounts.

Be sure to book your seat in advance to get huge discounts on airfares. Book your hotel room several weeks in advance before your arrival will also let you avoid full and non-vacant hotels that will result you to book a much expensive hotel room. Be sure to also browse online for you to get the suitable discounts and much less fees for your travel. If you have a lot of savings on your travel expenses, you’ll get more savings that can be spent on your next vacation.

Ways You Can Travel More Often

3. Really love traveling? Make it a career.

If you really love to travel, why not make it a career? Turn your hobby into a paying job that can pay your bills. Believe me, there are lot of opportunities out there. Like you can be a travel agent that books for other people and get a commission out of it, as well as get travel discounts as an agent. You may also apply in a travel agency as a staff or tour guide. Being a travel guide will of course let you travel for free while doing your job and your passion at the same time. Or if you have a talent in writing, you can also be a travel writer and get paid to travel and write about it.

I’ve been to Japan, Vietnam and many parts of the country because of being a travel blogger. This is what I love most about my job - working while having fun and fulfilling my passion for travel. Well combining these two is just perfect! Who says working while having fun and doing what you love most isn’t possible?

Ways You Can Travel More Often

4. Be a volunteer.

Many organization look for volunteers. Some organizations invite people who will help them in some of their projects, in return of having a free travel. Joining a volunteering tour or "Voluntourism" don’t just let you travel for free because the company pays your accommodation, food and transportation, but it also gives you the opportunity to help other people who are in need.

Traveling with a cause, that’s awesome! Being a part of an organization that deals with travel have many perks. The reason why being with an association like this is a good idea is because you can help people while achieving your dream to travel. And speaking of perks, you’ll have the chance to get discounts, ideas, promos, and lot more. It’s also an opportunity to gather a lot of connections and friends.

Ways You Can Travel More Often

5. Join group tours.

By joining group tours, you can also save a lot on travel expenses which will let you travel more often. Actually, joining a group tour will really make your budget less because you can save more with cheaper tour packages as you travel with a group. There are a lot of travel companies that offer travel packages that are good for groups. With this, you can travel on budget by joining a group instead of traveling solo which incurs more travel expenses. With a group tour, you can also find people who share the same passion for travel and eventually becomes new friends that you can share future travels with. Who knows? The person sitting beside you in the bus is your soul mate. Yay!

Ways You Can Travel More Often

So there you have it. I hope you learned from it – and I am pretty sure you did. Coming from a budget traveler like me, all these advices are all gained from my own experience. Always remember, traveling is a passion. Traveling is learning and gaining more experience and travel memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. Get the most out of it and travel more often.


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