Things You Should Consider When Moving in to Dubai

Top 5 Best Things To Do in Dubai

Are you a tropical and sand lover? Well, I recommend going to Dubai since it is very nice plus economic growth in Dubai is spreading and they offer lots of job to choose from. However going there has a few struggles but as I introduce you the “ins and outs” of Dubai, you might consider living to this majestic and highly developed city in United Arab Emirates.

Things You Should Consider When Moving in to Dubai

1. Cost of Living

Living in Dubai is not that hard due to the economic growth that is happening in the country. Job offerings are plenty, so you don't have to worry when in terms of how to get a stable job. Sometimes your job will even pay for the accommodation for your living. But if you want to buy a new house you can buy it for about 3,000,000 AED or less.

2. Tax

Dubai is also known as a no income tax country but don't be deceived by it easily. Having a law of no income tax doesn't mean that they are a tax free country already. They have tax on other things and it is kinda big. So it is encouraged to get a stable job to cover up your expenses.

3. School

If you have children with you, this is one factor that you have to consider. Private schooling is the only option you have and it can be expensive. This is due to schools were able to raise their fees by as much as 70 percent. Schools are usually allowed to raise their fees for only 20 percent every three years, but since property rental prices are getting higher, government allow these schools to raise the fees. The schedules of their classes are also depending on the weather of the country. Since the country is naturally hot and dry, schools usually operate from 7am until 3pm.

4. Location

This is exciting when it comes to location. Just like what I shared before about the things to consider when migrating to Portugal, it's a choice for you to pick. There are so many locations that you can enjoy; whether it is sandy near the dessert, a breeze near the ocean, or just being in a metropolis where you can enjoy skyscrapers, Dubai will definitely embrace you with warm welcome.

5. Weather

The weather in Dubai place is hot, and I am pretty sure that almost everyone knew that. Typically hot but what do you expect? It is a sandy dessert city and usually it may be necessary to bring water every time. And be warn that there will be always a dessert storm even in the metropolis, so be cautious at all times. The temperature may not be a problem if you are living in a country with the almost the same temperature, but this is going to be hard if you came from a place with cool climate.

6. Transportation

Vehicle and fuel for transportation there is very cheap and not that expensive. There are lots of buses in that country, thus they also use animals for transportation.

7. Work

Working in Dubai is quite amazing due to a lot of choices and a lot of convenient place for you to work and to stay in. Since the economy is growing very fast, a lot of people want to work and migrate in Dubai.

8. License for alcohol

Residents are required to apply a liquor license to legally consume and buy an alcohol in Dubai. Without this said license, you are not allowed to buy alcohol. That's one good thing, but it doesn't mean that having a license will give you the freedom to do whatever you want when you are drunk. Like any other country, they also have policies and laws to follow.

9. Religious beliefs

They have different beliefs that may be new to your ears and against your understanding and opinion. But of course, you have to respect it no matter what. Since you are residing in their country, you have to be considerate with their religion.

Living in Dubai has pros and cons, and the decision is yours. This list is just an opinion for you to have an idea what to expect if you plan to move to Dubai.

This was written by one of our contributing writers.
Photo Credit: Alberto-g-rovi | www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dubai_fountain-2011_(3).JPG | Wikipedia Commons


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