The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Travel Insurance

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Travel Insurance

Insurance is one of those things where people often sit divided. In one camp, you have the people who will insure absolutely everything they own, from their new smartphone to their old TV. In the other camp you have people who swear vehemently against it, calling insurance a money-making scam. The one area where these two camps often find common ground is travel insurance, which the majority of people seem to agree is an investment well worth making. Why is this? What makes travel insurance so important?

1. Life is unpredictable

The thing about life is that it is wildly unpredictable. There are many different ways that travel insurance can cover you, from the weeks leading up to your flights right up until you get back to your home country. Considering the sheer number of things that can go wrong abroad and how expensive each one can be, travel insurance offers a peace of mind that can be utterly indispensable when things take a turn for the worst.

2. People get sick and being sick abroad is expensive

As unpredictable as life is, getting sick is something that is always bound to happen – it’s an unavoidable part of life that we all have to live with. If you’re unlucky enough to fall ill while abroad, you’re likely to find out just how dissimilar local healthcare is to your home country. Without travel insurance, you’re also likely to find out just how jaw-droppingly expensive it can be, too. This is because…

3. Health insurance doesn’t always cut it

Don’t assume that because you have health insurance in your home country your policy is automatically extended to accidents on foreign shores. More often than not, you need travel insurance to stay covered when abroad. If you’re travelling around Europe this goes one step further with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Without a valid EHIC you’ll probably find that your travel insurance is rendered null and void because you weren’t taking ‘proper precautions’. If you need your EHIC in a hurry before you travel, services like Europe EHIC Services Ltd can help you get your card quicker.

4. Natural disaster, terrorist attacks & strikes

The worst thing about hearing that your flight home is cancelled because of an airline strike is hearing that you aren’t getting a refund because you neglected to take out insurance. There are many ways that your flights can be cancelled without you being entitled to a refund, including natural disasters and terrorist attacks. These eventualities are just a few of the many things that travel insurance can protect you against.

5. Companies go bankrupt

The one thing worse than being stranded in the airport after an awesome holiday is paying for an awesome holiday you can’t even go on. Even the most stable of travel companies can default surprisingly quickly. Without travel insurance, you can go from bristling with excitement about an upcoming holiday to several hundred pounds out of pocket while you sit at home enjoying the British weather and not getting a tan. It’s very hard to predict the financial health of a company so if you want peace of mind, take out travel insurance.

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