AGREE OR NOT? 10 Funny Signs That You’re A Filipino Traveler

10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler

Often times we find ourselves to be just like everyone else. What we don’t realize is that we’re actually unique in a lot of ways and traveling is one of them. So here are some of the sure (and funny) signs that you’re genuinely Filipino when it comes to traveling no matter where you are on the globe.

1. Spot a Filipino

Because of our close family ties, we regard each one as a brother/sister. So the minute we find ourselves with a kababayan at our hotels, we subconsciously request for a little perk that would only be given to us. A little puppy-dog eyes never hurt anyone, right?

10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler

2. Bring out the calculators

It’s no surprise that we convert any currency into our own to figure out whether what we’re getting is a good deal or not. I think, it’s in our blood to find the cheapest item possible for the most reasonable price which usually eats up most of our shopping time. Im so guilty with this. I usually turn into a "human calculator" whenever I travel abroad. #ConvertPaMore! Hahaha!

10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler

3. Pasalubong Pa More!

Speaking of shopping, whenever we’re in a country with labels which we don’t have access to, surely the family we left behind has lists so long as if it was the season to be jolly. With huge discounts come huge spending, this entails a big balikbayan box by the end of the trip. Hahaha!

10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler

4. Selfie or a groufie?

Even before the word was coined, we already were the word. May it be famous landmarks, restaurants we dine in, or a simple plant with flowers that we see for the first time, everything becomes a reason to take a photo. Pictorial any time, anywhere! LOL!

10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler

5. Hotel freebies

Normally everyone might take a few of the freebies hotels provide, but we Filipinos would take all the freebies that we could get. What’s funny though is that most of us don’t even use them when we get home. Agree?

10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler

6. Rice to the occasion

What pasta is to the Italians is what rice is to Filipinos. Forget about everything at the hotel buffet because the first thing we look for is rice. A staple part of breakfast, lunch, and dinner paired with the dishes served by a country’s chef. #RicePaMore!!!

10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler

7. Stick to the buffet

Despite a country having a lot of restaurants to offer good food, we would never say no to the hotel buffet simply because it’s free. Well, it's not actually free, it's part of what you paid for! Hahaha!

8. One too many luggage

May it be a day, week, or just half a month, we could never seem to pack lightly. From the anticipating-a-cold-breeze sweater to stuff toys we hand carry, they’re simply a must-bring. May pictorial lang ang peg?

10 Funny Signs that you’re a Filipino Traveler

9. Say what?

There are some expressions which we use that doesn’t really have English equivalents and we tend to inject them at the end of our sentences whenever we speak to a foreigner. And we do it unconsciously. Di ba?

10. Seat sale addict

Traveling is a luxury that not everyone could afford which is why finding great deals online is what we look forward to. You know you’re a Filipino when your eyes glisten upon hearing the phrase Piso Fare. I’m guilty as charged! LOL!

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Do you agree or disagree on this list? How many can you relate to?

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