7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl Who Travels

Date a Girl who Loves to Travel Philippines

1. She will Never be Boring

She loves adventure, always ask you out for a trip or a vacation and bring you to a place that you never knew. She loves to discover new places and of course, together with you. She looks for excitement and fun, and that will add colors to your relationship. It will give you more precious memories, unlike to those girls who only bring you to shop on malls.

2. She is Good in Budgeting and Really Smart in Handling Finances

A traveler knows how to earn and save money, and she is smart in terms of buying things that she doesn’t need. She’ll never buy an expensive bag just to be socially approved by her friends, or you’ll never see her spending all her money on bars. She saves and scrimps for her next travel because she believes that traveling is her life. And that makes her awesome.

3. She’s a Pro Haggler

Yeah, she already mastered bargaining everything she buys when she’s on a travel. She can pick quality items with a price that will never hurt your budget. You can never fool her with bubbly and flowery words so I guess take an extra care when telling lies. Haha!

4. She is Very Independent

Traveling alone needs to rely on your own abilities. And that is the reason why a girl who travels is most likely independent in their own ways. She can fix everything, she can do anything, she can sleep anywhere. She is also expert in using maps and following road signs. She's a superwoman in her way! Cool right?!

5. She will Take you to the Best Places you'll Ever Know

Mountain, forest, beach, park, church, village, cliff, cave – name it. Everything that might look interesting and thrilling is already listed on her bucket list. She knew where you can find the best crystal waters. She can bring you to old and significant churches around the country. She can find the best spot where to do camping and mountain climbing. In short, she can make your wildest dream adventure possible.

6. She is Never Clingy

She has a life of her own and will not ask too much time with you. She isn't the kind of girl who wants to know everything you do. She's happy having her own "space."

7. She is Beautiful in her Own Way

She prefers sneakers than heels, sando than dress, shorts than skirts and plain than make ups. But still, she can steal your heart and never fail you to fall with her smiles in her own unique and special way.

So, would you dare date a girl who travels? It’s up to you!

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  1. I like this one, I would date and even marry one, on condition she promised to never leave me nor the kids behind for travelling..


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