Planning a Memorable Holiday in Niagara Falls

Planning a Memorable Holiday in Niagara Falls

For most of us, holidays are a way to reconnect with our partners and family and to create special memories. Of course, not very holiday needs to be special. A long weekend near the sea is a great way to take a break, but every now and again, you want to do something totally different, to tick something off your bucket list.

Visiting somewhere like the Niagara Falls certainly falls into that category, but to make sure that you make your holiday as memorable as possible it is important that you plan ahead. To help you with this I have written this article.

Where to stay

Most people only spend two or three nights in the area. There is plenty to do in the area, so if you want to you can easily stay for a week or two. However, regardless of whether you are planning a long or a short break I suggest that you splash out a bit and book yourself at least a night or two at one of the luxury hotels that are located alongside the falls.

These hotels all offer rooms with views of the famous waterfalls. There really is nothing quite like lying in bed, or your bath, looking out over the falls, which are illuminated at night it is a very Zen and memorable experience. You can find out more about this option and book via www.niagarafallsmarriott.com.

See the falls in a memorable way

There are several ways to experience the falls. All of them are different and each has something unique to offer. If you can try one of each kind of tour.

You definitely want to get up close and personal with the falls. It is the best way to experience the power and majesty of the falls.
The boat tours take you to the foot of the falls or the Journey Behind the Falls tour. The Behind the Falls tour also takes you to the base of the falls, but instead of being in a boat, you walk out onto to one of two observation decks.

Seeing the falls from a distance is also a great way to experience them and appreciate the sheer scale of them. A walk along the gorge is free and offers you a great view. You can also see the falls from the air by going on a helicopter trip.

Lastly, you can get a panoramic view from one of the observation towers. The Skylon tower is very popular because it includes a revolving restaurant. If you want a good view of the falls and the chance to see them up close the Prospect Point Park observation tower is an excellent option. In 2001, a platform was added that allows you to walk out and observe the falls from above.

Enjoy the natural beauty

It is all too easy to get pulled into the commercialism of the area and miss out on the chance to enjoy a free walk in beautiful countryside. The area around the falls is pristine countryside that is criss-crossed with hiking and cycling trails.

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