GADGET REVIEW: KingCom Solo II Earphone, "The Ideal Earphone For Travelers Who Are Always On The Go!"

KingCom Solo 2 Review

What are the things you do when you're bored during long travels? Me? I read, listen to music, watch movies and sleep when possible. I mostly get bored during long bus rides, so I keep my self entertained with music or I'll drag myself to sleep just to endure the long journey.

KingCom Solo 2 Review

The thing with listening to music or watching a movie is that you should have a good pair of earphones or headset to come with your smartphone or tablet. Good thing I've tried the KingCom Solo II Earphone in one of my previous travels recently.

KingCom Solo 2 Review

KingCom Solo II Earphone Technical Specs:

  • Driver size: 8mm
  • Sensitivity: 90dB±3dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω±15%
  • Frequency: Range 20-20000Hz
  • Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Cord Length: 1.2m

KingCom Solo 2 Review

5 Things I Like Most About KingCom Solo II Earphone

1. It has Simple Design and Construction

Made from dual color and tangle-resistant flat cables. The ear plugs are made from lightweight metal and has an inline mic which allows you to answer calls while leaving the earphone on. The unit I have comes in pine green but it also comes in other colors such as brick red, state silver and coal black.

KingCom Solo 2 Review

2. It is Made from Sturdy Materials

Made with flat cables, it is not prone to tangling which is one of the causes of earphone breakages. This is one of things I really like about the KingCom Solo II, even if I just put it inside my bag after using, it is not prone to tangling because of its flat cables. Also, the ear plugs are made of lightweight metal which make it really sturdy.

KingCom Solo 2 Review

3. It is Comfortable to the Ear

It's snug and doesn't fall off easily even while I'm walking or doing some activities. The replaceable ear tips are soft and comfortable as well. It’s enough to keep the ear plugs in place, but not too forceful that causes strain on my ears during long usage. If you have an active lifestyle and always on the go, the KingCom Solo II will be able to keep up on you.

KingCom Solo 2 Review

4. Awesome Sound Quality

As far as the sound quality is concerned, I have no issues with KingCom Solo II earphones. The sound quality is quite impressive. It is capable of producing superb clarity and powerful bass but still not hard on the ears.

KingCom Solo 2 Review

5. Value for Money

A good earphone doesn't always comes with a hefty price tag. For only 499.00 pesos, the KingCom Solo II is affordable yet it delivers good sound quality.

KingCom Solo 2 Review

Overall, the KingCom Solo II Earphone is capable of producing sounds of acceptable to good quality. With its simple and sturdy design and construction, its should appeal to people with an active lifestyle and is also ideal for travelers who are always on the go.

KingCom Solo 2 Review

KingCom Philippines lent me this KingCom Solo II Earphone for the purpose of this review. All the comments and views expressed are mine and were not influenced by the company.


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