Why Choose an Electric Outboard Motor for Boat?

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There is a change coming in the way we power our machines. It hasn’t happened yet but if we are to think seriously about the future of our planet then sooner or later we will all be moving over to sustainable forms of energy. One small way you can begin to engage with this change is to over your boat over to an electric motor. Here are some good reasons why.

Quiet and peaceful

Electric motors are totally whisper quiet. Gone are the days of spending a day out on the boat with your mates and coming back without speaking to them because you can’t hear each other over the sound of a blaring engine.

Good for the environment

There are no exhaust fumes emitted from an electric motor. So you can feel good about the fact that you are not contributing unnecessarily to damaging the environment while having a peaceful Saturday out on the boat.

Light and Compact

It’s no bother to remove and change a electric outboard motor if it needs repairing or replacing because they are much lighter than traditional motors. So you won’t put your back out performing simple maintenance duties, not only that, the maintenance will be easier and less time consuming so you can get more time out on the water.

Low running costs

A whole day out on the boat will only use about one dollar worth of power because of the efficiency of the batteries that these motor use. In addition they may be recharged using renewable energy sources like wind or solar power.

Easy to use

Electric motors are so easy to use because they have very few moving parts, which means they are not likely to break down, and if they do they are cheap and easy to fix. And surprisingly, all these benefits do very little to reduce the torque and power that these engines deliver.

Electric motors are usually most suitable for displacement style crafts, where the rule of thumb for energy conversion purposes goes: 1kW of electric power provides the performance equivalent of 3HP diesel/petrol power. Once you look down that list of benefits it’s amazing really the electric outboard motors are not being used more on the waters around the country especially when you consider the larger benefits that our world will reap in the future if we start moving to these smarter technologies sooner.

We have politicians who are routinely talking about the importance of not transferring today’s economic debt to our children in the future, “intergenerational theft” I believe is the term doing the rounds at the moment, but none of them are prepared to face the facts that a rapidly changing environment is going to be the biggest threat facing our children in the future and that we are going to be totally responsible for that and they will very much be holding us to blame for it.

You might think that this is unnecessary information to be going into in an article that is basically about the benefits of using an electric outboard motor but I believe we need to start seeing how our world is much more connected than it appears to be on the surface so if we start having these discussions that engage with problems of the future in more areas of our lives than we have a greater chance of dealing with problems before they arise and setting the world to be a better place for the generation to come to live. So when you go to replace your current engine, think about it!

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