Top Freelance Opportunities. Earn A Living While Travelling The World!

Freelancers have the best working regime in the world. They can work from anywhere, at any hour of day or night. Freelancers only need a laptop, a good internet connection and of course, their imagination. After all, employers don’t care where you are as long as you respect the deadline and deliver well done tasks. As a result, freelancers can travel and work in the same time. They are able to gain money daily and to pay off all the expenses.

Are you interested in this kind of living? Then check out the following websites where online jobs are posted hourly.

• Upwork.com (formely oDesk.com)
This is a professional website where clients from all around the world post tasks every single minute. Writers can find great deals in here and the registration is free. However, the company takes 10% commission for every transaction. Employers need articles and translations in all languages, so there is room for everyone. Just go on line, create a profile and start sending bids.

• FreelancerCareers.com
On this website, freelancers have the opportunity of developing and improving their skills. The company organizes workshops where writers are exposed to new techniques and information. Freelancers who are offering other kinds of services (like IT, graphic design, etc.) are also welcomed in here.

On both oDesk and FreelancerCareers the main requirements are an excellent English and Bachelor’s, MA or PhD degree, internet skills and a good connection.

• Elance.com
This website offers the same facilities as the previous one, only that the transactional fee is 8.75%. Users are free to apply to any task they like. Be careful, though, not respecting the deadlines will bring you a bad reputation in here. Also, keep in mind that these websites do not ensure you a fixed monthly income.

• Writers.ph
This website is dedicated to Philippines freelancers. In here, talented young persons can work for international companies. In this way, they will be able to gain more than the national average salary and afford a decent living. Writers.ph is able to ensure a monthly income to all its customers – between $700 and $800, depending on the number of tasks completed.

• Ifreelance.com
In here, users must pay a monthly fee as to be able to display their resume and apply to jobs. In return, the website does not charge transactions. There are three levels of membership. The best one allows users to apply to countless tasks and to always stay on top of employers’ lists.

In conclusion, being on the road won’t affect your job at all. On the contrary, as a freelancer, you are able to work from any location in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. A final tip: do never miss a deadline and always deliver great quality! Good luck now and have an amazing trip!

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