How To Have A Great Time At Mardi Gras

Yay! Mardi Gras was just on in Sydney which means that yes, you have missed it again for another year… Sigh. How terrible. How life destroying. How hard. How difficult. How… advantageous. Advantageous why? Well it means that you now have practically an entire year now to plan your next year’s Mardi Gras experience!

That’s such a good thing, really, because there’s nothing worse than being underprepared for what is basically the best party of the year for the Sydney (and Australian) gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans (GLBT) community! Of course, the GLBT community know how to party better than everyone on pretty much every single day of the year, so you just KNOW that the Mardi Gras party is the party to end all parties. It’s not even a lie that it’s something that people plan for in the entire year in advance for. It’s that big of a deal. Forget Christmas – this is gay Christmas!

You know, I heard once that it took a guy three weeks to recover from his party at Mardi Gras one year? Apparently he sprained an ankle while he was dancing to Gloria Gaynor on one of the floats and managed to fall off the side due to the massive weight of his bejewelled head dress created in homage to Carmen Miranda. Luckily, he took a fall into conveniently positioned tub of glitter which was strapped to the back of a Katy Perry-themed dance troupe’s elephant who was lumbering beside his float dedicated to the boys of the Australian Navy. Suffice to say, he wasn’t too badly injured but was on crutches for a few weeks after that!

So do you get the drift? It’s a great party, but one you really need to make sure you’re ready for! So let’s take a look at some tips to get you Mardi Gras ready so that the next time it rolls around you’re not only ready to go but you’re leading the pack!

Step One: Dust off the Kylie Minogue and the Cher and start learning some classic dance tunes to sing to

There’s nothing better than knowing every single word to every Kylie song ever written (well, actually, it’s knowing the words to every Kylie song and every Cher song ever written) and being able to sing along with the best of them. There are doubtless going to be an abundance of opportunities for you to get up and sing some show tunes too, so bone up on every camp and fabulous dance anthem from the 60s through to now – you’re going to need the practice.

Step Two: Get some fabulous clothes and be prepared to bare some flesh!

Nothing says Mardi Gras more than a street filled with buffed and bronzed guys and gals strutting their stuff in sequins, tiaras and fabulous accessories. You need to join them, and beat them if you can, and seeing as you have an entire year to get ready for the next parade, there is absolutely no excuse for not having the hottest bod there!

Step Three: Get yourself there

If you don’t live in Sydney, book your flights ASAP and arrange car hire in Sydney to ensure you have a fabulous means of getting around there. Public transport while rocking some serious heels and a bit of vintage Jean Paul Gaultier has never been a thing to aspire to, has it now?

Now there’s nothing else to do but count down the days! I recommend buying one of those adorable fireman calendars where you can cross off each day with a pen in anticipation of your upcoming soiree! You are going to be absolutely fabulous darling.

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