Five Restaurants to Check for Dubai’s Fine Dining Scene

Five Restaurants to Check for Dubai’s Fine Dining Scene

Dubai brings together every kind of cuisine, from traditional local flavours to French, Italian and British. The fine dining scene is truly international. To get you started, here are five top restaurants for fine dining in Dubai.

Blue Jade at the Ritz-Carlton

There are seven restaurants at Dubai’s Ritz-Carlton hotel, but Blue Jade is a firm favourite.

Offering a range of dishes from throughout the Far East, the restaurant offers unrivalled choice in a contemporary setting. In particular, don’t miss the range of fresh seafood, including Malaysian coconut kind prawns.

Blue Jade also boasts a centrepiece sushi station – ideal whether you’re snacking or picking a selection of different dishes.

Abdel Wahab

Abdel Wahab Dubai brings leading Lebanese culture and cuisine to a convenient location in downtown Dubai.

The menu offers everything you’d expect from traditional Lebanese food, from dandelion greens to amply-sized kebabs. You should also be sure to try some of the smaller starters and side dishes – in particular the samkeh harra, a cold fish dish a nutty, hearty flavour.

Abdel Wahab Dubai is also famous for its view. From the comfortable outdoor seating, you’ll enjoy spectacular views over an impressive fountain.

Ottomans at Grosvenor House

Part of the Grosvenor House hotel, Ottomans is a restaurant that meets all the modern expectations, while preserving a real sense of history and tradition.

Inside, you’ll find an opulent environment that blends rich colours and soft furnishings to create a luxurious place to eat. As for the food itself, the menu combines traditional Turkish influences with the fine flavours of the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s the ideal choice for the sort of decadent experience Dubai is known for.

Roberto’s in the Financial Centre

Five Restaurants to Check for Dubai’s Fine Dining Scene

From Roberto Rella, the manager of BiCE in the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, Roberto’s offers Italian classics at a prestigious property in the heart of the Financial Centre.

It’s a stylish site in-keeping with its affluent surroundings and discerning business clientele. And while you’ll be eating Italian at its most exquisite, you can also choose from an excellent range of cocktails – some of the best in the entire city.

Ashiana by Vineet

Five Restaurants to Check for Dubai’s Fine Dining Scene

Finally, Ashiana by Vineet is a recently refurbished restaurant from Vineet Bhatia, known for his other space, Indego by Vineet. It’s a grand, luxurious spot with a traditional Indian menu.

Distinctly, you’ll find all the lamb and chicken dishes you’d expect from Indego, with a more accessible, welcoming feel that’s popular with the locals.

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