Top Eats in London

Traditional English Breakfast
Traditional English Breakfast

London, the Smoke, the City... London is, without doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its architecture, ranging from the majestic Buckingham Palace and St Paul's Cathedral to the new-era London Eye ferris wheel, attracts millions of visitors. Its museums are another must-see, and some of the world's largest art collections can be found around the city.

What about food? The stereotype of London being famous for its limited gastronomy, which encompasses fish and chips and Indian restaurants, is no longer real. Check out this list of meals you must not miss during your visit to London.

1. Do not miss the traditional afternoon tea

Consisting of a variety of sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and strong tea, the traditional afternoon tea is truly a London experience. Many famous hotels are known for offering afternoon teas, ranging from the Hendon Hall and Blakemore Hotels to the cozy cafés in Chelsea and Covent Garden.

2. Enjoy a brunch

Did you spend the night partying away and are looking forward to a hearty meal? Then a brunch, served between breakfast and lunch, is your ideal option. Head to the up-and-coming areas of Clapham and Hampstead if you want to enjoy a not too overpriced brunch in one of the many hip places that have recently popped up away from the city center. If you are more into chic and glamour, then the glitzy areas of Chelsea and Kensington are your ideal destination for a deluxe brunch.

3. Have a traditional English breakfast

You have probably heard of the traditional English breakfast: a large plate filled with eggs and bacon, sausages, baked beans on toast, potatoes and mushrooms, accompanied by a steaming cup of tea. You will find this filling breakfast in most guests houses and hotels in London, the ideal option for those who want to energize themselves in the morning before exploring the city. Many are located close to underground stations and around markets, including the famous Borough market. The West End is your choice destination if you are looking for a traditional breakfast in an affordable and centric hotel in London from where to explore the city's many theatres, many of which are located in Covent Garden and around Leicester Square.

4. Spend an afternoon in a market

The city's vibes are another one of the city's attractions: check out the area around Notting Hill, associated with its colourful carnival and its alternative culture, and do not miss Camden Town, a vibrant neighbourhood known for its markets, bars playing live music and shops. The markets offer a variety of rolls and pulled-pork sandwiches, and the bars are known for their variety of cocktails.

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