Let's Join Domex Philippines' "One Million Clean Toilets Campaign" to Educate Public on Basic Toilet Hygiene

domex one million clean toilets movement

I am a kind of traveler that is not so picky in terms of accommodation. As long as it's safe, clean and comfortable, I'm okay with it. But in terms of toilet and bath, it is very important to have a toilet and bathroom that are clean and well organized. From the sink to the toilet bowl, to the shower area, I want it to be all clean, well-kept and smelling fresh.

domex one million clean toilets movement

In line with this, I am so happy to share to you that Domex, the undisputed standard toilet cleaning, empowers and inspires the nation towards a worthy mission: 1 Million Clean Toilets by November 2014 in celebration of World Toilet Day. This is a fully-formed advocacy in support of World Toilet Day through a nationwide initiative to promote better bathroom sanitation.

Dubbed as the One Million Clean Toilets Movement, the campaign aims to encourage a culture of cleanliness by increasing the public's awareness on the importance of maintaining proper toilet sanitation through a series of year-long cleaning and education initiatives, starting with a multi-sector partnerships.

domex one million clean toilets movement

Domex is in partnership with UNICEF, Philippine Public Health Association, Pilipinas Shell, Jose Rodriguez Hospital, Manuel G. Araullo High School and other private institutions. More and more companies are also set to participate in the campaign by promising to maintain proper toilet sanitation in their establishments and by giving corporate pledge to the 1 Million Clean Toilet Movement.

Also, to help grow a global fund to help improve access to basic sanitation in areas of need all over the world, Domex will donate P5 to UNICEF's Sanitation Program for every pledge received through their Facebook Page. Just like Domex Philippines Facebook Page www.facebook.com/DomexPhilippines and pledge to support the One Million Clean Toilets Movement.

domex one million clean toilets movement

According to studies, there are about 2 million bacteria per inch that can be found in a bathroom and yet over 90% of local households are unaware of proper toilet hygiene and sanitation practices. Is it possible to save lives, one toilet at a time? Yes, we can! I already did my pledge and you can do yours too!

domex one million clean toilets movement

Hopefully on my future travels, I will able to see more and more or even 1 million clean toilets in gas stations, bus terminals, airports, restaurants as well as on hotels that I stay in. There's no better feeling than to use a clean and germ-free toilet.

NOTE: This is part of the "One Million Clean Toilets Campaign" of Domex Philippines.


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