Cleaner Toilets for Better Tourism

Cleaner Toilets for Better Tourism
Cleaner Toilets for Better Tourism

Although endowed with many fine beaches and a growing tourism industry, for the tourism in the Philippines to really flourish, we should recognize the need for better infrastructures, roads, airports, seaports, quality accommodations and the involvement of the people in promoting and preserving our tourism sites. But one thing that we miss is having decent and clean public toilets in many of the tourist spots and attractions in the Philippines.

These public toilets are not limited to those on our tourism sites, they are also the ones provided by business establishments, shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants and food shops, parks, cinemas, theatres, public resorts, MRT and LRT stations, ports and airports, bus terminals, gasoline stations, among many others. The use of these facilities is generally open to the public or exclusive to the customers of the establishment.

Cleaner Toilets for Better Tourism
Toilet and shower area in a resort

One of the most overlooked facts is that "cleaner public toilets are essential" for travelers to enjoy local tourist spots and attractions. Tourists need to be assured that their basic needs are met while travelling. Many tourists would avoid visiting a certain tourist attraction due to the lack of facilities, specifically clean toilets.

Cleaner Toilets for Better Tourism
Unflushed Toilet

Travellers are often turned-off with the condition in some of the public toilets in the Philippines. Toilets that are unmaintained, dirty, lacks in supply of clean water, unsafe, unsanitary and with broken facilities and the likes are just some of the things that would make any tourist think twice before visiting a place. Can you imagine the lost in revenue that bad and unsanitary toilets could cost?

Cleaner Toilets for Better Tourism
Broken Flush

Access to a clean toilet is one's basic need. Anyone, who has ever been in a dirty and unsanitary public toilet, will value a clean and "safe to use" toilet. With this, I would like to call the attention of our government agencies, the business owners, citizens and tourism stakeholders that it's time to look at this aspect of tourism. This should be addressed and something must be done here.

We should consider that cleaner toilets would mean better health and better tourism. The size, appearance, maintenance and cleanliness of public toilets should be a high priority. If tourists visiting the local attractions were provided with clean toilets, users would be happy, satisfied and have a good experience. In return, this would mean better tourism for the Philippines.

domex one million clean toilets movement
Pledge to Support the "One Million Clean Toilets Movement"

Let's Join Domex Philippines' "One Million Clean Toilets Campaign" to Educate Public on Basic Toilet Hygiene!

NOTE: This is part of the "One Million Clean Toilets Campaign" of Domex Philippines.


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  1. I agree,We really need public toilets,clean public toilets all over each major destination hindi lang para maging convenient for tourists kung hindi para na rin wala silang makitang kababayan natin na umiihi sa padir.In france i saw those toilets in public areas sana may ganun tayo pero dapat malinis kahit simple lang

  2. Having just returned from a 5 week visit (my first) to the amazingly beautiful Philippines and touring all around the north...Luzon, I couldn't agree more. Over the course of those 5 weeks, I can count on only one hand the number of businesses and establishments that had acceptable toilet facilities. And, in only one, did we actually say, "Wow!!! These people really 'care'!!!" The tourism promoters really need to mount a public relations/education programme to get the tourism operators and business owners to 'pay attention' and improve their facilities. Thanks for bringing this subject to everyone's attention. Cheers...

  3. Di baleng magbayad ng barya basta malinis. Ang mahirap eh yung nagbayad ka na nga, pero sa pinto pa lang ng banyo amoy mo na yung impyerno. :D


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