TOP PICKS: Must-try Halo-halo in the Philippines (UPDATED 2017)

Best-tasting Halo-halo in the Philippines
Best-tasting Halo-halo in the Philippines

There are a lot of mouthwatering desserts out there but nothing beats something that is very close to our hearts and taste buds. Halo-halo, a concoction of tropical fruits, preserves and desserts mixed in crushed ice and milk is one of my favorite desserts especially during summer in the Philippines. Having a humid temperature (almost) all-year round, this favorite "Pinoy panghimagas" is definitely the dessert that everyone loves. Here are my recommended best-tasting halo-halo in the Philippines that you should try to satisfy your hunger and thirst in one delicious glass.


Where to stay in Calbayog City Ciriaco Hotel

Beautifully located on a seafront property along the Maharlika Highway, Ciriaco Hotel and Resort is one of the finest hotels in Calbayog City. On my recent trip to the city, we were fortunate to have a complimentary overnight stay at Ciriaco Hotel and Resort. Located just a stone's throw away from the busy city center, Ciriaco Hotel and Resorts is just 5 minutes away from the bus and van terminal. Since it's not in the city center, one can assure a top-notch accommodation experience in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Tupig, a Favorite Native Delicacy for Snack and "Pasalubong" from Pangasinan

Tupig, a favorite native delicacy for snack and pasalubong from Pangasinan

"Tupig" is a popular native delicacy from Pangasinan made from ground glutinous rice and coconut strips wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over live charcoal. What I love about tupig is its stickiness, the texture of the coconut in every bite and the burnt flavor of the banana leaves. It is commonly sold in stalls along the hi-way of Pangasinan at 100 pesos for 5 packs with 5 pieces of tupig each pack. But if you're taking the bus, you'll also catch tupig vendors in the bus stops.

A Taste of Malaysia in Bongao, Tawi-tawi

Where to eat in Bongao Tawi-tawi

After climbing Bud Bongao, we were so tired and hungry! Hahaha! So, we directed our tricycle to the town center for us to have lunch. While walking around the busy streets of Bongao, we searched for something to eat that are quite new to us. One will not fail to notice the strong Malay influences here. We saw this sidewalk restaurant that mainly serves Malaysian food. So, we went in to order some food.

WHAT TO BUY IN BATANES: Souvenirs and Pasalubong


Filipinos by nature are thoughtful and eager to share with their loved ones the joy of their travels. That is why in most tourist destinations in the country, there will always be a pasalubong center where you could buy some souvenirs or food items that you could bring back home. So, aside from the beautiful photos and lovely memories you'll be bringing home from Batanes, don't miss to buy some pasalubong for your loved ones back home.

Travel Tip: How to Get to Capul Island, Northern Samar

Capul Northern Samar
Capul Lighthouse

Capul is a historic island municipality in the province of Northern Samar. According to folklore, the name "Capul" came from the word Acapulco, signifying its important role on the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade. Sitting in the middle of the treacherous waters of San Bernardino Strait, it is well-known for its ancient fortress church, Spanish-era lighthouse and its local language called "Inabaknon" or "Abaknon", which is a unique language only used in Capul.

Where to Eat in Sorsogon City: Bigg's Diner


True to its slogan, Bigg's Diner is "the biggest food chain in the entire Bicol region." "Bigg," which stands for "beautiful, intelligent, gorgeous, and God-fearing", is a Filipino-owned fast food joint started way back in 1983 by three enterprising Bicolanas. It started in January 18, 1983 as "Mang Donald's", a small take-out counter in Naga City specializing in hamburgers and fries. It then became "Nald's" in 1984, until it became Carl's Dinner in September 1990. It was finally rebranded to today's Bigg's Diner in October 1994. Just last year, Bigg's Diner celebrated its 30th year in the business.

Perth: Who Needs Hype?


Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is often referred to as Australia’s most isolated capital. Perhaps it doesn’t draw quite as much interest Sydney or Melbourne, but the isolation has its perks, however, and exploring this scenic city on the Swan River is a must for anyone booking a holiday to Oz. Flights to Perth are plentiful, with at least 18 international airlines serving Perth airport, so here’s a look at just why you should make this your next holiday destination.

TOP PICKS: Best Surfing Spots in the Philippines

Best Surfing Spots in the Philippines

Surfing is a sport that I always try whenever possible. Though I'm not that good at it, I try to learn the sport the best I can. The Philippines as sandwiched between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, it has plenty of shorelines and a number of excellent surf spots where you could try your skills in balancing over a fast-moving board. So, if you want to learn how to surf (just like me!), here's a list of awesome surfing spots around the Philippines that I've been to.

Travel Tip: How to Get to Dinagat Islands


Dinagat Islands is one of the newest provinces in the Philippines. It used to be part of the province of Surigao del Norte until it officially became an independent province in 2011, making it the country's 80th province. It's a group of islands constituting a province located on the south side of Leyte Gulf. Leyte is to its west, across Surigao Strait, Mindanao is to its south and Pacific Ocean is to its east.

AFFORDABLE PLACE TO STAY IN BATANES: Time Travel Lodge in Basco, Batanes


During my latest trip to Batanes last January 2014, Marfel's Lodge, my favorite lodge in Basco is fully-booked on the weekend that the we arrived. Ate Fe who manages Marfel's Lodge and Ryan, our tour guide suggested that we stay at Time Travel Lodge. Since it is owned by Ate Fe's cousin, I instantly said yes because I trust them and I am quite sure that they will give us a very nice accommodation. So if you're looking for an awesome and affordable place to stay in Basco Batanes, check out Time Travel Lodge!

#PHThankYou : The Philippines says "THANK YOU" to the World!


"The Philippines says thank you!" This is the official global campaign of the Philippines to express our gratitude to the world after receiving an outpouring love and support, following the terrible effects of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). The whole nation joins hands to show its heartfelt gratitude to the world and to say "thank you" to every one who helped and still helping us rebuild and stand again after the storm.

TOP PICKS: 10 Recommended Summer Destinations in the Philippines with Cool Climate

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer
Coolest towns in the Philippines? Where?

As a tropical country, the Philippines usually enjoys a sunny climate all throughout the year. It's hot, yes, during summer months, but that doesn't mean that there are no cool places (as in, literally cool) in the Philippines for you to enjoy. If you wish to escape the rising temperature in the metropolis, here are some of the places I've been to with cool climate that you may want to consider for a visit this summer. Let's say, this is my most recommended summer destinations in the Philippines with cool climate. Enjoy!

Finalist: Skyscanner Philippines Bloscars Travel Awards 2014


Hi Adventuristas! I am pleased to announce that www.PinoyAdventurista.com is one of the 10 finalists for Skyscanner Philippines' Bloscars Travel Awards 2014! This is an award given by Skyscanner to travel blogs from selected countries in Europe and Asia to recognize the excellent work of travel bloggers in informing and inspiring travelers by sharing their adventures and first-hand experience on their blogs.

Where to Stay in Bongao, Tawi-tawi: Beachside Inn Hotel and Restaurant

hotels and resorts in bongao tawi-tawi

There aren't that many accommodations in Bongao, Tawi-tawi. But as the center of the province, Bongao has a few hotels, inns, pension houses and resorts to choose from. One of very first hotels in Bongao is Beachside Inn Hotel and Restaurant located just across Simandagat Beach in Barangay Sowang Kagang. A few kilometers away from the downtown, the hotel affords a nice view of the ocean as well as the revered Bud Bongao.

Tawi-tawi: Climbing Bud Bongao, "The Sacred Mountain of Tawi-tawi"

Bud Bongao Tawi-tawi

Upon arriving in Bongao, Tawi-tawi province's capital town, one will not fail to notice Bud Bongao as it dominates its landscape. Standing at an a height of 314 meters above sea level, Bongao Peak is the highest mountain in the island of Bongao and of the entire province of Tawi-tawi. One of the main reasons we went here is to climb its most revered mountain. We believe that a visit to this southernmost province of the Philippines will never be complete without hiking its iconic peak. So, we really made sure that we will never leave Tawi-tawi without climbing Bud Bongao.