Perth: Who Needs Hype?

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is often referred to as Australia’s most isolated capital. Perhaps it doesn’t draw quite as much interest Sydney or Melbourne, but the isolation has its perks, however, and exploring this scenic city on the Swan River is a must for anyone booking a holiday to Oz. Flights to Perth are plentiful, with at least 18 international airlines serving Perth airport, so here’s a look at just why you should make this your next holiday destination.


Located on the western coast of Australia, Perth city center is just 20 kilometers inland of the Indian Ocean. It may be far from the likes of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, but it’s still a major city with shopping options aplenty. If you do want to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, however, take a cruise down the peaceful Swan River or hop on a ferry to the nearby Rottnest Island. There are no cars allowed on “Rotto,” ensuring the ambience on the island is one of calm.


Many areas of Australia are known for the sun but Perth actually has more sunny days than any other Australian capital city. Some months, February in particular, can be quite hot but thanks to the “The Fremantle Doctor,” a local sea breeze, the area remains quite comfortable. During the summer, outdoor cinemas are set up in many of the city’s parks to make sure you take advantage of those warm summer evenings.


The Perth hills are a popular spot for anyone looking to engulf themselves in some of Australia’s natural beauty. You can go bushwalking or hiking in the native bush land and, when your feet need a break, stop to rest at one of the nearby wineries to pamper your palate with a glass of the local grape.


Swan Valley, 20 minutes’ drive from Perth city, boasts more than 40 vineyards. The area is known for high-quality fortified wines in particular, including muscats and ports, as well as local whites, such as Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon. Bus tours to the Swan Valley leave Perth frequently, making this an ideal day trip if you’re staying in the city.


Finally, take advantage of the local grub. Perth is known for its seafood, so be sure to try the local prawns, crab and, perhaps most popular of all, the rock lobster, when you’re dining out. You can even tour rock lobster factories to see just how this crustacean goes from being caught, to processed, to put on your plate.

Perth may not be the talk of the town, but this is one sunny city that does just fine without the hype. Take a trip to Perth and experience gastronomic culture, nature and a chilled vibe that you don’t get in many other cities. Nice!

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