Davao City: Mel's Davao Food Tour, a New Way of Tasting Davao City's Unique Flavors

Two weeks ago, during my latest trip to Davao City, I went on a gastronomic journey with Mel's Davao Food Tour. It is a 6-stop, 5 1/2 hour foodie adventure that aims to introduce tourists visiting the city to Davao's food and drinks that locals enjoy. Covering breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks, it will give you an insider's peek into the daily lives of Davaeños, where they eat and where they shop for local specialties and delicacies. So if you're craving for something new to try in Davao City, join Mel's Davao Food Tour.

Grilled Tuna

From my accommodation in Bahay ni Tuding, we took a jeepney to Bangkerohan Market to check on the freshly cut pineapples from what they call "Pineapple Samurai". I was amazed at the art of slicing pineapples using a very sharp knife which only took less than 30 seconds to slice from the whole fruit to chunks! Amazing!!! I think, I have to try this at home! Hehehe!

Fresh Pineapples

Pineapple Samurai

Slicing the pineapple

Our next stop is a local food stall selling Kinutil and Puto Maya. Kinutil is a local specialty of chocolate drink mixed with tuba (coconut toddy) and raw egg. We paired it with Puto Maya, a sticky rice cooked in coconut milk. Yummy!!!

Preparing the Kinutil

Adding the Tuba


Trying out the batirol (photo by Ms. Mel)

My mug of Kinutil

Puto Maya

Preparing the Puto Maya

Let's eat!

Then we went to the flowers stalls to check on the fleshly-cut flowers which Davao is known for. Cut flowers is one of the export products of the city and is the centerpiece of the yearly Kadayawan Festival.

Flower Shop

We then took another jeepney and went to Aldevinco, the haven for souvenirs in Davao City. We just roamed around checking on different products. Then we took another jeepney to Magsaysay Fruit Stands to eat one of Davao's iconic fruit, the Durian!

Magsaysay Fruit Stalls

Durian Vendor

Me, trying to open the Durian (photo by Ms. Mel)

Durian is really an acquired taste, I have come to love it as I travel frequently to Davao and the rest of Mindanao where you could find this heavenly tasting fruit. You could find here some pomelo, marang, mangosteen and pasalubong items. So, you could buys some pasalubong here to bring back home.

The heavenly Durian

Yummy!!! (photo by Ms. Mel)



A few steps from the fruit stands, we went to this local grilling kiosk known for grilled tuna and kinilaw. I met the owner, Nanay Luz who claimed to be in business for more than 45 years. This store is really an institution in Davao's food business. We bought grilled tuna which we brought back to Bahay ni Tuding's Resto where we had our lunch.

Grilling some Tuna

Grilled Tuna

With Nanay Luz (photo by Ms. Mel)

At the resto, I was served with Law-oy, a vegetables stew with fried fish; it was so flavorful! We also had Davao's version of kinilaw and of course the grilled tuna that we bought earlier. I also had fresh buko for drinks and ginanggang (grilled banana) for dessert. I was really full after our lunch that I have to take a rest for about an hour before we proceed with the food tour.



Grilled Tuna


Fresh Buko Juice

The last stop of the food tour is the afternoon snack at Sweet Spot inside Davao Crocodile Park. It is a local artisan ice cream shop that sells different flavors of ice cream. I had a scoop of their Durian Dynamite which is so creamy and has the right flavor of the durian. I really love it!

Durian Dynamite

Beyond visiting the usual tourist spots and attraction in Davao City, a food tour is a delightful activity that you must include in your itinerary when visiting the city. Ms. Mel will not just let you taste the local delicacies but will also feed you with information about the food you're eating. Thanks to Ms. Mel Pangan for inviting me to join her Davao Food Tour. It's one unique dining experience!

With Ms. Mel of Mel's Davao Food Tour

Mel's Davao Food Tour

Contact: Mel Pangan
Meeting Place: Bahay ni Tuding Inn and Resto
160 San Pedro St. Davao City 8000
Meeting Time: 8:30 AM
Facebook: Mel's Davao Food Tour
Mobile Number: 0947-361-3544
Email Address: melsdavaofoodtour@yahoo.com.ph

Mel's Davao Food Tour


  • 1 pax - Php 2250
  • 2 pax - Php 1500/pax
  • 3 pax - Php 1380/pax
  • 4+ pax - Php 1200/pax

Mel's Davao Food Tour


  • Jeepney ride to Bankerohan Public Market
  • Native bag (bayong) to carry fruits
  • One bottled water
  • Freshly sliced pineapples
  • Breakfast consisting of drink and sticky rice cooked in coconut milk (puto maya)
  • Lunch consisting of rice, grilled Tuna collar (grilled tuna), veggie stew (law-uy) and raw fish (kinilaw) - drinks not included
  • Durian Frappuccino or Local Artisan Ice Cream
  • Cheese tasting (optional) at the Malagos Gardens, for groups of 6 or more Php 300/person extra

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  1. Hi Mr Pinoy,
    We will be going to Davao in January. What are the places of interest in around Davao for a 3 day trip?. Is it worth it to go all the way to see the 'Niagara Falls of Philippines, to Hinuatuan, to Butuan and then to Camguin Island, then to Cagayan De Oro. We are retirees- backpackers and will be using the public transport.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Mr. Pinoy,
    We are retirees and will be going to Mindanao. I have planned to visit Davao and the places of interest like Samao Island etc, then we will go to the Niagara Falls of Philippines, Hinatuan, Butuan, Camiguin Island and lastly to CDO. I wonder if it is worth the trip to the falls.? We will be using public transport. Any other places that I have missed? Thank you

    1. Hi Mr. Choong,

      Yes sir, Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur is one of the grandest I've been to so far. It's worth the visit.

      Enjoy your trip to the Philippines! :)

  3. We just got back from Davao and we stayed at Bahay ni Tuding as well. We really wanted to do this tour but Mel was away in Peru on holiday. Sayang. Looks really good pa naman. :(

  4. Awesome post! I have been to Davao last year together with my boyfriend and we really had a nice vacation especially at Pearl Farm. Cheers!


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