Quiapo's Feast of the Black Nazarene 2014 Schedule of Activities, Procession Route, Safety Tips and Reminders

The Feast of the Black Nazarene is an annual event held every January 9th. It is a fiesta that commemorates the Traslacion or the transfer of the image of Nuestro Padre JesΓΊs Nazareno to its shrine in Quiapo Church, Manila. Considered as one of the most awaited events of the Catholic devotees, an estimated of 6-8 million devotees join the procession every year. Certainly, the "Pista ng Itim na Nazareno" is one of the most well-attended fiesta in Metro Manila.

(Expected) Schedule of Activities

January 7, 2014
3:00 PM - Procession of all replicas of the Black Nazarene

January 8, 2014
1:00 PM - Kissing of the replica of the Black Nazarene
7:00 PM - Vigil at the Quirino Grandstand

January 9, 2014
12:00 MN - 4:00 AM – Vigil at the Quirino Grandstand
6:00 AM - Holy Mass at the Quirino Grandstand followed by the procession of the Black Nazarene to Quiapo Church

Mark you calendar and save the dates!

Procession Route

The image of the Black Nazarene is brought out of the streets of Quiapo for the yearly procession and placed on a carriage being pulled by the devotees in its designated route.

The procession of the Black Nazarene will start in Quirino Grandstand, then left to Katigbak Drive through Padre Burgos Street, left to Taft Avenue through Jones Bridge, left to Escolta, then turn right along Palanca Street which is below Quezon bridge, left turn to Quezon Boulevard , then it will pass through the narrow streets of Quiapo starting turning right to Arlegui Street, right to Fraternal Street, right to Vergara Street, left to Duque de Alba Street, left to Castillejos Street, turn left to Farnecio Street, right to Arlegui Street.

Then turn left to Nepomuceno, left to Aguila Street, right to Carcer Street, right to Hidalgo Street, through Plaza del Carmen, turn left to Bilibid Viejo through Puyat Street, left to Guzman Street, right to Hidalgo Street, the left to Barbosa Street, right to Globo de Oro Street, through under Quezon Bridge, then turn right again to Palanca Street, right to Villalobos Street, thru Plaza Miranda and will finally end in front of the minor basilica's gate.

Safety Tips and Reminders

I attended the procession this year where I experienced a multitude of devotees joining the procession. Here are some of the safety tips and reminders that will help you plan if you wish to attend the Feast of the Black Nazarene on January 9, 2014.

  • Choose where you want to join the procession by knowing the procession route. Be early to get a good spot.
  • Bring an Identification Card.
  • Wear proper clothing and footwear. Do not wear expensive jewelries or bring electronic devices. Just bring what you need.
  • Bring something to eat (crackers, sandwich) and bottled water. Although there are food stalls along the procession route, you just have to make sure that your food is clean. Drink a lot of fluid to prevent dehydration.
  • Do not bring your wallet, just bring enough cash and secure it in your pocket.
  • If you're coming in groups, assign a designated meeting place in case someone gets lost.
  • Maintain appropriate distance to avoid unnecessary injuries. Plan a safe exit path from the huge crowd.
  • Be physically prepared. Always be alert and patient.

You may read my coverage on 2013's procession, click HERE.

"Viva SeΓ±or Jesus Nazareno!"

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UPDATE: No Classes in Manila on January 9, 2014

Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada issued, Executive Order 41 declaring the suspension of classes in all levels in all universities, colleges and school in the City of Manila on Thursday, January 9, 2014.


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  1. dapat maganda talaga puwesto sa bandang quiapo

  2. Wat time po kaya start ng mass s quiapo Tom? Meron n po b ng 1 am? Thanks

  3. Wat time po kaya start ng mass s quiapo Tom? Meron n po b ng 1 am? Thanks


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