Top 10 Must See/Must Do in New Zealand

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New Zealand is one of the most exciting places in the world. It is richly endowed with many treasures in terms of the sites that one would like to visit. For this reason, many tourists can't wait to visit the scenes and have an experience of the exciting places. The country is highly ranked in terms of the sceneries. Usually, it is difficult to pick the best out of the many spots that are exceedingly beautiful in New Zealand. There is an array of outdoor activities that one can venture in at any time he or she visits the country. Because of the wonders found in the country, it has been referred to as God's Zone. All the tourists that have visited the place have always recommended it as a unique tourist destination because of the richness in beauty and wonders.

Recommendations to the things that visitors must see and do in New Zealand
For both International and local tourists/travellers, for must do's and must see, and for top-end and budget the following are the recommendations for sightseeing and travel in New Zealand.

* Aoraki/Mt Cook - The visitor is encouraged to take a feel of Mt Cook by climbing the country's highest mountain as he emulates the steps of the country's most famous son. During this, the visitor will also visit Sir Edmund Hilary Alpine Centre and explore the beauty of the Alpine region.

* Otago Rail Trail - This involves visiting the historical sites of the steam train. This is a reminder of earlier developments in the country. One will ride leisurely and reach climax by tour the golden region of Otago.

* Bay of Islands - This is a magnificent visit to the Russell Peninsula. The visitor packs up a rod and follows the big fish to the Russell Pensulla. More fun is realized by the visitor as he or she takes a chattered fishing trip or generally finds joy in surfing.

* Punakaiki National Park - This is a park of its kind. It is wonderfully endowed with stunning limestone. Guest will not feel the joy of the Punakaiki experience until they have visited the place. The amazing wonders of the place have made the park events to be described as a "pancake day". During the visit, the guests will take a view on the stunning limestone rock formations and blowholes on the rugged and Wild West coast to the South Island.

* Queenstown - Adventuring the capital of New Zealand is another amazing wonder to both local and the international tourists. Tourists are involved in great walks which are further accompanied by jet boating, bungry jumping, rafting, horse-riding, and paragliding among many others.

* Rotorua - This is referred to as a visitor hotspot. The guests have an experience of viewing natural geothermal waters, mud pools, geysers, and also engage in activities such as zorbing, walking, cycling, and walking which gives a wonderful experience.

* Waitangi - This is a historical place where the visitors explore the history of Waitangi treaty. The guests will have an experience of soaking up the history at the birthplace of modern New Zealand and a chance to stand at the spot where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

* Southern Sounds - The guest will be able to take scenic cruises to savor the waters and hanging valleys of Milford and Doubtful Sounds and also enjoy viewing the country's marine and beautiful birds.

* Waitomo - The tourist has a chance of exploring many caves. During the tour, one will explore labyrinths of Waitomo's caves and be highly excited as he or she encounters thousands and thousands of glowworms.

* Whakaari - This is a white island. During the tour, the guest will be amazed by the wonders of New Zealand's largest volcano, world famous scuba sites, and walking tracks.

Generally, New Zealand is a special land, endowed with more special natural scenes that all the world's tourists have revisited to have a clearer experience. Apart from the above listed scenes, the country has many more scenes. Each of the scenes listed has other scenes that crown the country with beauty. Guests will always find a reason to revisit the place again and again; a reason that has consistently made people to refer to it as the God's Zone.

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