Finding the Best Hotels on the Beach – Planning that Perfect Vacation

Vacation time comes once a year, and you and your family are hoping for a memorable break from the daily doldrums. Should you take the family skiing? How about a European vacation? Or maybe something closer to home, like visiting the Grand Canyon? Instead, consider taking a vacation on the beach. Chances are, the weather will be great, and there will be plenty to do for the entire family. Just one problem: finding a hotel that's both affordable and comfortable.

Use Travel Websites for Special Deals
Going somewhere that has things you cannot find or do at home can really make a vacation fun, especially if a beach is not somewhere you and your family often visit. Finding a good deal on the right hotel is easy as long as you know where to look.

Start your search by going online. There are dozens of reputable travel sites, all with a steady stream of updates and discounts. Some travel websites offer specific things to look for, like hotels with spas, hotels on the beach, or hotels near major attractions like shopping or amusement parks. All you need to do is select everything you want the travel site to search for, and then let the search begin. A word of warning, though: If you see a great deal, go ahead and book your reservation. Prices fluctuate, so that deal might not last long.

Consult Travel Magazines
Not everyone has time to sit at a computer and check out travel websites, especially if you work, go to school, or both. If you do not have time to search for hotels online, then another place for travel information may be closer than you may think. Check out the various neighborhood newsstands for information about hotels on the beach and other travel guides. These newsstands can be found in front of a variety of retailers' stores, restaurants and inside hotel lobbies. Most of these magazines are free (of course, you could also check out some of the paid magazines at your local grocery store or book store, too).

Travel magazines do in-depth articles on the best places to travel. Usually, the articles are very detailed about why a person should go there, and the best places to stay while visiting this particular location. These travel magazines also give a full list of things that families can do while touring. Travel magazines have a lot of useful information, and picking up more than one can help you decide where to go and where to stay.

Consult a Travel Agency
Another good place for useful information about hotels on the beach is to contact a travel agency. Travel agents know all of the best places and they can usually find great deals. A travel agent will also help you with finding and booking travel arrangements, such as plane flight and rental car options.

Though there are many hotels to choose from, you may need helping finding one that has everything you want, like proximity to the beach. After all, why take a beach vacation if you're nowhere near the beach?

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