Cagayan - We Found a Crocodile in Crocodile Island!

After that quick stop at Punta Verde, we proceeded to Crocodile island, the last stop of our island hopping adventure. I am quite excited to see this island as I'm puzzled as to why it was called as such. It only took us about 10 minutes to reach it as our boat just went with the waves, it was smooth sailing this time.

Our boatman told us that the island looks like a crocodile. Weh? 'Di nga? Hahaha! From a far, it didn't look like a crocodile. Hahaha! But they told us to just roam around and search for the crocodile. Hahaha!

Officially named as Manidad Island, it was called Crocodile island because one part of the rock formation in the middle of the small, long island forms like a crocodile resting on top of a sandbar. Oh yes! Lacoste! Ahahaha!

It is located between the main island of Luzon and the island of Palaui, about 2 KM from San Vicente Port. Its proximity from the port makes it a favorite picnic ground for tourists and locals.

The island is clean and free from any man-made litter. The beach is also clean with rough sand and shattered corals. Though the sand is not as fine, it's still a great place to swim and enjoy the sun.

We also climbed the rock formation and savored the spectacular view of Sta. Ana and Palaui Island. Just be careful in climbing as parts of the rock formation is made of soft unstable rocks.

Here's a 360-degrees view of the island from the top of the rock formation.

We just enjoyed our time exploring the small island, taking photos and enjoying the sun, the sand and the beach.

After about an hour, we took the boat and went back to San Vicente Port. This ends our Sta. Ana Cagayan adventure! Thanks to our boatman, Kuya Lando and his assistant for taking care of us! It was an awesome, heart-pounding adventure! 'Til next time!


By Land: From Manila, take a direct Florida bus bound for Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Buses from Sampaloc terminal leaves daily, check with the bus company for the schedule of trips call (02)743-3809. Travel time takes about 15 hours. Alternatively, you could take a bus bound for Tuguegarao which takes about 10-12 hours; and then transfer to a passenger van or bus going to Sta. Ana. Travel time is 3-4 hours and fare is around 180 pesos.

By Air: Take a plane bound for Tuguegarao City. From there, take a passenger van or bus going to Sta. Ana. Travel time is 3-4 hours and fare is around 180 pesos. Airphil Express flies daily to Tuguegarao City!

From the town center of Sta. Ana, take a tricycle (15 pesos each) to San Vicente port. Look for the visitor's center to register and to get a boat to Crocodile island. Boat rental depends on the location and to how many destinations you would want to visit.

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This is part of our adventures in Palaui Island and around Sta. Ana, Cagayan last February 6-7, 2013. The town of Sta. Ana in Cagayan offers adventure-seekers the elements of a real adventure trip with a Spanish era lighthouse, awesome beaches, breathtaking panoramas and friendly people. It is truly one great adventure!
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  1. I thought the island's very small at first 'til I saw one of your shots. Ang wild ng imagination ng nag-pangalan ng Crocodile Island. Ahihi.

  2. kala ko naman nakakita talaga kayo ng totoong crocodile sa island.. hahaha.. Giant crocs lang pala.. hehehe.

  3. i'll definitely use this guide. Thanks for sharing. Very informative! Btw, Is it the same island being used by Survivor US Team now??


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