HOtels in Agusan del Norte - Where To Stay in Butuan City?


I arrived in the bustling city of Butuan at around 4 o'clock on a Friday afternoon. Upon getting out of Bancasi Airport, I took an R5-bound jeepney that brought me to the city center. My original plan is to take a bus to Bislig in Surigao del Sur where the famed Tinuy-an Falls is located. But due to a series of unfortunate events (which I don't want to remember... hahaha!) that happened to me that day, I decided not to push thru with the plan and just stay in Butuan City.

Travel Guide : Tuguegarao & Peñablanca (Cagayan) and Tumauini & Cabagan (Isabela) - Things To Do, Tourist Spots, Itinerary, How To Get There, Accommodation and more!


This is a travel guide that will help you plan a 3D/2N trip to Tuguegarao City and its nearby towns of Peñablanca (Cagayan), Tumauini and Cabagan (Isabela). It will provide you with basic information on how to get there, things to do, where to stay, suggested itinerary and estimated budget that will help you plan your visit.

These provinces offers a wide array of activities such as spelunking, church visits, trying out local delicacies, crossing a bridge and more. This is just a few of the so many things that can be done in these 2 huge provinces in Northern Luzon. A re-visit is definitely a must-do to have more time to explore! Enjoy Tuguegarao City!

Cagayan - Crossing Buntun Bridge, the Longest River Bridge in the Philippines


Since I still have few hours to burn on my final day in Tuguegarao City, I visited another major landmark in the city - Buntun Bridge. Given that it is just 2.5 kilometers away from the city center, I just took a tricycle and asked the driver to bring me to the bridge. I alighted at the foot of the bridge on Tuguegarao's side, I want to cross the bridge by foot.

Cagayan - Visiting Tuguegarao Cathedral, the Biggest Church in Cagayan


Aside from the famed Callao Cave and Cape Egaño in Palaui Island, Cagayan province is also known for its centuries-old brick churches. So, on my 3rd and final day in Tuguegarao City, I visited the Metropolitan Cathedral of Tuguegarao or the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral. It is the seat of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao and considered as the biggest Spanish-built church in the entire Cagayan Valley Region.

Isabela - The Saucy Pancit Cabagan, my 2nd Taste of this Famous Pancit


I had my first taste of Pancit Cabagan when my friend introduced it to me last year. We went to "Wok with Joc" located at St. Thomas Square in España Manila where they serve this saucy Isabela delicacy. It really tastes good! So, when I planned this trip, I see to it that I go to where it originated - Cabagan, Isabela.

Isabela - Tumauini Church, a National Historical Landmark


After my hefty lunch of Pancit Batil Patung, I went back to my hostel to freshen up and prepare for my next destination - Tumauini, Isabela. I really wanted to see this town’s centuries-old church and its famed cylindrical bell tower. I’ve been stunned at the splendor of this church as I've seen its photos on the internet. From the hostel, I took a tricycle to the city's central terminal and hopped into a public van bound for Ilagan, Isabela. After about an hour, I alighted at Tumauini town center and walked towards the church.

Cagayan - The Delectable Pancit Batil Patung, Tuguegarao's Best!


When visiting Tuguegarao City, you must not miss their specialty dish and everyone's favorite, Pancit Batil Patung. You know that you're in Tuguegarao City because there's a panciteria in almost every corner offering their versions of this famous Cagayan delicacy. It is perhaps the city in the Philippines with the most number of panciterias.

Cagayan - Exploring Callao Cave, my 2nd Spelunking Adventure


I arrived in Tuguegarao City at around 2 in the afternoon. Since Callao cave is just about an hour away from the city, my initial plan is to visit it upon arrival. Just right to have enough time to explore the place and get back to the city before it gets dark. Unfortunately, it was raining hard when I arrived, I had to cancel it and just have it first thing in the morning the following day.

Albay - Re-uniting with Magayon Mayon and Daraga Church (a side trip)


Albay is so special to me as it is where I had my very first solo adventure in 2010. This trip is actually my 3rd time to visit Albay and it never fails to amuse me. So just before lunch time, I checked out of my hotel in Sorsogon and took a public van bound for Legaspi City (PHP 90). Since I still have time to burn, I decided to drop by Daraga Church to have a very nice view of the lovely Mayon Volcano.

Travel Guide : Sorsogon - Things To Do, Itinerary, How To Get There, Accommodations, Getting Around, Expenses and Contact Details


Sorsogon is the southernmost province in the island of Luzon and a huge eco-tourism destination in the Bicol Region. It offers a wide array of activities, must-visit tourist spots and destinations from whale shark watching, to swimming in the beaches and hot springs, to climbing mountains, visiting old church and houses and more. Indeed, Sorsogon has a lot to offer!

Sorsogon - DIY Walking Tour around Sorsogon City


It's my 3rd and last day in Sorsogon. Despite being so tired visiting the different interesting sites in the province the previous day, I tried to wake up early to catch the sunrise and be able to roam around Sorsogon City. It has been my "home" for 2 days already and I'm really loving the simple way of life in this provincial city.

Sorsogon - A Stopover at Juban's Old Houses


I think by now, you already know that I love visiting old structures, specifically heritage houses. So when I researched on the net on the things to see in Sorsogon, I found out that there are some old houses still standing in the town of Juban (pronouced as Hu-ban). I am so delighted to know that I would be able to visit them as they are just along my planned route.

Sorsogon - A Hot and Steamy Affair in Irosin


Irosin is an entry and exit point to Bulusan Volcano National Park. Upon reaching this quiant town, I went to the public market and ordered fried tilapia and rice for lunch. Afterwhich, I took a tricyle and asked the driver to bring me to the hot springs in San Benon. This town is known for its hot springs as it sits at the base of one of the most active volcanoes in the country, Mt. Bulusan.