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Cagayan - Crossing Buntun Bridge, the Longest River Bridge in the Philippines

Since I still have few hours to burn on my final day in Tuguegarao City, I visited another major landmark in the city - Buntun Bridge. Given that it is just 2.5 kilometers away from the city center, I just took a tricycle and asked the driver to bring me to the bridge. I alighted at the foot of the bridge on Tuguegarao's side, I want to cross the bridge by foot.

Buntun Bridge is considered as the longest river bridge in the country. It stretches from Tuguegarao City to Solana, Cagayan and spans over the mighty Cagayan River, the largest river basin in the Philippines.

The bridge’s length is 1.098 kilometers and provides an unassailable view of the magnificent Cagayan River and the mountainous terrains nearby.

I highly suggest the you walk through the whole span of the bridge from Tuguegarao City to Solana Cagayan. It is quite an experience as you feel the strong winds and the sudden shaking of the bridge as big trucks passes by.

Upon reaching the other end of the bridge, you may take the rocky path on the right side going to the bottom of the bridge.

This is where you could take a wide shot of the bridge with the rice fields and the river below it. Truly an amazing sight!

As I took the plane going back to Manila, an aerial view of Buntun Bridge bid goodbye to me. It's really awesome!

Ride a tricycle from Tuguegarao City town proper to Buntun. Travel time is about 10 minutes, fare is around 30 pesos.

This is part of my solo northern luzon adventure in Tuguegarao City and PeΓ±ablanca in Cagayan and in Tumauini and Cabagan in Isabela province that happened last November 5-7, 2011. Cagayan and Isabela are the 44th and 45th provinces on my list and this adventure is my 13th solo trip. Join me as I crossed a river and a bridge, explored a cave, visited churches, experienced local delicacies and walked through the streets of Tuguegarao City.

Tuguegarao City and PeΓ±ablanca

Tumauini and Cabagan

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  1. wow! longest river bridge pala xa! we also chcked it last time kahet wala sa IT ng Lakbay Norte. Hangganda rin pala nya sa morning.

    1. oo nga.. nakita ko nga in some pics ng mga participants... thanks Gael! :)

  2. nung nag-ilocos norte trip kami, di namin tinuloy Cagayan.. sa susunod, derechohin na nmin till jan.. thanks for the info.. saya naman kahit saang sulok napupuntahan mo na ata..

  3. nung nag-ilocos norte trip kami, di namin tinuloy Cagayan.. sa susunod, derechohin na nmin till jan.. thanks for the info.. saya naman kahit saang sulok napupuntahan mo na ata..

    1. madami pa din po ako gustong puntahan soon! salamat ardee! :)

  4. Excellent photos Sir. Kailangan mapuntahan ko ito. hehehe..

  5. It is really one of my fascinations, bridges. :-).

  6. I love the aerial view to0..

    cool :)

  7. I love the sceneries, perfect for traveling.

  8. We're sched to visit Tuguegarao by December of this year. Any idea if the weather condition is not good, still its awesome to explore there? Many times we planned but failed. Good that I have read ur posts/blogs that give me idea for making our IT. Thanks for that.Also, please include in your travel guide if using public transport going to the place base Manila as the point of origin. Thanks again. email ad: rcl7573@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Robert! Thanks for your comment. As much as I would like to give more info on my travel guide, I refrain from giving instructions that I haven't tried. Thanks...

    2. Hi Robert, maybe you should look at this as well... Since this is a series of posts... http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/2012/02/tuguegarao-penablanca-and-tumauini.html

  9. gusto q rn mrating yang tuguegarao... :) nice place :)


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