Lanao del Sur - Strolling Around Mindanao State University, Marawi City

Midanao State University (MSU) in Marawi City is the flagship and the biggest campus of the MSU System. It was founded in 1961 with a vision of being the “Premier Supra-Regional University in the MINSUPALA (Mindanao, Sulu Archipelago, and Palawan) region”. Under Republic Act 1387, MSU was created and opened with 282 students and 12 faculty members.

MSU marker

The university got bigger. From one campus, it has grown into 7 collegiate campuses which includes: MSU-Main in Marawi City, MSU-IIT in Iligan City, MSU-TCTO in Tawi-Tawi, MSU-Naawan in Misamis Oriental, MSU-Maguindanao, MSU-General Santos and MSU-Sulu in Jolo. As of 2011, it has a total of more than 53,000 students.

Mindanao State University

The campus is at 930 meters (2,800 feet) above sea level which explains why the weather here is relatively cool. It is said that during dusk and at dawn, the place is covered with fog due to its high elevation. With that, the campus provides a majestic overlooking view of the fascinating Lake Lanao.

Aga Khan Museum

Buklod Peace Park

King Faisal Mosque

Old house

MSU golf course

When we got there, I was introduced by Sam to her friend Happi. Together, we took a stroll around the campus while sharing stories about ourselves.

MSU grounds

a view of Lake Lanao

I really learned a lot from these two young ladies. They shared stories about the life inside the campus. Also, I was specifically enlightened with a lot of things about Islam as I asked Happi different things about their religion. Their history, culture, practices and traditions. I’m glad that she is so accommodating in answering my queries.

MSU sign

I was impressed with the expanse of the campus. It is indeed a premier university in Mindanao. You shouldn’t miss Mindanao State University when visiting Marawi City.

students at MSU

Mindanao State University - Main Campus
Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

From Ozamiz City. Go to Ozamiz Port and take a ferry going to Mukas Port (20 minutes). From there, take a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City and get off at Southbound Terminal (1.5 hours) in Iligan City then take an MSU bound jeepney (1 hour).

From Cagayan de Oro City. Go to Bulua-Westbound Bus Terminal, take a bus going to Iligan City and get off at Southbound Terminal (1.5 hours) then take an MSU bound jeepney (1 hour). Alternatively, you can take a shuttle van from the terminal that ply the CDO-Marawi City route.

This is a part of my trip to the cities of Marawi, Iligan and Ozamiz last September 16-18, 2011. Marawi City in Lanao del Sur is the 37th province on my list and a part my 10th solo trip. Discover the places I've been to, new friendships I've made and the experiences I gained in this quick visit to the Islamic City of Marawi.
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  1. Wow!!! I should have met you. Sayang. Thank you for visiting MSU and for featuring your experiences there.

  2. @Richard - hopefully next time sir! salamat din po... i had a great stroll around MSU... :)

  3. Ang green ng MSU grounds! Parang sarap magbasa ng libro sa damuhan :)

  4. Parang naalala ko yung Freedom Park sa elbi sa last picture, "sigh" those were the carefree days

  5. My father said who is from Mindanao, this university is within the Islamic grounds but he tells me that the best professors here are Ilocanos and they are pure-blooded Ilocanos who have migrated during the 40's to 50's to grab the chance of buying vast hectares of land in cheap prize... No wonder provinces such as North Cotabato, Maguindanao, and Sultan Kudarat and others speak Ilocano in a major percentile.

    Well, magaling talaga sila dito kasi may mga topnochers din sila.. I remember a nursing board topnotcher came from here.

    1. It is not "magaling"...This is the university in which all the best and excellent minds and talents in Mindanao studied and were pooled, the creme dela creme of Mindanao. Topnochers are already norms in this University in many professional fields and areas, from social works, nursing, Law, medicine, forestry, Engineering, education, accountancy, and etc. This is the most unique, cheapest, excellent university of all Philippines...

  6. @Pinay Travel Junkie - yeah, at very nice din ang weather, parang Tagaytay... thanks Gay!

  7. @lakwatsera de primera - ahahah! oo nga, parang LB, daming puno at ang laki din ng campus... thanks Claire!

  8. This is our Home away from Home...we call ourselves MSUans...you must have seen our sleeping lady from the Golfcourse....

  9. this one we call our Home Away from Home...this foggy hill we called MSU...we as MSUans. You should have seen our sleeping lady in the golf course...

  10. It's more fun in MSU in 1970's. . . more beautiful than today . . life was so simple, students wear bakya and eating sayote in every meal is already special . . . unlike today, too many tricycles roam around the campus, too many commercial establishments, too many cars causing so much traffic inside the campus. .

  11. wow! nice captured.. how beautiful in msu i'm so proud that i'm msuan student...now i realize the campus is just like an extra ordinary paradise

  12. proudly saying,, im one of the MSUans. go msuans!!!!

  13. nice naman..hehe i want to study in msu marawi, hope...........

  14. I like your post ,now I must complete my research for my paper.

    MBA Dissertation Services

  15. Miss you my Alma Mater....


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