Lanao del Norte - Iligan City's Lesbian Boxing, Night Cafe and Halang-halang

After exploring Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, I went back to Iligan City to find a hostel where I could spend a night. Since it was already dark when I reached the city, I had a hard time finding one that fits my budget. The cheapest that I was able to find is at 400 pesos per night. I took it! So, after settling in, I went out to have dinner with my friend. He suggested that we meet at the night cafe set up in the city plaza. Good thing, it's just a few steps away from where I'm staying.

My visit coincides with Iligan City's celebration of the Diyandi Festival. The city is at festive mood and there were a lot of events happening in the City Plaza. So, while waiting for him, I watched the boxing event happening at the plaza. To my surprise, it wasn't the usual boxing event where men fight with each other. Rather, it is boxing of lesbians.

Despite the heavy rains, there were a lot of people watching. And you can feel the excitement as the ladies battle it out. It was fun! I was one with the crowd, cheering at every punch one gives. It's an event to watch out for when visiting Iligan City.

When the fights were finished, I walked around the plaza to check on the night cafe. I saw several food stands selling variety of food choices. From barbeque stands, to refreshments and some alcoholic drinks to the well-known Iligan Lechon which is best enjoyed with Iligan's signature vinegar, Pinakurat.

I told my friend that I want something different and something new. So, we didn't had dinner at the plaza, rather, we went to a food stall some 100 meters away. He recommended that I try the "halang-halang". Literally means anghang-anghang (spicy-spicy) where chilis are the essential ingredient of this soup dish. It is made up of small pieces of beef, served as a soup.

I enjoyed it together with a cup of rice and a bottle of soda. What a great way to end my day!

This is a part of my trip to the cities of Marawi, Iligan and Ozamiz last September 16-18, 2011. Iligan City in Lanao del Norte is the 38th province on my list and a part my 10th solo trip. Discover the places I've been to, the friendships I've made, the food I tasted and the experiences I gained as I explore the city of majestic waterfalls!
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  1. Kawawa naman ang mga lesbian..panu na ang fes nila. Basta walang titira sa boobs ha. Anywhere part of a girl's body to punch gets really hurt. Mukang match nga ang Pinakurat sa Lechon at others meat like bbque.

  2. Magkasunod lang din pala tayo sa Iligan nun. Kala ko pa namna nagkasabay talaga tayo nung 29 sa Iligan. :P

    Nice post! Kakatuwa ang boxing! wouldve paid good money to see that

  3. @Mitch - wahaha! mga trained naman sila... ang lalakas ng sumuntok eh... hehehe! :)

  4. @Eileen/ PossiblyPinay - yeah, i think i was just a week earlier... sayang! :)

  5. This is very cool, and something that you don't get to experience in all your travels. I have one question though: were all of the boxers really lesbians? I mean there are straight women who also do boxing for a sport. Just curious. :)

  6. wala silang head gear? Amateur boxers are supposed to wear...kawawa naman pag nabangasan.

  7. i love pinakurat!

    interesting feature ah haha, ano mas nakaka aliw panuorin, gay boxing or lesbian boxing? :)

  8. @Ding - oo nga eh... dapat protected sila... :)


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