Camiguin - Day Tour Part 2: White Island, Cathedral, Capitol and Katibawasan Falls

And so we continued the tour... As we traverse through the island's well-paved circumferential hi-way, I can't help but ask Kuya Jojo to stop for a while so I could take photos and enjoy the stunning sceneries. There are parts where there are only a few houses around and all you can see is the sea on the left and the hillside on your right. I've also noticed that public transportation is rare and the common mode of transportation is motorcycle.


Situated 2 kilometers across the sea from Agoho, this uninhabited white sandbar with the picturesque view of the old vulcan and the majestic Mt. Hibok-hibok is where I spent most of my time. It can be reached from Agoho (about 5 KM west of the of Mambajao) via a 10-minute boat ride which costs 400 pesos plus an entrance fee of 10 pesos per person.

This island with semi-powdery sand is surrounded with clear water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, sunrise and sunset viewing. It is also interesting to note that the island shapes as a letter “C” or “I”, depending upon the ocean tide. Amazing!

It is best to go in the island on early morning or late afternoon to enjoy the place without being sun burned. That is if you’re afraid to get a tan… Hehehe! There are no cottages in the island, so it is advisable if you bring or rent a beach umbrella before hitting the beach.

This is definitely one of the best beaches I've been to. A must-see when visiting Camiguin.


Whenever possible, I always visit a church in every province I go to. I asked Kuya Jojo where the Cathedral is? And since it is along our way as we proceed to our next destinations, he brought me to this big church known as San Nicholas de Tolentino Church. Located in Mambajao, we made a quick stop to take photos.


On our way to Katibawasan Falls, I asked Kuya Jojo to stop by the capitol since I am also fond of taking photos of capitol buildings. In view of the fact that old ancestral houses were scattered all over the province, I thought the province has an old capitol building just like what I saw in Negros Occidental, Ilocos Norte, Tarlac, Batangas and Marinduque. But it seems that their capitol building is newly built.

I wonder if they have an old building? Anyway, I just had the usual photo opportunity in front of the building and checked the complex. Funny thing is, Kuya Jojo asked me to pose with the governor. Hahaha!!! Yebahhh! Courtesy call with the Governor! :)


This stunning 250-foot waterfalls surges to a rock pool bordered by beautiful orchids and ferns is located 5 kilometers southeast of Mambajao. A 15 pesos entrance fee is required and a few steps down on concrete stairs is needed to reach the catch basin.

As the last stop of my tour, a refreshing dip on the pool is a perfect grand finale of my 1-day tour of the island of Camiguin.

After fixing myself, we rushed back to Benoni Port. With this, we were able to circumnavigate the whole province in just a day! Woohoo!

I have to catch the last ferry bound for Balingoan Port in Misamis Oriental. We were already anticipating that since it’s a Sunday and it’s the last day of the convention of a religious group, there would be a lot of passengers bound for Misamis Occidental. And there's a lot! Wahhhhh!!!

Good thing Kuya Jojo, was able to secure a ticket for me. Thanks po!

Tweet : I had an awesome time in Camiguin.. On my way now back to CDO... Bukidnon tomorrow...

This is part of my Solo Northern Mindanao Adventure that happened last August 6-8, 2011. Camiguin is the 32nd province on my list and this Northern Mindanao adventure is my 7th solo trip.
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  1. Great! It's a good thing that you already visited Camiguin. It's indeed an awesome place. I spent my new year there alone and unexpectedly, I met new friends so meeting the new year was still fun.

  2. Wow! Nice! Inggit much, dami mu na npuntahan! :)

  3. Gosh, you're covering the country faster than I could say 'Pinoy Adventurista'! I really love that first photo. Kakainggit, gusto ko na mag-Camiguin!

  4. Hey kuya! :) Sinama po kita sa List ng Favorite Blogs po :)

    Eto yung link:

    Yun lang po :) Happy blogging :) God bless! :)

  5. Now I miss Camiguin. You're lucky at mukang you've seen the peak of Mt. Hibuk hibuk. Fail kasi kami dati, gloomy. Panira talaga ang gloomy weather sa picture. hahah!

  6. nakakaingit nman un post mo sa falls super love ko un at ang ganda tlga ng mga lugar na napupuntahan mo....

  7. @joelmag - wow naman! ang saya cguro mag spend ng new year sa province... cool! thanks po! :)

  8. @Pinay Travel Junkie - wahahaha! thanks Gay! dami ko pa gustong puntahan.. :)

  9. @Malditang "Kura"cha - ganda talaga ng Hibok-hibok... majestic indeed! :)

  10. @Vt1 - yeah, i love going to waterfalls... very refeshing! :)

  11. Saved being a preferred, I actually like your website!

  12. Mervs, yung P400 na boat ride to White Island is for the rent of the whole boat yun and not per person? thanks!

  13. @Pinoy Travel Freak - yeah, that's the rental for the whole boat which could fit up to 4 persons... :)

  14. Many thanks for blogging. I completely agree with your thoughts.

  15. Thank you for blogging. I quite agree with your thoughts.

  16. very informative,,, in details pa,, will go to cdo on june 2012 .. i will surely text kuya jojo..

  17. wow, gnda ng shots ng white island! reminds me of my trip there nung before sunrise! gusto ko tuloy bumalik jan, this time, at noon, para white sand din! :)

  18. u did not go to ardent hot spring? it's a must.


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