My 4-hour Plane Ride to Busuanga on my Trip to Coron, Palawan

It was the day when typhoon Falcon is ravishing the northern part of Luzon. Before going to the airport, I was actually expecting our flight to be cancelled, but (good thing) it wasn't. We were delayed for more than an hour, and there were some late routine checks on the aircraft before we're able to board and took off. We’re finally airborne at around 11:00 AM and after about 40 minutes, I got a glimpse of the amazing islands in the northern part of Busuanga. It's truly breathtaking!

The sky is a bit clear in this part of Palawan. Which it great! :)

I've experienced turbulent plane rides before and I thought I'm already used to it. But this time, it's totally different. There were frequent bumps and sudden drops of different depths. If you're on that plane, I know you'll also get scared.

While slowly nearing Busuanga Airport, the weather turned bad, really bad. There were big clouds hovering the islands, it's zero visibility and total darkness outside.

Then, we were advised to get ready for the final approach.

However, after a few minutes we haven't landed yet. The pilot then announced that he had aborted the landing due to bad weather condition in Busuanga airport. He told us that we will just go to northern Busuanga where the weather is better and will wait until the it improves in Busuanga airport and it’ll be safer to land.

After about 45 minutes, he tried to land again, but to no avail. The weather didn't cooperated. Haizt!

The pilot announced: "We will go back to Manila, because of the bad weather condition in Busuanga airport"



I was so disappointed. I won’t be able to see Palawan? Haizt!

Even so, I understand that there are situations that are beyond their control. With the worsening weather condition in Busuanga, it's a sharp decision to just go back to Manila instead of risking the lives of everyone by forcing the plane to land. Our pilot should be commended for that. Salamat po!

So, we landed in Manila safely after spending 3 hours on air.

Technically, our flight was CANCELLED. We were advised at the counter that we can re-book our tickets at any date within 30 days. Oh no... I can't... I have to be in Palawan today, my friends are on the next flight. If I will not be able to go there today, I will have to do a solo trip. That would be costly (I thought…). Hay...

So, I asked if I can be accommodated on the next available flight. Good thing there's an available seat for me. I rushed to the boarding gate, just in time before it closes. I hopped to the shuttle bus that brought us to the plane. I finally met with my friends - who were already inside the plane.

Again, an awesome aerial view of the islands of Busuanga greeted us. I am hoping this time that the weather had improved.

Another 1 hour inside the plane. For the 2nd time, a very turbulent ride - but much better than what I experienced on my 1st flight. Luckily, the weather had improved and we were able to land this time. Thank God!

Manila - Busuanga (1st flight) ~ 1 HR
Wandering around Busuanga ~ 1 HR
Busuanga - Manila ~ 1 HR
Manila - Busuanga (2nd flight) ~ 1 HR
TOTAL Flying Hours ~ 4 HRS

This is the longest flight I ever had. Hahaha!!! Was it worth it? Definitely YES!!! I had a great time in Coron. I will tell you on my next posts!

This is a 3D/2N trip to the world famous tourist destination in our country, Coron Palawan. Happened last June 19-21, 2011, this series chronicles the places we visited, the activities we did and the people we've met on this wonderful adventure. To date, is the 28th province on my list.
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  1. My Mla-USU flight was 2 hours delayed because the aircraft is nowhere to be found, joke hahaha,
    blessed with clear skies pero parang adik ata yung pilot, super uga kahit wla nmang clouds..hehehe

    Going back was another story...it was a roller coaster ride + zero visibility, but was able to land on time.. Thanks God!

  2. @nathalie - wahahaha!!! minsan akala natin sanay na tayo... every plane ride is a different story... hehehe! thanks Nathalie... :)

  3. @tina - sinabi mo pa! hahaha!!! thanks Tina! :)

  4. ikaw sir ang isa sa mga idol kong travvl blogger hoping na maging kasing galing mo ko. hehehe

  5. tapang mo! hahaha! reminds me of my trip from Zambo to Jolo a long time ago...scary!

  6. @MG - WOW!!! Thanks po... advice ko lang is to just follow what your heart desires... keep travelling MG!!! :)

  7. @Ding | Explored! - wahahaha! ganun yata talaga 'pag maliit na plane... hehehe! Thanks Ding! :)

  8. Epic tong Busuanga trip mo, akala ko 3 oras sa ere yung eroplano paikot ikot lang sa airport, bumalik pala kayo ulit sa Manila.

  9. i agree. that was a good move by the pilot.

    these are those unusual experience where if one could have given up... walang mangyayari. buti at determinado kang nagtanong kung may bakante pa.

  10. Nakaka-inspire po ung blog nyo. I also dream of travelling someday. :))

  11. @lakwatsera de primera - tama! muntik pang hindi matuloy... hahaha!!! :) thanks Claire! :)

  12. @dong ho - mabuti na nga lang at di ako nag give up... i want to be there kasi... hehehe!!! thanks Dom! :)

  13. @Krizzia - it will happen, basta determined ko to make it happen... Thanks Krizzia! :)

  14. Kakalurkey! Bumalik talaga si airplane sa Manila. I've never experienced this. Good thing na-accommodate ka sa next flight.

  15. @Pinay Travel Junkie - para akong na airport-to-airport... hahaha!!! mabuti na nga lang ako ni-try ko pa din na makasakay sa next flight... hehehe!!! thanks Gay!

  16. Astig ang experience mo bro. scary as it seems parang gusto ko rin ng experience na ganon. But I'm happy to hear that you commended the pilots even if they stopped the flight. Usually, naiinis lang yung mga tao dahil hindi natuloy yung trip nila at hindi na inintindi na para sa kanila yung nangyari. Good job! :)

  17. @Josiah - yeah, it was scary, especially i'm alone... hehehe!!! it was a wise decision... it's for the good of everyone naman... Thanks Josiah... :)

  18. Ibang klasing experience yun... hehe...
    Nakakatakot... :)

  19. nyahahay! ang saklap naman nun. I rememeber I asked one of the boatman there kung binabagyo ba sa lugar na yun. Hindi daw.. usually twice a year lang yung malala. Malas lang talaga pag nasaktuhan mo. I guess it's not your lucky day then. But at least you were able to see the beauty of Coron. Worth it ang buwis buhay na adventure na yan.

  20. I would go straight home after the plane landed in Manila, if I were you that is. Hehe. Lakas ng loob mo.

    1. ahahaha! gusto ko kc talaga makarating dun sa araw na yun... kaya sige lang ng sige... hehehe! :)

  21. astig tong experience na toh...although nakakatakot....tama lang ginawa mo...sinunod mo lang ang iniisip at nilalaman ng puso mo.....na dapat matuloy ang Coron Trip mo...^_^


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