THINGS TO DO IN CORON PALAWAN: Hiking Mt. Tapyas plus a Soothing Dip at Maquinit Hot Springs

It's my first time in Palawan. And I'm so excited to explore this most talked about and world famous tourist destination in the Philippines. So, upon checking-in at Rudy's place in Coron, we unpacked our things and had our very late lunch. Then, we prepared for the "day 1 activities" in our itinerary.

At the hostel, we met new friends who are from Davao City - Kuya Odie and Ate Bait. Together with my friends, Ricky and Jay-ann, we took the tricycle provided by our tour organizer and went to our first destination, Mount Tapyas.

Around 15-minutes away from our accommodation, Mt. Tapyas is a hill that will require you a short climb composed of 700++ steps. A rewarding scenic view of the town, the Coron bay and neighboring islands will greet you upon reaching the top. It also has a distinct, giant, illuminated cross at the top which is visible from downtown Coron.

The best time to climb is during sunset. Unfortunately, we didn't see the sunset due to the bad weather during that time.

We also met here 2 young kids who sell drinks to tourists. They served as our guide and photographers as we go up. The kids are smart and know how to handle tourists. You can ask them different questions about the mountain and they will gladly answer your queries.

After about an hour, we decided to go down. It's already getting dark and it will be difficult for us to go down on slippery stairs if we stay longer since there are no lights that will guide our way.

We then made our way to Maquinit hot springs, which is still around 30 minutes away from Mt. Tapyas. It’s a bit far off the town and you’ll need to pass through rough road aboard a tricycle.

It was already dark when we reached the hot springs which is situated at the east side of the town and lies between a mountain and the sea.

The water is soothing and really hot at around 40 degrees Celsius. I guess that’s why it's called Maquinit, meaning "mainit" in Tagalog. Hahaha!

We enjoyed the hot water as it relaxes our tired muscles, a great reward after that short hike earlier.

After about an hour, we left the place rejuvenated and refreshed. We went back to our hostel and had dinner. After which, we called it a day as we still have a long day tomorrow for our island hopping adventure. I'm so excited!!!

Thanks to Kuya Odie, Ate Bait, Ricky and Jay-ann for the photos I used in this post.

This is a 3D/2N trip to the world famous tourist destination in our country, Coron Palawan. Happened last June 19-21, 2011, this series chronicles the places we visited, the activities we did and the people we've met on this wonderful adventure. To date, is the 28th province on my list.
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  1. @empi - yeah, ang sarap nung mainit na tubig... thanks Empi! :)

  2. astig! night swimming sa hot spring. hindi ko pa nagagawa yan.

  3. @dong ho - perfect cya after ng short climb sa mt. tapyas... thanks Dom! :)

  4. classic tandem talaga ang akyat sa Mt. Tapyas tapos ligo sa hot spring. Dati parang di ko kinaya yung init nung pool, ilang minutes lang ako nagbabad tapos ahon na :)

  5. @lakwatsera de primera - korek! sarap kc maglublob sa hot springs after ng climb... hehehe!!! thanks Claire!


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