Marinduque - A Close Encounter with the Morions

Moriones is derived from the word "Morion", which literally means "mask" or "visor". It refers to the colorfully costumed and masked centurions during the Passion of the Christ. Throughout the Moriones Festival, Morions can be seen roaming around the streets of the different towns of Marinduque as early as Holy Monday, looking for Longinus - a Roman centurion who was blind in one eye.

Morions join the yearly activities as "panata" or an act of penitence for the wrong doings they have done in the past. To others, it is a sign of gratitude or thanksgiving for all the blessings they have been receiving. A “panata” could last from seven to fourteen years and to some it could even last for as long as their physical strength would allow.

Who could resist these Morions in colorful and stunning costumes of Roman soldiers for some souvenir photos? We can’t! So, while killing some time after the Good Friday Via Crusis and before the Good Friday procession, we had some photo opportunities with the Morions.

Happened last April 21-23, 2011, here's a series of posts on this one of a kind Moriones Festival experience in Boac Marinduque, Philippines. Thanks to Ajel and Julius for letting me use some of their photos in this series.
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  1. very nice experience indeed. awareness of Christ's suffering and enjoyment rolled into 1. paaak! =)

  2. @Chyng - yeah, pak na pak!!! hahaha!!! thanks Chyng!

  3. Saya ng Photo shoot nyo with the Morions, tinodo talaga :)

  4. @lakwatsera de primera - sinulit talaga namin ang pagpapa-picture sa kanila... hahaha!!! thanks Claire! =D

  5. ito yun matagal ko ng gusto makita (moriones) at mapuntahan (marinduque) trip lang haha :D

    PS: na-link back na kita :) thanks!

  6. @Go Tara Lets! - punta ka next year! baka nga bumalik kami eh... ganun yung effect sa amin... babalikan mo cya talaga... thanks po sa link! =D

  7. very imformative,nice n cool shots,proud to be marinduquena.With this kind of writeups bout marinduque i hope our local goverment will give their full support (financial) to improve marinduque,More jobs n business opportunity to our fellow kababayan.Special thanks to PINOY ADVENTURISTA and congratz to all kabbayan n local govrmnt who join n support to make this moriones festival a succesful one .. god bless everyone...

  8. when you visit again our province...try to go to Maniwaya Island also in Marinduque if you want a fine white beach like boracay...

  9. sobrang interesting naman kasi talaga ang moriones festival. isa ito sa pinaka-exciting na festival sa PH! ang saya-saya ng mga photos.

  10. Kuya! You're the best pinoy traveller I've known so far! Hope to take an adventure with you very soon!


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