Marinduque - Holy Thursday Senakulo at the Moriones Arena in Boac

As a country that significantly values religious traditions, several practices are done in most places in the Philippines in observance of the Holy Week, one of which is the Senakulo. It is a traditional Lenten presentation re-enacting the Passion of Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering and death. It was derived from the word Cenacle or the "Upper Room" which is the term used for the site of "The Last Supper". These passion plays are staple rituals and still being practiced in many provinces in the country during the Lenten season.

As part of the Moriones Festival, the Senakulo in Boac was organized by the Provincial Government in cooperation with the "Sinakulistas". It was presented at the Moniones Arena in Boac Riverside, where most of the activities for the festival is being held. The first part, which is "The Creation" was held last Holy Wednesday and the second part - "The Last Supper" was done on Holy Thursday. The highlight is the "Senakulo / Via Crusis” done on the streets of Boac before high noon of Good Friday (I will do a separate post on this later).

We arrived in the island on a Holy Thursday and fortunately, we're able to catch the second part of the Senakulo. We were at the bleachers before the play started, but with so many people coming over to watch, we decided to transfer near the stage to have a closer look at the performers.

It was my first time to watch a Senakulo and I'm glad I had it in Boac. We compassionately watched the presentation of the re-enactment of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Coupled with great actors, lights and sounds, costumes and set design, it is definitely an impressive dramatization of the events that happened to Jesus Christ before His death.

We were not able to finish it, but we're happy to see stunning performances of the actors playing different biblical roles. It is really a must-see event when visiting the island. A grand showcase of a unique Filipino Holy Week tradition that we should be proud of.

Happened last April 21-23, 2011, here's a series of posts on this one of a kind Moriones Festival experience in Boac Marinduque, Philippines. Thanks to Ajel and Julius for letting me use some of their photos in this series.
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  1. So nice to see so many people celebrating this special event! I enjoy coming here to read about your adventures :)

  2. @Nelieta - it shows our devotion to Christ... a true Filipino tradition... Thanks a lot... =D

  3. once lang ako nakapunta ng marinduque and I must say na maganda ang festival nila

  4. This looks like a lovely festivals. Nice photos.

  5. @Bino - i cannot agree more... moriones festival is the best!

  6. @Nancie - I had a hard time tking photos beacuse its dark... and the actors kept on moving... hahaha!!! thanks to my friends for letting me used some of their photos...

  7. @Pinay Travel Junkie - next year Gay, pag d2 kayu sa Pinas nag Holy Week... =D

  8. wahhh...namiss ko tuloy ang marinduque, 2007 nun maxplore ko yan....ang mt. malindig(1st time ko matutukan ng armalite sa bundok), ang molbog sulfur hotspring pools na naluto tlaga ang.......hehehehe..^_^, at yung school na tinuluyan namin dko na tanda kc...our spelunking at various caves of Marinduque, and island hopping specially tres reyes island and lastly, the most important to witness the Moriones Festival, it was indeed a experience hope maulit ko pa un...
    to share some of that stories e2 cya....

  9. @lakwatserong tatay - Marinduque is more than just the Moriones.. there are a lot of things to see and experience... we will definitely be back... Thanks Brian! =D

  10. waaah, inggit ako, matagal ko nang gustong mag Marinduque

  11. ang ganda nmn ang site ng senakulo sa Boac,yung sa sta cruz kasi nasa plaza lang e..

  12. @Batang Lakwatsero - yeah., malaking stage cya... dun cya sa may Moriones Arena... =D

  13. I had the privilege of visitng marinduque way back 90's as a girlscout lol!
    Their sinakulo is splendid...I have seen nothing like it. And the person who acted Jesus Christ...feels like him talaga those days.

    On another note, I was just wondering if Elephant Fantasy Island then is now the Bellaroca?

  14. @:) - Hi! thanks for the visit! I haven't been to the elephant island... but based on my readings, it is now the Bellaroca Resort... :)

  15. Almost every year ako nasa marinduque kase dun province namin. Last time I was there was also last year. kayo pala yung may Fun Run na shirt? Kala naman may Fun Run event talaga sa Boac that time. Hehehe. Marinduque has many unspoiled natural resources, sayang lang hindi nadedevelop...=/ we were able to circle the whole province of Marinduque in just one day, we only rode a tricycle. Hehehe. Saya lang. Anyway, just want to share this itinerary I made before...Thanks for visiting and writing about our province...^_^ http://roadtripsapinas.blogspot.com/2008/03/marinduque-itinerary.html

    1. ay nakita mo pala kami... hehehe! thanks po... sana makabalik kami sa Marinduque... we want to explore more places there... thaks po... :)

  16. Yeah, sa may plaza, sa Kusina sa Plaza na kainan, tapat nun. Nakasalubong namin kayo.hehehe. Try niyo punta sa Bathala Cave. =)


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