Marinduque - Good Friday Via Crusis on the Streets of Boac, the Highlight of the Moriones Festival

Good Friday is a vital religious holiday observed mainly by Christians as an expression of faith and in commemoration of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

On a Good Friday, the streets of Boac is transformed into a big stage where one of the highlights of the Moriones Festival is being held – “The Via Crusis”. Together with a huge number of people from all walks of life, we lined up on the streets of Boac to witness the passion of Jesus Christ on the road to Golgotha.

Devotees playing the role of Jesus Christ and the two thieves, are carrying their crosses while tied on the waist by a rope and being pulled by the Morions. They are whipped hard, pushed and dragged by a horde of Morions on a hot road pavement.

His agony unfolding before our very eyes is very disheartening as we witness how He suffered for the salvation of our sins.

With lesser security compared to the one playing the role of Jesus Christ, I was able to follow the two thieves and took some videos while they're on their way to Calvary.

The finale took place at the makeshift hill located in the Moriones Arena at the Boac Riverside. There, the thieves and Jesus Christ were "crucified" before a large number of followers and plain spectators.

This is also where you can see the main character of the Moriones Festival, Longinus who pierced the side of the crucified Christ. He is a Roman Centurion who was blind in one eye but experienced the miraculous power of the Messiah when blood that spurted out from Christ's wound touched his blind eye and fully restored his sight.

Boac's Via Crusis is very realistic and heartbreaking. This is where you can really feel the passion and agony of Jesus Christ on His way to death. The pain and sufferings He went through unfolding before my very eyes somehow brings me back to the time of His death in Calvary.

I believe this is a way to show how He saved us from our sins and a reminder that we should repent from all the wrong doings that we have committed in the past. It was a poignant experience to see how Jesus Christ suffered until he died on the cross.

Truly, a remarkable experience that will forever leave a mark in my heart.

Happened last April 21-23, 2011, here's a series of posts on this one of a kind Moriones Festival experience in Boac Marinduque, Philippines. Thanks to Ajel and Julius for letting me use some of their photos in this series.
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  1. when I was young, I used to watch these re-enactments too. ngayon tv series na pinapanood ko pag Holy week. bad bad!

  2. "Boac's Via Crusis is very realistic and heartbreaking" Is that picture of the crucified Christ being poked by a spear for real?

  3. @chyng - hahaha! di naman... next year, nuod ka,... Thanks Chyng!

  4. @lakwatsera de primera - ay hindi po.. i think yung blood came from the spear... pero parang totoo cya talaga...

  5. Kami naman Dito sa Davao, may isang town talaga na dinaanan namin, pinako at parang ilang oras yung tatlong tao sa cross. Ang init pa.. Nakaka takot..

  6. hindi pa ko nakakapanood ng sinakulo kahit kailan... plano ko sana mayroon dito sa Bulacan, totoong nagpapapako sa may Hagonoy. Nalimutan ko lang yung exact na lugar. YAn ba nakatali lang o pinako talaga?

  7. @tim - wow! that's interesting to know... thanks po! =D

  8. @MOKS™ - Nakatali lang yan Moks! I believe the Catholic Church does not encourage that... =D

  9. We used to watch the Moriones at my friend's hometown of Mogpog - next town to Boac, though its awesome already there, but I agree Boac presents it way better during the two times I witnessed the moriones at Boac.

  10. @Markyramone - yeah, that's why we chose Boac to witness the Moriones Festival... Thanks Marky... =D

  11. I haven't been to Marinduque. Sana mawitness ko rin and Moriones festival in the future. *inggit mode*


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